Sunday, January 13, 2008

A note about the current poll

This site needs a title. Several of you have made suggestions. I have narrowed the choices down to the selections you see. You can vote for more than one title. You can change your vote if you want. The results of the poll will not necessarily determine the title of this blog. There will also be a need to determine the tag line. I am not sure at this point if I will have a poll for that as well. The first selection "experiencing pink truth(s)" is worded that way because I am not sure if it should be "experiencing pink truth" or "experiencing pink truths" If that comes out as the overwhelming winner, I may to a supplemental poll to figure out which one is preferred.

Go ahead, get your vote on. Don't forget, you can vote for more than one option!


  1. If you want to attract search engine visitors then you will probably want 'MK' or 'Mary Kay' in the title ;)

  2. I agree. I found this site by typing in something with MK in the title. Those who are looking for pros and cons of MK may not know about "pink".

  3. I was curious~do you really want the words pink truth there? Or maybe you really do want those words to throw off some of the PT readers??

    Reading scam and judi's comments~I have to agree with them.

  4. You could always have the Title include Mary Kay and then have the description say something about the truth about pink.

    I thought you already had a title~just want to change it?


  5. You all make some excellent points.

    The title will most likely include both "Mary Kay" and "Pink Truth"

    I am particular right now to some version of Pink. Truth. Mary Kay

    (not to say that will be "it", but it combines those elements)

    Anyone that feels strongly about their preferred title should consider "campaigning" for it here!

    Anyone can change their vote if they want, so make your case known!

    Thanks all.

  6. "Mary Kay - My Views"

    How about making it sound more personal, as it surely is for you?

    From what I have seen, your visitors appreciate your blogging style and the fact that you tackle the negative points without thrusting the corporate line down their throats either.

    Play to your strengths - you're in marketing so you should know that adding personality to anything drives credibility, authenticity and authority.

  7. How about something like:

    "The Truth about Pink: Mary Kay discussion, dialog and debates"


  8. I would like to change my comment. When I first found this site it was about a balanced view of MK. Now it seems to be going in the direction of refuting everything PT says. If that will continue to be the case then I think your should definately have pink in the title.


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