Sunday, January 6, 2008

You hear what you want to hear

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with my wife's director tonight. We discussed some of the challenges of being a leader of people.

She told me about certain (unnamed) consultants, current and past, that attempt to achieve sales challenges by ordering inventory that they may or may not sell. This is despite her best efforts to convince them NOT to buy inventory they don't need.

One thought we had is that people hear only what they want to hear.


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  1. From personal experience I must say that I found this statement is not only true with Mary Kay but I found it to be very true with my kids, my husband, and yes, even myself. I would say it is most likely true for everyone!

    Let me talk about the football game and I know he is listening but if I try to discuss the cute little outfit I saw at Fashion Bug that I was considering buying, I can see a glazed over look and know if 10 minutes later if I asked him what color the outfit was - he wouldn't know ... but he can still tell you the status from the game several weeks ago!

    Another "hearing" example, my hubby and I could both be listening to a car salesperson describing a truck we are looking at, when we are discussing whether we want to buy it or not, My view... well, I really like the the seats are heated and I love the fabric (I don't like leather in car seats) and love the moonroof, and oh, look at this great place for the cd's and where to put the kids food.

    He will say, love the fact it is a Dodge Diesel 2500 extended cab but likes the fact it had the shortbed and the fact the it can easily use bigger tires.

    He looks at me - does the pattern of the fabric on the seats really make a difference to you?? You...

    Me to him.... so what if it can take bigger tires, the ones on it look just fine... We both hear and see the stuff that interests us the most.


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