Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Ultimate Mascara

I personally have always loved our ultimate mascara (because my lashes are not something to brag about). Awhile ago I was getting a little disappointed because I was having issues with my mascara not lasting as long as it should and getting clumpy.

Most of us know that it is important to replace mascara every three months (for safety - to avoid bacteria issues) - this is not a sales pitch, it is more of a medical/safety issue. So replacing it every three months is a higher turnover than most of our products but when mine started not even holding up to the three months I started wondering if the formula had changed.. found out that nothing had changed.. other little secret is not to "pump" your wand in the tube because that just pushes air into the product and causes it to dry out faster. (of course I know this so that wasn't the problem either).

Caution to all others that happen to have a teenage daughter... what was happening is whenever mini mk4me needed a new mascara, she would take mine and throw her old one in my basket!! Issue has been resolved, told her to pull it off the shelf and leave the empty box on my desk, lol.. kids, gotta love them.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

On Trend

Every year the directors are in a new suit, I think one of the things we all look forward to is seeing what color the suit is going to be (and of course the style). The last couple of years Mary Kay has been very accommodating in giving us a mix and match type choice so that we can even get two years out of our suits or at least some of our pieces. I absolutely love the black one that we currently have and the color for the coming year is purple. So this year, we can wear the new purple, or our black from last year or mix the two. We also have our choice of three different styles of jackets and dresses or skirts. It is nice to be able to personalized our outifts instead of looking like a bunch of stepford wives. I perfer a more relaxed, trendy type look to the "stiff" feel of the traditional three piece suit.

When I found out it was purple, I must admit I wasn't thrilled because well, I guess I just love the black. I found it interesting that one of the lead articles on MSN today was titled, "It's Time to Get Passionate About Purple ". Wow, okay guess MK knows what they are doing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



When I read the stories from ex-mkers that say that one only has "fake" friends in MK and that once they were in MK, they distanced themselves from their friends that weren't a part of MK, I always wonder. My friends have been my friends before, during, and I hope after Mary Kay. If one of my friends uses another brand, I do not like her less than a friend that uses Mary Kay. She is my friend, unconditionally. I have friends in other direct sale companies, some sell products I don't use, and yet we are still friends. Actually I have friends that sell other skin care/color lines... they are still friends... I value who they are not what they do for an income.

I have met and made friends thru Mary Kay and we would be friends whether we were both in Mary Kay or neither in Mary Kay because we have become friends. Mary Kay was just what introduced us.

I also have become "friendly" with many ladies in MK but this is an association based on a common interest. It is not a person that would probably be a part of my life if it weren't for the common interst.

I am not quite sure how to put this but if one is part of any direct sales company or any other association, do not become so self involved that you forget what and who are important to you.

We are all very busy in our lives.. between work and family, I know there never seems to be enough "personal" social time left but I know I value my friends and I know they value me.

So take a minute and if someone has been on your mind, give them a call, drop them a note, or shoot them an email. Friends are important and time is limited. And every once in awhile, it might be wise to step back and make sure priorites are in order.

Have a great day everyone! and once again thank you for your patience.. I think I can see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel (maybe).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Foundations Rule!!

I have always given my true opinion of any products we launch. I also don't overstate claims... I absolutely love the new foundation. With the primer and foundation, I even had one of my consultants tell me very excitedly, she went swimming with her kids and her makeup still looked great when she got out of the pool!

I used the Luminous (more suited for n/d) and it looks and feels great.

When we went from day radiance to the medium/full coverage foundations, it took me over two weeks before I started really liking it..

Do yourself a favor, try the new foundation and primer, you will have no trouble marketing it, once you have tried it!

Still have many other issue keeping my plate full but I am doing my best to get her and get some great articles going and questions answered.

Keep on reading and commenting!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New product review

Hi guys! Sorry about the long absence. Work has just been a pressure cooker. X( I finally got a little spare money to try some new stuff: Cream cheek color and cream eye shadow, and the brush that goes with the shadow (doubles as a concealer brush).

These products will be good for your natural spring look. I got the palest shadow because I sometimes like to use a good cream shadow as a base under minerals. Wearing it alone, it evens out the lid color and hides any dark areas (if your skin is pale). It makes a good browbone shade also.

The cheek color blends right into your skin. Doesn't look like makeup at all.

I tested the brush on the cream shadow and for applying concealer. It's good quality and it works perfectly for both.

The thing that's best about these creams is how they dry to a stay put finish. They aren't greasy and don't slide around/crease/fade. Also it doesn't *feel* like you have anything on your skin. You just look better, as if by magic. ;) Well, that can be our little secret.

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