Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Trend

Every year the directors are in a new suit, I think one of the things we all look forward to is seeing what color the suit is going to be (and of course the style). The last couple of years Mary Kay has been very accommodating in giving us a mix and match type choice so that we can even get two years out of our suits or at least some of our pieces. I absolutely love the black one that we currently have and the color for the coming year is purple. So this year, we can wear the new purple, or our black from last year or mix the two. We also have our choice of three different styles of jackets and dresses or skirts. It is nice to be able to personalized our outifts instead of looking like a bunch of stepford wives. I perfer a more relaxed, trendy type look to the "stiff" feel of the traditional three piece suit.

When I found out it was purple, I must admit I wasn't thrilled because well, I guess I just love the black. I found it interesting that one of the lead articles on MSN today was titled, "It's Time to Get Passionate About Purple ". Wow, okay guess MK knows what they are doing.

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