Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Ultimate Mascara

I personally have always loved our ultimate mascara (because my lashes are not something to brag about). Awhile ago I was getting a little disappointed because I was having issues with my mascara not lasting as long as it should and getting clumpy.

Most of us know that it is important to replace mascara every three months (for safety - to avoid bacteria issues) - this is not a sales pitch, it is more of a medical/safety issue. So replacing it every three months is a higher turnover than most of our products but when mine started not even holding up to the three months I started wondering if the formula had changed.. found out that nothing had changed.. other little secret is not to "pump" your wand in the tube because that just pushes air into the product and causes it to dry out faster. (of course I know this so that wasn't the problem either).

Caution to all others that happen to have a teenage daughter... what was happening is whenever mini mk4me needed a new mascara, she would take mine and throw her old one in my basket!! Issue has been resolved, told her to pull it off the shelf and leave the empty box on my desk, lol.. kids, gotta love them.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!


  1. I'm a new follower of yours! I am going to purchase my 2nd Chance kit today with my agreement. I am very excited. I know from my previous experience as a consultant all the Pros and Cons and how to run my business successfully, in my mind. I find your blog very useful!

  2. thank you and I hope you find it very useful. I am proud to say I am the momma of two Marines!

  3. Hey MK for me if you want to see what I sound like here is my blogtalkradioshow.

    Im getting the seond chance pack too. Mom is doing better now. I have not disappeared. Oh thanks for the info on the mascara.


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