Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This Week in Mary Kay 1/09-16/08

What is going on in YOUR Mary Kay world?

What is going on in Mary Kay "world"

What is going on in your life?

If it's MK or even close... let's hear about it here.

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  1. My order should be here today. Got a facial yesterday, a real one, not MK's, and am looking forward to trying the new mineral foundation. Has anyone compared it to Bare Minerals? I love that one, but my director really drilled it into my head that the skin care only works if you use the whole line. Although this is probably horse hocky, it stuck. She actually used the phrase "chemical warfare on your face."

  2. skin care does work best when you use the whole line. This is true not just with MK products. I always tell my clients that even if they dont use MK that they still shouldnt mix and match different product lines because most lines are formulated to give their best results when used with products in that same line. Its not horse hocky in my opinion.

    I hope that my order will be hear today. I just signed up to try the Ascend software for consultants. Has anyone tried this? I use Boulevard for customer management, but Ascend is supposed to help you keep track of your finances. Would appreciated any feedback

  3. may I repeat what foreverpink said:
    for the BEST results, any line will work better when used together.

    and can you end up with chemical warfare?? well if you started mixing products (be it from different lines or in rare cases even the same line) with benzole peroxide and salacylic (sp) acid and alcohol, etc... it is possible to cause yourself some problems. It doesn't mean that every time you mix lines this will happen.

  4. hey judi, hope you get your order today!!

    I personally have not used Bare Minerals but since I had a few clients that have and have switch to the MK minerals, I have asked for their HONEST feed back. 3 in total and 2 say they like ours better and one says she doesn't really see that much of a difference but likes our prices better and would just prefer to use MK. (I don't know the prices on BM's so I can't verify that statement)

    Personally, I LOVE our minerals, and I wasn't a believer when we got them because no longer being 25, it didn't seem to me that I would be happy with the coverage of a "loose" product. Well, I was WRONG - the stuff is awesome and I don't even use concealer anymore, where I would have used concealer before I just use a small dab of medium coverage foundation and then the minerals. Love it!!

  5. speaking the real truthJanuary 10, 2008 at 9:58 AM

    Mineral Report

    What I have heard from consultants/clients are the following:

    Bare Minerals has a shimmer to it, ours does not. While a shimmer can give you a nice glow, it also seems to settle into fine lines more.

    Ours has better coverage

    As to pricing, straight up ounce for ounce, I believe that theirs is a little more expensive. It's hard to compare since you can hardly find the foundation alone, it's usually offered as part of a set, and on their website, it does not indicate size of the container, other than "large". That container is $25, our .28 container is $18. The problem with BM is that many clients get caught up in the auto-order program, which sends them smaller amounts of the foundation, along with other products on a regular basis. My consultant who used to use it said that she would up with full containers that she did not use, they could not be returned and she had a difficult time stopping the program.

    I noticed that their pressed powder is $24.50, I doubt that ours will be nearly that expensive.

    Convenience is going to be a big selling point for our product. If a client lives in a small town, chances are that she would have to drive to a larger marketplace or order her BM online or by phone. That's sort of a hassle when the MK lady can bring it right over!

  6. speaking the real truthJanuary 10, 2008 at 10:00 AM

    Skin care. Yes, it's probably best to use products in the same line, so as not to duplicate or leave out key ingredients/steps. HOWEVER, I am not going to force that down anyone's throat. Make the situation comfortable for the client~make your recommendations with explanations, and then let her know that it's okay for her to do whatever she chooses.

  7. Got my order today. LOVE the new packaging. I saw the black lipstick. Very professional looking. I thought I read on PT that it leaves fingerprints. I do not find that it does. The inside cylinder is not chrome, but darker, so prints will not show easily. Much better than the platinum.

    The mineral foundation is not as good as BM, though. The brush is also not as good. But it is cheaper and that can be a plus. And MK is easier to get if you have a good consultant who will not try to sell you the whole line when all you want is the foundation.

  8. I'm excited because I have two ladies interested in joining my team! One is a former team member who signed up last year, but she was unable to get active (life happened). I told her to let me know when she feels comfortable signing again and I'll help her get started again. The other is someone I work with whose mother was a consultant years ago. She is interested in a home business so I asked her if she'd like to hear more about MK. :) So, we'll see!

  9. Good evening everyone. Well to answer the question yes you should use just one line of cosmetics. It is all formulated to work together. Just like you should use one line of hair products as they also work together. It doesn't matter if it is MK or Este or Mac whatever you chose me I am MK, however you should use the same thing.

    I like the mineral powder however I have nothing to compare it to because I didn't like the fact that BM wanted you to get on the auto ship. So I didn't get it. I don't like that with anything. I guess I just love my MK.

  10. I placed an order last night. I don't have the new lipsticks yet. I just ordered a few. I ordered samples this week and those will arrive Monday with my datebook. I completely forgot to order my datebook in February--and I love that they are pink. :D

    Anyway, lipsticks. I ordered one each of the colors I might wear. I was mostly out of skin care and foundations that are popular. I got the lipstick samples and when those get here I will see what I like. :)

  11. Seriously, I wish my director would stop telling people they are commiting chemical warfare on their face if they use different lines at the same time. I personally cannot use the MK masks. They make my face VERY red and I do not have sensitive skin. So for me, it works best to use another brand's mask with my MK skin care. I love Aveeda's. It leaves my skin very smooth. Now I am ready to put on the mineral foundation.

