Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Foundations Rule!!

I have always given my true opinion of any products we launch. I also don't overstate claims... I absolutely love the new foundation. With the primer and foundation, I even had one of my consultants tell me very excitedly, she went swimming with her kids and her makeup still looked great when she got out of the pool!

I used the Luminous (more suited for n/d) and it looks and feels great.

When we went from day radiance to the medium/full coverage foundations, it took me over two weeks before I started really liking it..

Do yourself a favor, try the new foundation and primer, you will have no trouble marketing it, once you have tried it!

Still have many other issue keeping my plate full but I am doing my best to get her and get some great articles going and questions answered.

Keep on reading and commenting!!


  1. I have kind of a silly question:

    Are they totally getting rid of the m-c foundation? Or is the TW just in addition?

  2. As we know the full coverage foundations have been moved to closeout already... From what I have heard.. with the launch of the new foundations, as the sales back down on the medium coverage, it will eventually be phased out. My specualation is this is easing the transition and if for some reason the new foundations aren't embraced fast enough, the medium coverage will carry on for awhile. Personally, after using the new timewise ones, it isn't going to be a loss not to have the medium coverage but I am grateful the transition isn't do or die.

  3. Aren't the TW ones more expensive too?

  4. Dumb question: just looked it up - so $20 compared to $14. Think customers will have a problem with that?


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