Friday, January 18, 2008

And now; something completely different

I thought perhaps I would do something a little different tonight.

Have you ever been over to Pink Truth (keep in mind I have absolutely no respect for that website or the lies it calls truth) and felt like responding to every single thing that was written?

But you know it would be futile. Because even if you could respond. Even if you weren't deleted and banned. You would still not be able to make an appeal to reason because of the brainwashing that happens on that site.

I felt that way tonight. So I "drew" little comment bubbles all over today's "Mary Kay Lie of the Week" post.

Now I know that all of you are really internet savvy (how else would you manage to navigate this atrocity of a blog!), but in case you are having trouble reading the picture above - click on it to enlarge it! (I had to host it on flickr... blogger was not allowing it to enlarge big enough to read)

Please let me know if you like this format. I wish I could allow you all to tag your comments on it! Perhaps if I add it to flickr... I will experiment with that and get back to you!

For now, enjoi my comment bubble rant!


  1. David, this was great, loved it. Needed a little bit of humor, been in a car since 2:30 this afternoon.
    Wish we could add bubbles too but since we don't,

    luckerintraining said:
    The Best I think not!Case in point, Why isn't I never heard of MK before I was 23 years old.
    umm... isn't the PT cry, the market is sooo saturated??

    Lazy Gardens said:
    You know ... $2.25 billion divided by 1.7 million = $1323 average wholesale sale per consultant per year

    Then if that is the average wholesale how is one in $20,000 or more debt??

    ooohh whattodo said:
    IS THERE A QUESTION THAT THEY ARE WRONG? I am walking talking smiling nodding living proof with my $30K in product sitting in my cupboard that there is frontloading all over the place, and I blame emotional manipulation for that...or I am really a SUCKER.

    having that much debt, doesn't prove frontloading, it proves buying your unit, your car, and your star and making very poor decisions.

    Queen of Section 2 said:
    They know women hate the changes, yet they're changing their entire line of color cosmetics, foundations, and powders????
    Yes, about every 1.5 to two years -- which, I suspect, is how often MKC's pool of consultants turn over. The residual, struggling veteran IBCs and directors, on the whole, being a very small minority of "affected" resellers.

    It has been approx. 6 years since the compacts went from pink to platinum (color not shape change)and it has been approx 13 years since they went from rectangle "y" to oval.
    (how does this prove 1.5 - 2 years)

    I have read on pt how they complain the colors are borrowing and dull, but if MK changes them, then they are bad. Market and fashion changes constantly, you don't change too, you will be left in the dust.

    Oh this is fun, but it is getting too long so I'll end there but I could keep going! :)

  2. mk4me,

    good stuff... if you ever want to write a post (either in response to something on PT or just about MK in general) feel free to email it to me and I will post it.

    That goes for anyone out there. If you want to create a post, I would love the help composing!

    Just email me you post (make sure it is spell checked and that you have read it once or twice yourself for continuity) at

    I don't check the spam folder on that email everyday, so if it gets stuck in spam, it may be a while before I get it so be patient!

    But I would love to get more of your thoughts on the front page so that this site can become more and more user-driven.


  3. Had to throw one more in from the other post today.

    The Scribbler said:
    Rena Tarbet uses this line "In our family there are some buying decisions my husband makes without me, like what kind of lawnmower to buy - I pretty much decide what is best for me. Besides, I promise it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is permission.

    First, I have heard Rena many times, and she uses that line more for a chuckle than trying to cause problems in a marriage. But even if she was being serious, she did not tell them to buy a car, or something even the price of a lawn mower. We are talking about "toiletries". I would not ever expect my husband to come home and ask me if he could buy aftershave, deodorant, shave cream, hair color for men (yup, he is going gray), razor blades, etc.. and he would not expect me to get permission to get skin care or makeup, shampoo, conditioner, etc... We both bring and income into the home and we are both entitled to personal use items.

    I love and respect my husband very much and he in turn me. I am not his child and am not required to "ask" permission for everything I do.

    And would someone really make a decision that would cause them trouble just because they heard some one use that line??

    I have always laughed at how PTers pick apart every single word if it in favor of MK and make things look so bad... but you know when a person asks for a "Kleenex" I guess if you didn't have "Kleenex" brand tissue, you would deny giving them a tissue?? Right. Kleenex is a brand name that has become one and the same as a tissue but people still understand what one means, even if it is technically incorrect. I believe it looks petty when they want to make a big to-do out of nothing.

