Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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My name is love4mk and I've been a consultant since July '07 - so 6 months.

I also teacher parent/child music classes (don't you just know I'll be using my PINK ELECTRIC GUITAR FOR CLASSES) and am an acting coach for younger performers (under 18 set) in the Chicago suburbs. I'm a former actor (SAG member) who is now focusing on my family - so no acting right now.

Mary Kay has replaced my coaching income and thus I'm devoting more time to this business than the coaching which traditionally takes me away from my family in the evenings. So this year, I'm going to build my Mary Kay business, while still retaining a few acting clients who are working professionally.

I work MK about 10 hours a week and average $1000 a month.

I have one team member, and thus I'm now a Sr. Consultant. I've thought about adding more team members, but unless I can give them adequate time to really get them started (our Director is in California - and while I have a great adopted Director my team member can't make the meeting night, so I have been training her) I'm reticent. My Team Leader is FANTASTIC and devoted ALOT of time answering my questions over this past 6 months, but this is her only gig. I'm not sure I could devote as much time to recruits as she does. But, we'll see. I'm not opposed.

I'm attending Chicagorama this weekend for terrific MK training and motivation. Due to my Diamond status last quarter I'll also be attending the formal dinner Friday evening with my husband, compliments of my Director.

I desire more from my MK business, but not at the expense of spending time with my family (this was the issue with coaching). I still feel like I'm getting my feet wet.

It's 12:43 AM here, so forgive me if this post sounds disorganized. I'm staying up to organize Boulevard - my gift to myself this year.

My skin rocks.

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  1. love4mk, thanks for sharing, and good for you.


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