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So we have been chatting together for about 3 months now. I know many of you have said a great deal to describe yourself and your business.

I am thinking that it would be good though to consolidate this information into one place. I will outline my plan below, but I want to make sure that everyone knows that:

a. you should not share anything you are not comfortable sharing
b. PLEASE don't share any personal information (Real name, address, phone number, etc.)
c. If you ARE using your real name, don't change it. We will all most likely assume that it is a made up name.
d. If you understand the nature of sharing personal information on the internet and still would like to do so, I will not stop you. Just wanted to ensure that everyone understands that they should use caution!

That said, please introduce yourself here!

I recommend the following;

Everyone leave part or all of the following information:

1. Name (Online identity, not "real" name)
2. Years in Mary Kay
- How many times (if signed, resigned, re-signed)
- If no longer in Mary Kay, how long ago, for how long, etc.
3. Level achieved
4. Current Level (if different)
5. Goals - hobby, part-time, full-time, executive income
6. Earnings - average, highest, lowest
7. Time spent - average, most, least
8. Opinion of Mary Kay (the company)
9. Other job (if you have one, and you feel comfortable sharing)
10. Region (Where you are from... again, only be as specific as you feel comfortable)
11. Other interests (When you are not doing Mary Kay, you are...)
12. Anything else you feel makes you unique and others would like to know.

I will take that information (as I have time) and create a post for each person that leaves their information. This will serve as your "profile" here and you can update people about events in your life (via the comment section). Other people can leave notes for you there as well. This will be experimental and hopefully everyone will respect each other (as they all have so far) and not try to "win each other over"!!

If you do not want your information placed on a post as a profile, please just indicate so when you leave your information (or don't leave your info!).

I will go first!


  1. My name is "David Shepherd" and I am a Mary Kay husband!

    My wife (of 4 1/2 years) has been in Mary Kay for almost 2 years.

    She achieved DIQ, but decided to take time rebuilding her team and is currently a team leader.

    Her goal is to achieve a full time income (and perhaps an executive income)!

    I don't know specifically about her earnings, but I believe she sells about $750/week (retail) and so earns about $375/week. I know that she has had some really good weeks and some pretty rough weeks as well. I couldn't tell you off hand what her "highest" anything was and she is not right next to me right now! (I will update that later!)

    She runs her business full time which for us means that she probably puts in about 40 hours/week (between phone calls, visits, meetings, etc.) I think it is probably less than that (hours) but is a pretty safe estimate.

    I like Mary Kay and think it is a great opportunity.
    My wife LOVES Mary Kay!

    My other job (currently) is Account Executive for a small advertising/marketing agency in the Los Angeles area.

    I live in lovely, beautiful southern California! Los Angeles area specifically. For those of you familiar with the area, Sherman Oaks to be exact.

    I enjoy my wonderful wife, photography, social observations, blogging, my dog, boogie boarding, the ocean, driving and I am sure many, many other things!

    I will add more "unique" things as time passes!

  2. By the way, I will most likely just copy and paste your comment into a post (unless you request otherwise) so please write it the way you would like it to appear!


  3. My name is love4mk and I've been a consultant since July '07 - so 6 months.

    I also teacher parent/child music classes (don't you just know I'll be using my PINK ELECTRIC GUITAR FOR CLASSES) and am an acting coach for younger performers (under 18 set) in the Chicago suburbs. I'm a former actor (SAG member) who is now focusing on my family - so no acting right now.

    Mary Kay has replaced my coaching income and thus I'm devoting more time to this business than the coaching which traditionally takes me away from my family in the evenings. So this year, I'm going to build my Mary Kay business, while still retaining a few acting clients who are working professionally.

    I work MK about 10 hours a week and average $1000 a month.

    I have one team member, and thus I'm now a Sr. Consultant. I've thought about adding more team members, but unless I can give them adequate time to really get them started (our Director is in California - and while I have a great adopted Director my team member can't make the meeting night, so I have been training her) I'm reticent. My Team Leader is FANTASTIC and devoted ALOT of time answering my questions over this past 6 months, but this is her only gig. I'm not sure I could devote as much time to recruits as she does. But, we'll see. I'm not opposed.

    I'm attending Chicagorama this weekend for terrific MK training and motivation. Due to my Diamond status last quarter I'll also be attending the formal dinner Friday evening with my husband, compliments of my Director.