  4. In response to the " it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission". I was told this about my first inventory order, not personal skin care. And that was thousands of $. Alot more than the riding lawn mower my husband bought, which we discussed first since it was a large purchase.

    I think there are glaring untruths on PT's site just as there is glaring deception about the #1 skin care line.

  5. I have to ask this.

    How can someone blame $30,000 in inventory sitting on her shelves on someone else? Hellooooooo?

    Just because someone tells you to do something (ordering, hiding purchases from your spouse, etc.) and explains it away, it still comes down to your personal choice. Period.

  6. Judi -

    What did you say when you were told the "better to ask forgiveness" line about your inventory purchase?

    Was it:

    "No, I refuse to do something like that without discussing it with my husband first, and for you to even suggest such a thing offends me."

    Or what?

  7. I told her that my husband would never do such a thing to me and for me to do something like that to him was unthinkable. I let her know that I likened that to lying to him.

  8. Judi -

    Good for you!

    Too bad not everyone has the courage (and conviction) to say that when someone suggests hiding debt from a spouse!


  9. I don't think we should totally blame those who choose to hide receipts. Yes, they made a stupid mistake and have to take the hit for it. But my director ASSURED me that I would sell it and make all the money back plus some and when my husband saw that he would have been GLAD I "lied" to him. (Of course this is the same woman who suggested I trade sexual favors with my husband in exchange for him watching the kids every week while I help her set up the meeting and clean up afterwards.)

    Now, how many women in dire situations, who really needed to make some money wouldn't have taken that chance if they were assured by their recruiter that they would make money. Your director is your life line when you first begin MK. She is feeding you all these lines and experiences and has your national calling you telling you that you can do it! My director called me many, many times a day before I signed up. And she was so very encouraging.

    I am not saying that the new consultant shouldn't take responsibility for her actions. But I think the director should take some responsibility, too.

    It is easy to say "look on InTouch." When I first stared MK the internet was invented but no one had it. All we had to go on was what our director and national said. There was not much paper work given to us before signing. And there are some today who don't have internet access to spend time surfing InTouch. I do believe these women were victims. The person on PT who had $30000 in debt, that's a different story. At some point you need to realize that you have been had.

    But for initial inventory orders I think a lot of responsibility should be laid at the director's feet. My director made my initial order. She told me I wouldn't know what to order. And I wouldn't have. I had never sold this stuff before. I didn't know what the big sellers were. That's why I think initial inventory orders are bogus. Especially if they are over the minimum $200 order. How are you supposed to know what you personally will be able to sell? After your first SCC and you see what sells, then order more. Shipping is less than $10. And I have had orders come in in less than a week. What is the rush? Why place an expensive order right out? Is it truly, truly in the best interest of the brand new IBC?

  10. Judi - if you've mentioned this before, please refresh my memory. If not ...
    1. How big was your initial order?
    2. On your initial order, how much (approx % of total order) limited edition or soon-to-be-discontinued product did your director order for you?
    2. How long was it before you placed your 2nd order?
    3. In your 2nd order, did you purchase more product (in $ value) than you sold? If so, why?
    4. When you told your director what your plans were for this business (i.e. 1/2/3 classes/wk), did you then follow your plan? If not, why?

  11. Judi - better than posting a reply to me here, why don't you post your history with MK in the Introductions thread so that David can add it to the Profiles tag.

  12. Hi! I came across this site a few weeks ago, when I decided to restart my MK business. I simultaneously happened upon the notorious Pink Truth site. I honestly had no idea this sub-culture existed! I was very distressed after reading some of the posts on Pink Truth, but I knew in my heart about my experience in Mary Kay and how it has affected my life. I was also pretty shocked at how much effort grown women put into this little world. Then I came across this site, and I love it! I love reading people's comments and their blogs and hearing all the sides of Mary Kay.
    I am excited about building my business this year. I am working from the ground up, and it is challenging, but so worth it! It is good to hear from other people about their experiences, and even better to hear about Mary Kay from a man's view; a husband's view.
    This post particularly is AWESOME! So true, and humorous! So thank you!

  13. Jenna, welcome! I really enjoy this site also. Especially today's post. You can read my profile by clicking that tab. I'm 6 months in and really enjoying the entire experience!

  14. 1. How big was your initial order?

