Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Week On Pink Truth 01/02-09/08

I like this feature. You all do such a great job of getting the conversation going.

Sorry I didn't get this up on Saturday like normal.

I am going to add another post immediately after this for "This week in Mary Kay" for anything that is going on, not covered on Pink Truth.


Nothing Follows


  1. If PT is a site that is suppose to help save women from the dangers of mlm's - why do I find it so amusing that the thread that has had the most interest is a group of teenage girls making fun of a suit! As I was reading it all I could think of was the unpopular girls in high school making fun of the cheer leaders' uniforms.

    If you are trying to gain credibility in the interests of a cause, I don't think making fun of a suit and seeing who can make the biggest funny, is a way to win intelligent viewers.

    This is just my l'il ole humble opinion, but I just don't see what the big deal is, if you don't like the suit, you are not in Mary Kay, you are not a director so you really don't even have a concern what the suit looks like. And last I knew, noone has ever been killed by the design or color of a suit!

  2. Looks like tc learned something from MK she is offering someone if they can find a site that is gushing about the MK suites to give it to
    TRACY said:
    PT Contest: The first person to find a sales director's site gushing about how GORGEOUS the new suits are gets a PT refrigerator magnet!!!
    Running a contest the thing that she said she HATED about MK. I know some are going to say well you don't have to buy anything, however if you are looking on all the directors sites that is time and time is way more valuable than more you can replace money however you can not replace time. So for your precious time tc is giving you a magnet.

    Again she does protest to much.

  3. I agree they are very childish over there in regards to the suit. WHO CARES! Let's make sure we don't turn into the same thing on this site.

  4. Today they are talking about the turn over rate in MK. Not sure where the numbers come from. Does MK disclose this info? I think that would be an interesting discussion.

    And they are talking about MKers recommending to their IBCs that no one read the negative blogs. That will also be an interesting topic.


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