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While we are still in the process of choosing a name for this site, I would like to take an opportunity to welcome you!

This site is all about Mary Kay the company. If you have never heard of this 44 year old company, you should probably get a little background first.

Here is the official website of Mary Kay Inc.

Here is the Wikipedia article about Mary Kay Inc.

Some controversy has developed as some people that were involved with Mary Kay decided that they had gotten a raw deal as a result of their involvement and began talking about their experience online.

Another group of people (primarily those still currently involved with Mary Kay) have felt that the accusations of the first group are unfairly disproportionate. They maintain (by and large) that while there have been some unfortunate things occurring in and around Mary Kay the vast majority of what is available to those who would like to get involved is positive.

This site, while still in development and constantly evolving, is meant to be a place to sort out these differences of opinion, get to the heart of the matter, and hopefully help you decide whether or not involvement in Mary Kay is right for you.

Balanced Mary Kay (as it is called right now) is a blog that brings up and allows for discussion of various topics. Some are topics that are brought up on other sites, some are topics brought up by members of the site (a member as of right now is anyone that leaves a comment!), and some come from the vast recesses of the blog owners mind (thats me).

Anyone is more than welcome to comment. The more unique perspectives offered, the more likely it is that we can form a clear picture of what is being discussed. While all perspectives are welcome and so called "pro" and "anti" Mary Kay sentiments are highly valued, I do request that comments follow the following guidelines:

1. If you have concluded something about Mary Kay, please explain why you have concluded this. A conclusion without logical support does not benefit anyone and tends to lend itself to more unsupported conclusions.
2. Don't reveal any personal information about yourself or other members (commentators)
3. Don't attack the opinions or ideas of other members
4. Share your stories, opinions and research, and respect the same offered by others - even if it runs contrary to yours.
5. Preferably, leave your comment by clicking on the "nickname" button and creating a nickname for yourself. This will help avoid the confusion of having literally thousands of commentators named "anonymous"! (yes, I anticipate having enough commentators to have that problem) But for now, even having two commentators named "anonymous" would be too confusing! If you don't feel terribly creative, that is OK! All I could come up with was David! Don't let it stop you from joining the discussion! If you absolutely can't think of anything, do an alpha-numeric thing like A-212.

With over 700,000 consultants in America (and we have some representatives from other countries here too!) it is very possible that your experience was atypical. I personally, highly doubt that those 700,000 consultants are split 50/50 in regards to what their experience was! In other words, the chances that 350,000 people are miserable with Mary Kay and 350,000 are ecstatic about their involvement! But since no-one knows right now, we have this site to explore this unique question.

I will be the first to admit that this site is pretty clunky to navigate. There are a few posts that I feel are worth reading if you are new here. I will list them here with links to them. Just click on the link to go read the post. I am not going to go through and put little "back" buttons on all of them, so when you finish reading the post, comments (and maybe comment yourself), just click the "back" button on your internet browser to come back to this page and read another post.

After you get a feel for the site, you can find all of the posts ever created in the right side-bar labeled by year and month. If you feel that a particular post deserves to be in this list, leave a comment here and I will consider giving it a link here!

The "worth a read" list;

First Post - My Purpose for Creating this Blog
My Guest Post on ScamTypes(dot)com
The Good, The Bad - The Ugly, The Pretty (this is a good place to "off topic" comments)
Introduce yourself (This is a good place to introduce yourself)
Profiles (People that have already introduced themselves - you can join them!)

Every week (give or take a day or two) there are two new "features"

This week on Pink Truth (discuss things on the "anti" Mary Kay sites - specifically Pink Truth)
This week in Mary Kay (discuss all things Mary Kay - opinions/research/question)

Finally, while not comprehensive, this post offers you a list (with links) of various other sites discussing Mary Kay. Click Here.

This post will replace the former "welcome" post. I will most likely keep this as the welcome page and update it as relevant. If you would like to leave suggestions to make this site, this would be a good place to do so. Be sure to vote in the current poll for fun!

Thanks for stopping by and once again, welcome!


  1. You're the honorable recipient of a Blog Award courtesy of me! Please visit my blog to read about your achievements! :D

    ~Shades of Pink~

  2. Thanks Shades of Pink! I must have missed this when you first left it.

    I am honored.