    Can anyone answer as to what the dif is in the mineral shadow and blush verses what is out now?

  12. Dude! I don't know where my brain is! I typed February meaning December! I didn't order my datebook in December. Where is my mind?

    Judi--I haven't seen a list of new ingredients for the mineral shadows and blushes. The only thing I've seen so far on InTouch is a listing of the comings and goings of current colors. Basically, what's leaving and not coming back and what's leaving and coming back reformulated.

  13. About programs/software to use for your business: I use Beauty Advisor. I love it! I haven't heard of Ascend~will have to check it out. Ascend is the name of my bank-lol.

  14. I am very disappointed today. :o(

    I found out that the MK rep I was going to sign up under is quitting MK. (No, not because MK is bad - she and her hubby are being transferred overseas).

    I am really disappointed. I don't think I want to sign up with her team leader. I don't know her that well, but I am afraid that if I agree to meet with her she will assume I want to sign with her, and that is not necessarily the case. She has already called me 4 times in 5 days. :o( She seems quite nice, but I can see getting daily phone calls from her, and I don't need or want that.

    I don't want to sign up with anyone else I know here. I am not sure what I am going to do at this point.

  15. PS - when I said I didn't want to sign up with anyone I know "here" - I meant "here" as in local to me, not "here" as in on this blog.

  16. mkshay
    im am sorry you have had a snag in your plans.
    Maybe you can call corporate and be referred to someone else.
    You can always sign up with anyone in the US and be an adoptee with someone close that you choose to work with.
    I am sure anyone working their business the right way on this site would be glad to have you.
    Good Luck

  17. Shay, keep your chin up, anyone would be proud to have you as a team member!
    You are in the driver's seat. You pick who you want as your recruiter/director. I can see it now, line 'em up and interview them. Make sure their interests are what is best for you, not for them.

    You are smart and know the pitfalls. You know what you want out of this business and you will be fine. You have the support of lots of cyber buddies.

  18. Thanks, everyone! :D

    I am really glad this happened BEFORE I signed. If I had already signed, I would be stuck right now.

    Thank you all for the good wishes!


  19. Shay, good luck in your search for a new recruiter. What about your friend's director? Do you know her? Just a thought. I do think calling corporate is a good idea as well as using the consultant locater on the MK website. You may find a name you know! ;)

  20. Oh! And my GREAT news! I have a booking for next Tuesday! So far, it's a facial and she's coming to our weekly event. I'm working on turning it into a class. She was happy to come to my meeting--it sounds like her schedule is full as she is involved in a different direct sales company. When I gave her the option of our meeting she sounded really excited! Woo hoo!

    Judi--as soon as I see ingredient info on mineral eye and cheek colors, I will post on my blog. I do feel that in some ways the new InTouch website is not quite as user-friendly as the old version. ;)

  21. Shades -

    I don't know the Director. I don't know anyone else local that I feel comfortable joining under.

    The one person I know locally that I am good friends with in MK has a totally different idea than I do about how MK should be done. (Picture $10,000 in initial inventory and reorders every month - get the idea?)

  22. I have had several friends/relatives ask me when I am having a MK class.

    I had not planned on having a "Grand Opening." I was thinking about maybe having a mystery hostess-type event. One of the guests will be chosen as the mystery hostess and get the hostess goodies.

    What do you guys think of that idea?

  23. shay, that might be fun but it might be more fun if you do a few little door prize drawings from all the guests. And then explain what you are going to be using for a hostess program and if you are looking for more booking, you could maybe do a prize drawing from anyone that does book a party for you. The mystery hostess is cute but I would hate to see the others maybe have hurt feelings if they didn't get anything, know what I mean??

  24. Shay--do you know anyone outside your area who is in MK? I understand about the $10K inventory order. As a last resort, you could always sign with her, but make some ground rules. You're working on YOUR TERMS NOT HERS. ;)

    I think the mystery hostess idea is a good one. Another idea--if several people are asking about appointments, can you book them individually? You could pick a day that you are home and have them come to you at different times. Each hostess can bring her friends. Allot an hour and a half or so for each appointment. That way, you don't have one large group at once. ;)

  25. Oh, my lipsticks order arrived yesterday. I really wanted to try Nutmeg, but my mom bought it! lol I guess I should've ordered 2 after all!

  26. mk4me -

    I like the door prize drawing idea. That way more people can get goodies! LOL

    Shades -

    I already have a few individual bookings (with friends), but I think my family wants to get together as a group and have a class. That's the impression I have gotten, anyway. LOL (I told you I had a lot of family members who love MK! LOL)

    What I have decided to do is to have a Grand Opening. I can show everyone the Look Books and such and get some information about the new products. I can get bookings from people who haven't booked with me yet.

    I really would not recommend a GO for everyone starting with MK, but I think that in this circumstance it is justified. :D

  27. As far as booking with my $10,000 friend, that is really not an option. I can tell already that she and I would fight on every term if I signed under her, and I am not willing to do that.


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