Sunday, January 13, 2008

Profile - Kare

Hi, I'm Kare. I usually just lurk here and rarely comment. I feel like I'm learning a lot though! :) I started using Mary Kay when I was 19. I have extremely sensitive, somewhat dry skin. I couldn't find ANYthing to use that didn't either leave me too dry or aggravate my sensitivity (burning, irritating, redness, breakouts--I had it all). In college, a friend of mine had an SCC in the dorm, so I tried the old 5-step Classic Basic line. I fell in love! My skin felt soft, smooth, moisturized, and with no irritation, redness, or burning! I bought the set and have been using it faithfully since. I bought from several consultants over the years, but never once considered becoming a consultant myself until my daughter was born. Soon after that, a friend of mine held her debut. I didn't attend, but I contacted her a couple of months after that to simply ask her some questions. She answered them all very patiently, and I never once felt pushed by her. After much praying, thinking, and talking it over with my husband, I signed my agreement.

I have had kind of an up-and-down experience since then. I will say with all honesty that I have made some money management errors, and I blame no one but me for those. But I'm learning to use the spreadsheet that hubby set up for me to avoid those. I'm enjoying reading here for extra ideas. I am building my customer base slowly but surely. And although I hate making booking calls, I love holding classes! It makes me feel like a teacher again, teaching proper skin care and color techniques. :) At this point, I have no interest in recruiting, although if someone came to me asking questions like I did, I of course would answer them. I am just trying to be more consistant in making those booking calls and holding those classes. :)

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