    Between $2400 - $2800. I don't remember exactly I approved the $1800 package. My director ordered for me since she said I didn't know what to order. I agreed that I didn't know what to order. So she ordered $1800 then added some personal use stuff for me and limited edition and some moisterizers were promoted that month. I got 40 of those. I was not happy when I got my bank statement and saw the amount. My husband wanted to call the police and report a theft. I called my director and she very confidently told me that I could not wear the brand I was wearing so she got me all new stuff and she would help me sell the rest. Not to worry.

    2. On your initial order, how much (approx % of total order) limited edition or soon-to-be-discontinued product did your director order for you?

    I don't remember exactly. But those 40 moisturizers were $30 each retail. I think I sold 1 of the one for dry skin. I did a product return on the rest since I do not have dry skin. But I did get to wear a ribbon at career conference and my director was under the impression that the ribbon would make it better.

    2. How long was it before you placed your 2nd order?

    After my debut I counted up $160. That included tax on the retail amount. My director gave everyone a 40% discount plus tax on the retail amount. I took that money and ordered some skin care. I had to kick in a few bucks to make it to the minimum amount. That was the very last time I did that. If I needed anything after that I borrowed/traded it from someone else. I got a quite a tongue lashing from my director when she found out.

    3. In your 2nd order, did you purchase more product (in $ value) than you sold? If so, why?

    Ooops. I answered this one above.

    4. When you told your director what your plans were for this business (i.e. 1/2/3 classes/wk), did you then follow your plan? If not, why?

    I tried to follow my plan. I wanted to make $300 a week after expenses. When I say expenses I mean hostess gifts, samples, baskets, section 2. I do not mean clothes and gas. My director told me that on average I would sell $600 per class. I could keep 1/2 of that. So I wanted to do at least 3 classes a week. I put out fish bowls. I wore my pin. I hated warm chattering, but I did do it on a few occasions. I did feel like a stalker. I begged my director to let me accompany her to a SCC so I could learn. She never brought me. It was always something. I wanted to learn how to get that first customer. I did not want to sell to friends or family. I did not want them to feel used. So I needed help in cultivating a first customer. I was very willing to work. My husband is very supportive. We talked about this business venture and he agreed to help. He even came with me to a couple classes. The women LOVED him. I never understood why men did not get into this biz. Women love to be fawned over by a good looking man. The class I brought him to was one of older women. He flirted with them and helped them walk to the bathroom to get towels and wash their hands. Someone even pinched his butt! Oh, wait. That was me. :) So I did try to work with my plan. But it seemed like I was spinning my wheels. I did have some high dollar classes. They were few and far between. I ended up getting a part time job that paid more and I worked less time. When I got off of work, I WAS OFF OF WORK. No warm chattering, no leaving my business card with the tip at a restaruant. And I get paid every week.

  15. Geez, Judi! Your director gave you so much misinformation! Where to begin!

    1. Telling you the average SCC sells $600 is the first problem. It's more like $250 (retail). My director gave me a sheet about this. I'm not sure if it came from InTouch or not, but it said the average SCC is about $250. My first SCC sold just under $300 which complies with this $250 average. Of course, we'll have some over the top $500 or $600 SCC's, but it was wrong if her to tell you it's the norm.

    2. It was totally wrong of your director to add your personal use products on top of the initial order. If you told her $2400, then the wholesale order should have been $2400. You can pull your personal items out of there and just keep a record of what you used and what you used as demo and what you sold.

    3. Discounting everyone's order by 40%!!??? Are you kidding me? Awful! I only discount the hostess' order. That's why she's the hostess. And if everyone is getting a discount at your first appointment, of course they will expect it all the time. I run sales here and there, but my customers know that if they want a discount on their skin care (Time Wise) they have to host a class. If they really don't want to host a class, they have no trouble paying full price for their Time Wise. I sell enough of it at full price to know. ;)

    4. She never let you observe one of her classes? Makes me wonder if she was holding any. My director opens her classes to us for observation. It usually depends on the willingness of the hostess, but if she holds it at her own home, we are welcome always.

    Judi, your director makes me want to scream! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

    There, that's better. ;) I hope you are with an ethical, wiser director now.

  16. Oh, and David, this post: AWESOME. :) Very entertaining.

  17. judi, may I seconded what shades has said about your director,

    This is sooooo wrong, I am truly sorry you dealt with this. I have on occassion heard some exaggerations but nothing like this ever. Please Judi, if you rejoined with the same director this time, please ask questions here of anything she does tell you.