    I desire more from my MK business, but not at the expense of spending time with my family (this was the issue with coaching). I still feel like I'm getting my feet wet.

    It's 12:43 AM here, so forgive me if this post sounds disorganized. I'm staying up to organize Boulevard - my gift to myself this year.

    My skin rocks.

  4. David,

    I just found your blog on pinklighthouse and love it! I joined 04/07 for personal use.

    Unfortunately, I have had some of the 'bad' experiences (no mention of inventory until AFTER joining) and my recruiter knew I was joining for personal use. I was not told it was OPTIONAL - I had to do a minimum $ 600.

    While I enjoy 'doing' MK, I have quite a bit of inventory orders on credit card. So far, I have been able to pay my bill from sales, but I'm not making any money. I can see both sides.

    Like you and your wife, I have a time frame established to re-evaluate my 'business'. I am sure I will be getting calls soon as my orders have dropped drastically, and unless sales increase dramatically, I will not be placing monthly orders as usual (there goes my continuous star status).

    Because of the way I was 'treated' in the beginning, I have not felt comfortable atempting to recruit with the line of ONLY $ 100 to start.

    Also the 'line' you don't have to sell - Yes you do. And in a small rural community (with more MK Consultants than you can stir with a stick), locating new customers is hard work.

    I applaud your wife for her achievement and believe that, if the entire "opportunity" is explained prior to signing on, MK can work, for the right people.

    Best of luck to you and your wife! I have added you to my fav's!

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Welcome and thanks for the favorite add!

    Please consider creating a nickname for yourself. Just type a nickname in the "nickname" box and make sure that option is selected. It will help keep everyone straight!

    As for ordering, please know that outside of the $200 order to remain a consultant (which I think can be done at a minimum of once a year) you are NOT required to purchase any. I am sorry that you were manipulated by an unscrupulous individual.

    As far as looking for people to sell to, consider looking outside your town. We live in Los Angeles, so for me it is hard to imagine a place where you DON'T literally have millions of potential customers.

    Anyone here live in a small town and have experience finding customers elsewhere?

    Thanks for joining us!

  6. Hi Anonymous, I hate that you were told $600 is mandatory. Whenever I am talking to a potential team member my dialog states the only mandatory fee is the $100 + tax & shipping for the starter kit. I also tell her that once she signs up, her next decision is about inventory. I make very clear her options--a little, a lot, or none at all. I tell her how to be active--minimum $200 wholesale.

    David, I live in suburbia where there are several consultants and units for that matter. Most of my customers are not from my immediate area, however. I work in a large city nearly 30 miles away from my home. I meet most of my customers at work. Many of them live on the east side of the city while I live 30 miles west. I do believe that in order to truly grow the business one must be willing to expand the radius in which she works this business.
    Now, I mentioned that last Sunday I participated in a bridal show. It was local to my immediate area. There are literally hundreds of consultants in this area. I met a few people who do have consultants already, but my overall turnout was very good. Out of 36 leads that I personally spoke to, only 7 have consultants. I'll be starting my phone calls tonight and report how many bookings I get on my own blog.
    So, to answer your question, I don't live in a tiny isolated town, however, I do live in an area where consultants are plentiful. I am very willing to travel to grow my business.
    I should probably also mention that there are other consultants who work where I work, but it's a large institution. I still manage to find customers. My goal is to have 150+ customers ordering from me regularly. Right now, my loyal customer base is small.

  7. Oh, I forgot to put my deadline on my customer goal--150+ ordering customers by the end of June. :)

  8. My name is "mkhonesty", and I too am a MK husband. My wife has been a consultant for over 20 years, and a director for over 15 years. The highest level she has achieved is Executive Cr Director. Currently she is a Senior Director. (Yes, she has lost offspring: one for non-production, one for personal/family health reasons, and one for an unknown reason (we suspect she "got religion" big-time.)) My wife has been a car driver for 17 years (team leader, then director), and picked up a SRX 8 months ago.

    I have a BS and ME in Mechanical Engineering. I am a retired US Navy officer, with subspecialities in Nuclear Power and weapons systems. After I retired from the Navy, I worked for a high-tech manufacturing corp for 5 years. While I was working as a corporate middle manager, I also part-timed as my wife's "back office". I quit corporate because it was killing our family life (60-70+ hrs/week. On call a lot, because in manufacturing there is no such thing as 9-to-5 except for people in support positions like finance and HR.) I've been my wife's back office full time for over 7 years. I can do just about anything, except match colors (I don't wear too much lipstick or eye shadow) or describe a fragrance (I seem to only have a nose for solvents.)

