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Reader's Question!


I think this is a good question so I am going to give you what I believe is the correct answer and then try to verify it. The question follows:

Next month I enter T status. If I decide to stay inactive for the rest of the year and sign back up with someone new will my Propay and website still be availibke to me?

To my knowledge the answer is yes. We pay annually for Propay and your website. I know that there are no refunds if you decide not to be a consultant, my only thought would be if you rejoin you would have a new consultant number and we access our website manager and propay thru intouch so Mary Kay may need to make an adjustment when you receive your new consultant number.

I will see if I can find out more --- but if you sit "t" status for 6 months and got your website and propay they same month you joined the company, chances are the would be up for renewal about the same time you are able to rejoin. If that would be the case, I would like to remind everyone that when you rejoin even with the 2nd chance option, you are treated as a brand new consultant so all the offers are available to you so that would mean the website would be half price for the first years.

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