Thursday, September 13, 2012


from very humble beginnings to where we are today, the dream carries on...


  1. Actually, you don't necessarily get a new consultant number. I'm not positive, but my director (I was her office assistant for two years) would call the company and find out a person's old consultant number for the written agreement if they were signing up again. That leads me to believe that they were getting their old consultant number back. Your propay and intouch websites are attatched to your consultant number, so once you terminate your website would terminate. ProPay is it's own company, just affiliated with MK so that would probably stay active until it expired. Your personal website is linked to your status as a consultant, though. If you are terminated, the company doesn't want a website up of a terminated consultant. However, if you were to sign up again, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to have the same website addy, especially if you sign up again shortly after terminating.

  2. They do not give back out the same consultant number, there is a space on paper agreements that askes for the former consultant number so that they company can make sure product was not sold back or there were no other issues with someone rejoining. They also use the social security number... but that is why --- it is actually requested on the paper agreement. -- as for the company website, there was a major article on PT of a consultant complaining because the Company didn't cancel her website and return her money (which they won't) so she put all sorts of rude stuff on it ---- because she had paid for a year and they wouldn't take it down... so perhaps they do take it down now but if the consultant that paid for the year she gets the year... propay.. I believe, you paid for a year -- you would get the year...

    With consultant numbers, if a consultant rejoins, she has all the benefits of a brand new consultant which I am sure would not trigger if it was not a new number...


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