Monday, January 14, 2008

Winds of change?

From time to time, I still poke around Pink Truth myself to see where the conversation is going. Typically it is much of the same.

I don't hide my disdain for many of the topics of discussion. Nor do I disguise my disgust at the stretching of truths, double standards, petty complaints and outright lies presented as "truth" on that site.

However, today something caught my attention that I felt was worthy of note.

As conversation developed about someone that was stepping out of Mary Kay and anticipating charge-backs (which would create a need for her to pay Mary Kay as there would be no commission check for the charge-backs to be removed from).

It was suggested that she should not pay them, but instead ignore the requests for payment indefinitely as had (allegedly) been successfully employed by another member.

Some of you (more vehement anti-pt types) will be saying, so how is this unique. That is exactly what you can expect to find on that site. While I tend to agree with these sentiments, what follows is (as far as I can tell) from Tracy about this subject.

I disagree with not paying the chargeback. It was something that you agreed to in your contract with MK.... when you originally received the commissions you did so on the condition that if the consultant returned her inventory, you'd also return the commission. I think the right thing to do is pay the chargeback and know that you have a clean conscience. Mary Kay may be a scam and may abuse and take advantage of millions of women, but we want to be better than they are. Just my two cents, and I do know many disagree with me. That's okay... I'm just sayin'....

Tracy, while we don't see eye to eye on the subject of Mary Kay (in many ways) I thank you for having the integrity and decency to steer people away from participating in dishonest ways.


  1. At the risk of sounding horrible, I want to ask if anyone ever reads anything before they sign it? The commssion schedule was well outlined when I had to sign my directors agreement years ago, I doubt it has changed much. We are signing a legally binding agreement, aren't we taught as adults to read before you sign our name??

    I do agree, TC's opinion will make a difference but it is ashame it takes someone telling them that not paying something back that is owed -is dishonest. (Good thing they've got Tracy)

    I would also like to see a little suggestion that adding their product to another consultants order who is returning product (especially offering her a % for doing it) is also very unethical and could it possible be fraud??

    One last rant, if the one poster Was a TOP Cadillac Director, she wouldn't be $20,000 in debt. If she was paying to appear to be a top Cadillac Director, well that's when the debt starts adding up.

    Guess it is okay to accuse MK of wrongdoing but if they do wrong they are justified. Sorry if this sounds harsh, must be tired.

  2. It is good that was said. I never understand people who don't want to pay back a bill. I deal with it every day at my job. Don't they realize it will eventually get turned over to a collection agency? Once that happens, it appears on your credit report making things worse.


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