Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MLM grows up

Ever the fantastic resource for all things "scam-like", ScamTypes.com has posted a fascinating article entitled "Multi Level Marketing - A Short Autobiography"

I am going to make you go read it yourself, but I will give you a few little teases.

As is the case in many businesses, both traditional and MLM, the marketing arm was making the bulk of the profits.

The early successes of network marketing also led to other imitators who realised there were other ways to profit from the model.

For some, the seductively dark side of multi level marketing proved to be the quick and easy way to making fast, and less than legal, profits.

Alright, thats it. Now you have to go check it out for yourself. It really is a good read. This will basically walk you through a (very) brief history of how Multi Level Marketing got started and how it became what it is today.

Be sure and leave a comment and let "Scam" know that I sent you!

Multi Level Marketing - A Short Autobiography


  1. The all-seeing Scam will know who sent you ;)

  2. Loved the post and linked to Scam on my site. Very fair assessment of MLM and direct sales.

  3. Nice to see you there shadesofpink, and I'll be sure to pop back to your blog from time to time too.

  4. Okay. I am bummed. none of my comments are showing up on Scam's site. :o(

  5. Shay,

    Don't be bummed, he has to approve comments before they are visible.

    Once he approves you, they will be visible immediately.

    He lives in the UK, so he is most likely sleeping right now.

    Check again in the morning, I am sure you will see your comments then!

    Thanks for visiting!! I like sending people his way because he also has a very inviting way of allowing all views to be expressed!

  6. Spot on David - I was in the land of dreams.

    Shay, your comments are there now and, subject to a few rules on my spam filter, any more you make should appear immediately.

  7. What is up with Scam's site? I cannot access it and haven't been able to for almost a week. :o(

    I am sad.

  8. What is up with Scam's site? I cannot access it and haven't been able to for almost a week. :o(

    I am sad.

  9. I've been wondering the same thing! Did he take it down? :( I have been trying to access it all week, too.

    ~Shades of Pink~

  10. I don't know, Shades!

    The page that comes up just says it was last updated on 1/27/08.


  11. I am wondering the same thing myself. I know that he was restructuring some things right before, so it may be that he is "down for maintenance".

    I also know that the internet is down in parts of the Middle East and Asia. I wouldn't expect that to be an influence here, but you never know.

    If any of you hear from him, let me know!

  12. I haven't heard about the Internet being down in those areas. Do you have a link to a story about it?

  13. Awwww just spotted these comments - glad to know I was missed.

    I'm back now and would to see you guys over there :)


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