    I still feel that in every starter kit the Company does put inventory information in it but if you ordered your inventory before you got your starter kit, I guess you couldn't have looked that over. And it is very wrong to add to a consultants order..PERIOD.

    After reading more of your story, I can understand why you aren't very "pro-mk" but I have never heard of a director like yours, please stay intouch with those of us here.

  18. I did resign under my original director. However, I have not spoken to her. I emailed her my desire to resign and she emailed me her password to InTouch so I could sign myself up.

    I am not selling. I simply order for myself and anyone who wants it at my cost. I do alot of product returns for people whose consultant is no longer in business. But if I do have any questions I will ask here. I learned early on not to rely on my lovely director, who is a very nice person, by the way. She is very happy and excited and loves, loves, loves MK. I think she just got off track, trying to keep up appearances. It's hard to tell people how wonderful you are doing when you don't have much on the books. She was big on the fake it til you make it mantra. When asked, everything is wonderful with her business. I think a lot of these women just are trying their hardest to keep up appearances, but underneath, it just isn't working. And since it's not talked about, they don't know others are in the same boat.

  19. Wow, Judi...I absolutely cannot imagine a director ordering more than you authorized her to do. My director did place my inventory order for me, but not without asking me very, very specifically how much my money I planned to invest. She was very careful NOT to go over the limit I gave her, and she included the personal use stuff I needed in that limit. To do anything else is unethical, unprofessional, and flat-out wrong. You probably should have reported her for that. All I can say is I'm glad she's not my director! And I am truly glad that you have found something else that works for you and your family. (((hugs)))

  20. I did end up reporting her to MKC. They told me to never give anyone my debit card info. DUH! I gave them a laundry list of complaints. I had nothing in writing or on film so it was a dead end. And I don't expect them to press charges. But calling others in our unit wouldn't have been out of the question. I do think directors should be more closely watched by corporate so that these things don't happen.

  21. I do think MKC has taken steps to limit what SD's can do with consultants' orders. The main thing I have seen is the new feature for the last day of the month. Consultants can now place an order on the last day of the month themselves and send it to the director. This way, we put in the product and we see the price. It also gives us the option to send payment info with the order OR to have the director contact us for payment. Also, this new feature has a way to authorize a director to make changes if necessary OR to disallow her to make any changes to the order. I think this is a very important thing to note and a very good change in the end of the month ordering issue.
    I am not sure, however, if this affects new consultants placing their first orders. My director placed mine for me, but we went over everything I wanted and then she told me what Section 2 things I may want to consider. It went very smoothly and there were no surprises and no upsets.

  22. Once again, I still believe no director should add on any product without a consent, but judi, if the total amount was about $2400 if you placed and $1800 and I am assuming that you had agreed on a certain amount for Section 2/demos, etcc... is it possible that is was an $1800 ant then the taxes and samples brought it up??

    (Just trying to see if maybe she didn't do as wrong as some of us are assuming)
    *Still think this amount is way to large for a new consultant, especially with what you had told her!

  23. mk4me, the tax question was a good thought. I went back and checked my initial $1800 order and it came to just over $2300 once taxes were added. Still, Judy, your director sounds very selfish. I've been blessed to actually feel a part of a TEAM. This woman was just out for herself!

  24. Hi everybody,

    Those of you that said you liked this style, thank you. I will try to do more like it! It was pretty time consuming, but now that I know that it is possible and fairly well received, I may try a few more. Now if I could just figure out a way to let all of you add balloons!



    Thanks for continuing to give us glimpses of what your experience was like! Your candor is greatly appreciated. We are all rooting for you this time around and it sounds like you are on the right track (for what you want/need) this time!



    Welcome and glad you like it! I truly believe that the more people we have "talking" on this site and adding to the "chatter" good or bad about Mary Kay, the more likely it is that people will find this site and see the "balance" of what Pink Truth offers. Thanks and feel free to contribute anytime!

    I was in San Diego this weekend (it was GREAT!) and it was so wonderful to get home to an inbox full of great thoughts and discussion!

    Thanks all!

  25. Judi, your director should have never raised the wholesale of your order, period, or the stunt she pulled at your debut. As you described it, she basically got your production and cut you loose.

    I'm not saying that there aren't shady or outright deceptive people in MK. I personally know of a SD who recently got caught for buying her way into the Queen's Court of Sharing (real personal recruits but qualifying orders paid for by her and going to her house). I hope MK gave her a bunch of commission deductions for the fake car credit she received.

