Sunday, February 6, 2011

New product review

Hi guys! Sorry about the long absence. Work has just been a pressure cooker. X( I finally got a little spare money to try some new stuff: Cream cheek color and cream eye shadow, and the brush that goes with the shadow (doubles as a concealer brush).

These products will be good for your natural spring look. I got the palest shadow because I sometimes like to use a good cream shadow as a base under minerals. Wearing it alone, it evens out the lid color and hides any dark areas (if your skin is pale). It makes a good browbone shade also.

The cheek color blends right into your skin. Doesn't look like makeup at all.

I tested the brush on the cream shadow and for applying concealer. It's good quality and it works perfectly for both.

The thing that's best about these creams is how they dry to a stay put finish. They aren't greasy and don't slide around/crease/fade. Also it doesn't *feel* like you have anything on your skin. You just look better, as if by magic. ;) Well, that can be our little secret.

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