  3. Hello,I am an Inactive Mary Kay Consultant who honestly would like to build my customer base. I am not seeking to earn a Pink Cadillac nor even a RED JACKET. My goals are limited: ADDITIONAL CONSISTENT MONTHLY INCOME : BETWEEN $200.00-$600.00 PER A MONTH! I must admit since going through a divorce (1) year ago this month (April)and working full time 3rd shift, I have not invested the time nor continued to attend weekly meetings. I am now ready to focus some time and effort in building my client base. I am willing to spend (2) nights per month in training meetings, and yes up to 10 hours per week on my business. I too, was strongly ENCOURAGED to have an INVENTORY... Of course I got the $1200.00 inventory (which I still have) and it's too late now to return. I have yet to do a FACIAL or hold one skin class (even though I have asked people) they have one reason another as to WHY they are not able to or just don't buy Mary Kay or already have someone else as a representative. I too, would like to know if it TRULY is possible just to SELL Mary Kay PRODUCTS on a PART-TIME 10-12 Hour basis and make some type of PROFIT??? Or is the REAL only WAY to PROFIT to sucker PEOPLE in to BUY INVENTORY???? Also, if you can make a minimum of $200.00 per month PROFIT??? Can you provide me with some tips on doing so in the most time efficient and cost effective manner to do so??? I am a HONEST GOD FEARING person, should I EVER recruit, I will have them go to this website and PINK TRUTH website to make informed decisions and also inform them of my experiences I feel would be helpful to keep them from making the financial mistakes I have made. I am so thinking about either giving some of my products away as gifts to any of my customers who make purchases of >$35.00 to help me make my $200.00 goal. I am also going to utilize my website and pro-pay account. If there is someone who can help me who is MAKING ANY type of PROFIT in this business... please email me at LKPINKARD@GMAIL.COM and give me some pointers. I am also using my business as a witnessing tool to establish relationships to bring spread the GOSPEL of CHRIST! I will be very UP FRONT regarding this to my clients and NOT ASHAMED of the GOSPEL...(CHRIST) Lela

  4. I have a question I have been trying to get answered. What happens if I don't have a debut party or turn in an order within my first two months? I became a consultant, the end of July 2010. My director says we have to turn in an order of 600 wholesale by the end of August. I have been sick and haven't really done anything with the business since I got my starter kit. For various reasons I don't think I will be ready to have a debut party until Early September and doubt I can make 1200 retail.

  5. hey, this post has some great info..if you are that good at making a broad array of links, you need to consider making some tabs at the top of your thing...i can help you if you need it! but it would keep your site ROCKIN! good job!

  6. Hey, got a RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM THING to tell you. If you'd ever be interested in focusing on "the looks" in a post... man, I'm your poster child w/testimony included. Maybe I could do a guest post or something ;S. I do not sell Mary Kay, but I use it for "THE LOOKS." Every time I would wear a look from the sample cards, I'd get complimented on my makeup. Even the new natural looks still make me look amazing! lol. TO ME, THAT is THE selling point. PERIOD. That ALONE is enough to make me a long-time "sold" customer. It was embarrassing to me for a while to figure out/admit/realize that I didn't know how to put my colors together to make my face look great. I'd work hard, get all ready and just look in the mirror and wonder why I didn't look as amazing as I should! DANGIT, MAKEUP, WORK FOR ME!!! So...all that to say, Mary Kay makes the makeup WORK!

  7. Sheer Drapes World,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this. I normally follow up with these kinds of things much more quickly.

    I would be very much interested in talking to you about a guest post. Thanks for dropping in and zing me an email when you get a chance.


  8. I think Mary Kay makeup is nice...yet others are just as nice at a more competitive price- however, each to his own... as far as just HOW MUCH $$$ you would desire to spend on make up- and how often you will spend it. Therefore, just like Tide washing powder and another store brand for me... yes I love Tide, but when I don't have "Tide" money, I buy store brand period! LOL but I do like this product, however, I am NOT a sales person, so therefore, I will just continue to purchase it on a as need basis etc.

  9. angel nurse, we need clients as well as consultants!! Happy to hear you enjoy the products!

  10. I see no where to trackback to your article, but I have linked you onto a blog I wrote You can see your link here

    Thanks Take Care Sandy
    Sandy Metcalf
    Authority Marketing Consultant
    Attraction Marketing Coach

  11. I personally love mk and that's all I use.I just wish my rep would just let me order when I want to.I feel I am better off as a customer although she wants me to join.

  12. I am a new IBC.
    Is this website still "in motion"/ active?


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