    So what's got me confused is why you signed a new agreement with her. Even if you are just personal use, she is still getting commission based on your purchases. Unless your real reason is to be some sort of spy or conscience, waiting for her to screw up again or warning other/new consultants about what she did to you. Kind of like the junior assistant state police auxilary who drive exactly the speed limit in the fast lane, forcing everyone else to pass on the right.

  26. Judi - my previous comment aside, I do agree that directors should be more closely watched by MK. It would be very easy to run a query to look for directors using their own credit cards to place orders for their consultants and/or having consultant orders sent to the director's home address. Neither of these are incriminating by default, but it would be a way of narrowing the scope down. (My wife has two consultants who deal strictly in cash and whose houses are not good places to have product delivered. So they give my wife cash and she uses her debit card, and has the product shipped to our house for pickup.)

    I know MK spot checks DIQ production, because one of my wife's 2nd line directors had to go through DIQ twice because she had used her own money to make her last unit member active. The company called the new consultant and asked whether she had given the DIQ the money to place the order, and the new consultant said, "not yet". End of story, go back to start.

  27. My director KNEW I only wanted to spend a certain amount. My wedding anniversary was weeks away and we had talked about what gifts we were exchanging. She knew how much I had earmarked for that. I think she convienced herself that I could sell it and make even more. As for the taxes, I did not know that I paid tax on the retail amount. I thought it would be $1800 plus 9% tax plus shipping - around $2000. She certainly didn't tell me about adding for personal use, section 2 ( I had never heard of section 2 at that point ) or the moisterizers and what was limited edition??

    I signed up under her again because I really don't order much. And I do ALOT of product returns. She HATES that. But they are all legit. In the past she has offered to take the old and give me the new so it doesn't look bad to the company. She prides herself on not ever returning anything. And she gives prizes for every order. So my girls get a new piece of jewelry to add to their dress up box. They are so excited when it comes in. And since it is "Mommy's jewelry" they are even more pleased. Really, if I order 2 times in the year, that's alot. Everyone I know has bought something they didn't like so they can return it and get something else, at no cost to them. It's win-win.

    And I am not a spy, MKHonesty! Although, she did give me her InTouch password when I resigned myself up . . .

  28. I also have consultants that choose not to use debit or credit cards and they will give me a check or cash for their orders. I have consultants that don't want their orders sitting on their doorsteps all day for fear of it being stolen or in very hot or very cold weather, the product could be compromised, so they have their orders shipped to my home and pick it up from here because there is usually someone home during the day at my house. They are all legimate though. Actually, I see no advantage to anyone to order for someone else. You don't get the credit for court of sales, if you don't order often you could be loosing your active status or earned discount and my biggest pet peeve, if they are fake and you have done this to acheive a certain level, how in the world do you plan to actually stay at that level.

    Also, in my opinion, to have a great unit, everyone needs to have trust. If I were to abuse a consultants credit card and up her amount to help me, why would she ever trust me again?

    I do believe Mary Kay as started cracking down on consultants that try to do things unethically. Do you realize now if anyone puts an order in via the internet, that you will receive a confirmation that says your order as been received. If one ever got this message and they know they didn't place an order, they should call the Company.

  29. Judi,

    You doing product returns should be no skin off your director's nose. Directors have no control over consultant's doing returns. I gues a director could complain to MK that she thinks a consultant is doing returns for product that she did not order, based on the consultant's sales history, but the director only sees what the consultant ordered as replacement product, not what is being returned.

    If I wanted to be over-the-top picky, I could say that your ordering of product and reselling it at 50% off (aka wholesale) and doing product returns for people who are not your customers is taking money out of the hands of legitimate consultants. But unless you were doing this on the scale of thousands of dollars per month, it's not. The 50% is neglible, because you are ordering only a couple of times a year, and customers always have the right to call 800-MARYKAY and do their product return that way.

    As far as your director actually giving you her InTouch password, that was plain stupid. All she needed to do was send you an online agreement link.

  30. If I had that many people wanting it at wholesale cost, I would do it. What are friends for? I have a friend who is a wholesaler for Melaluca (sp?) and she gives it to me at cost. My dad is a contractor and has discounts at all the lumberyards in the area. I get his discount whenever I need anything. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Personally, I think MK should not have personal use consultants. Of course, if they raised the minimum then they would have a lot less ordering. I don't think they care. They are making a profit selling it to consultants as it is.

