Friday, January 11, 2008

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My name is "mkhonesty", and I too am a MK husband. My wife has been a consultant for over 20 years, and a director for over 15 years. The highest level she has achieved is Executive Cr Director. Currently she is a Senior Director. (Yes, she has lost offspring: one for non-production, one for personal/family health reasons, and one for an unknown reason (we suspect she "got religion" big-time.)) My wife has been a car driver for 17 years (team leader, then director), and picked up a SRX 8 months ago.

I have a BS and ME in Mechanical Engineering. I am a retired US Navy officer, with subspecialities in Nuclear Power and weapons systems. After I retired from the Navy, I worked for a high-tech manufacturing corp for 5 years. While I was working as a corporate middle manager, I also part-timed as my wife's "back office". I quit corporate because it was killing our family life (60-70+ hrs/week. On call a lot, because in manufacturing there is no such thing as 9-to-5 except for people in support positions like finance and HR.) I've been my wife's back office full time for over 7 years. I can do just about anything, except match colors (I don't wear too much lipstick or eye shadow) or describe a fragrance (I seem to only have a nose for solvents.)

Yes, we do make a high 5-figure income before expenses, and I take advantage of every deduction I can to reduce that down. Yes, a self-employed person does pay both the employer and employee shares of FICA (social security tax), but you get to deduct half of that tax on the adjusted Gross Income section of Form 1040 (2006 line 27).

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