  31. A little of topic but.. occassionally when I read some posts, it appears to me that many have a problem that MK, the company makes money.... Well, it is going to pay its employees, produce products, etc... it better make money. Actually I thought the main objective of most companies was to turn a profit! As I matter of fact, I do not know, personally of any Company that opens its doors with the hope of making no money or just breaking even. Why do they feel MK should be any different than any other Company.

    And if PT wants to bash MLM's, well fine.. disagree with the concept but do they realize, MK the Corporation employees, 1000's of regular employees. So they want to save women from being the evils of mlm, but they don't seem to give two cents about all the others that they want to put out on the street. Those working 40 hour a week office jobs.

    The message isn't coming across quite the way I am trying to explain it but hopefully some will understand what I mean.

  32. i understand mk4me

  33. I love the flickr thing with the bubble comments!

    Where to start? What to say first? Lazy Garden's math, the simple average, Tracy's comment -

    LG says, "…$1323 average wholesale sale per consultant per year.” Taking this one step further, divided by 12 months, this is $110.25 w/s average order per month.

    Tracy says, "Ah yes, Lazy…the statistic the pro-Mkers use to show that there clearly isn’t frontloading. But they’re wrong. There’s plenty of frontloading which really isn’t clear when we look at a simple average….”

    What IS an average? The dictionary says, among other definitions, "..intermediate, typical, or normal".

    So, if frontloading, buying the prize/recognition/car/position/etc.and massive financial debt or even ruin, was truly as common as Tracy and her followers claim it is, then yes, the average would be significantly higher.

    An average of $110.25 w/s order each month proves that frontloading and buying the whatever is truly rare.

    (I've been around the anti-MK groups and blogs for a couple of years now and I've seen (read) a lot and have watched the evolution of Tracy into her current blog.)

  34. As for the 99% lose money fiction. HA. Total fiction. It's not even a real statistic.

    Dr. Jon Taylor did a phone survey of a bunch of tax preparers and asked if they recalled any of their clients involved in an MLM actually making any money. Supposedly they said they recalled very few making "significant" income. Somehow that got turned around into "99% lose money".



  35. Has MKC ever said how many IBCs make actual money in this business? Where did this statistic come from? Who instigated it? Was it MKC?

  36. Questions from Judi:

    "Has MKC ever said how many IBCs make actual money in this business?" No.

    "Where did this statistic come from?" Tracy cited it on her PT blog in a comment -it's in the flickr thingy. But she didn't cite her source.

    "Who instigated it?" Uh, Dr. Jon Taylor.

    "Was it MKC?" No.


  37. PT"As for the 99% lose money fiction. HA. Total fiction. It's not even a real statistic. "

    I dispute this fact. I think the majority of consultants do make money. (varying degrees of course) but it depends on more what one wants.

    I had a friend a client join the other day because here and her daughter use so much Mary Kay it would have been silly for her not to. Her order was over $500, told her about personal use and she jumped on it. (She just doesn't want to do facials or parties but may or may not get orders from a few family members, she is just so excited that she can get everything she wants) - More than likely - she will not make money. She isn't looking at making money, she just wants to get more for the money she spends.

    Tonight I had a new team member join that would like to earn about $50/week. She can do it, but is she going to make big money, nope, but is she gets what she wants, then by all means she is successful.

    My I have sold over $1800 in sales this month and our unit production moving along nicely. I will be making great money this month.

    Most consultants that loose money, don't even really loose money, they mismanage the money or buy way too much product they aren't selling.

    How can you tell how many woman are really making "good" money. Everyone has a different idea of what "good" is.

    Just like I think you can be making "executive income" but I don't feel it has to mean 6 figures.

  38. Exactly, MK4Me. I agree with you and I also believe that most of the sales force makes money. Your client that has joined will certainly SAVE a lot of money! Wow! $500 customer order. Incredible!

    These examples are part of why I call that claim by TC on PT total fiction (that 99% lose money=fiction!). The way Taylor arrived at it is why I say it is not even a real statistic.


  39. I just created a post about the 99% thing.

    Hopefully it will help clear up a little about where this statistic came from and can generate some more intelligent discussion about whether or not it applies to Mary Kay.

    You can read the post here

    thanks for all your complimentary comments about this post! I will have to do it again some time soon!

  40. If the survey was of tax preparers, those of us IBC without "big" recruit checks, of course we are going to show we're loosing money on taxes, look at all the deductions we get!

  41. well said rural!!

    But on pt, never taken into consideration.


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