    Yes, we do make a high 5-figure income before expenses, and I take advantage of every deduction I can to reduce that down. Yes, a self-employed person does pay both the employer and employee shares of FICA (social security tax), but you get to deduct half of that tax on the adjusted Gross Income section of Form 1040 (2006 line 27).

  9. Hi, I'm Kare. I usually just lurk here and rarely comment. I feel like I'm learning a lot though! :) I started using Mary Kay when I was 19. I have extremely sensitive, somewhat dry skin. I couldn't find ANYthing to use that didn't either leave me too dry or aggravate my sensitivity (burning, irritating, redness, breakouts--I had it all). In college, a friend of mine had an SCC in the dorm, so I tried the old 5-step Classic Basic line. I fell in love! My skin felt soft, smooth, moisturized, and with no irritation, redness, or burning! I bought the set and have been using it faithfully since. I bought from several consultants over the years, but never once considered becoming a consultant myself until my daughter was born. Soon after that, a friend of mine held her debut. I didn't attend, but I contacted her a couple of months after that to simply ask her some questions. She answered them all very patiently, and I never once felt pushed by her. After much praying, thinking, and talking it over with my husband, I signed my agreement.

    I have had kind of an up-and-down experience since then. I will say with all honesty that I have made some money management errors, and I blame no one but me for those. But I'm learning to use the spreadsheet that hubby set up for me to avoid those. I'm enjoying reading here for extra ideas. I am building my customer base slowly but surely. And although I hate making booking calls, I love holding classes! It makes me feel like a teacher again, teaching proper skin care and color techniques. :) At this point, I have no interest in recruiting, although if someone came to me asking questions like I did, I of course would answer them. I am just trying to be more consistant in making those booking calls and holding those classes. :)

  10. Hi, My name is Brenda and I live in a samll (pop.5300) town in south Texas. I own a hair salon and have been doing hair about 27 years. I started my Mk about 2.5 years ago for personal use for me and my sisters. I had to have surgery after I signed up and I was reading the material being bored with nothing to do. As I was reading I thought I can sell this. So after my recovery I ordered some of the bumper stickers and put one on my car and I was in business.

    Personal stuff I am married to a wonderful man and his is a GREAT daddy to our twin daughters that are 13. He works in Iraq and I own a hair salon. We live in the country on a little spread.

    I don't push this business it just kind of happens. I think that if I worked it more I would do very well. Right now with the hubby working in Iraq and my twin dauthers in sports it comes in last place. Saying that I still average between $600 and $800 a month in sales.

    I have only held 2 SCCs and I would like to hold more. I think maybe because I am in the public alot that helps me too. I have had people come up to me a Whataburger and Sonic seeing my bumper sticker and order things.

    Well, that is about it. I love my MK and I like to share it with others when they ask. I usually don't mention it they do cause I wear my pin too.

    I haven't had the bad experiences that others have had I just do it at my own pace and that is what I tell me director. If she calls and tells me to order I will tell her don't need to or whatever. I do carry inventory however because I don't like people to have to wait. That is just me. Don't carry a lot just what people usually order.

    Well, I hope that everyone has a GREAT DAY.

  11. Hi, this is mk4me and I am a MK director for 13 years now. I live in a small town and it is very rural and I must yield for Amish buggies on occassion. Prior to MK, I worked mega hours as a Corp. Accountant/Business Financial Analyst (salaried). My kids were being raised by the babysitter and some nights, I didn't even see them before they went to sleep. A very tragic personal event, opened my eyes and I saw we don't know how much time we have in life and my priorities were really messed up. I wanted more time with my kids so I went from parttime MKer basically personal use to a car driver in four months and two months later became a director. It took me a few months as a director before I was confident enough in myself to give my notice, but I did and I never regretted it. I never knew anything but selling the product. Production has never been an issue in our unit. Recruiting is secondary. I love this Company and I love the fact it gives me the opportunity to earn good money and have very flexible hours. I love being able to put the kids on the bus in the morning, be there when they get home from school, and volunteer to chaperone the Cheerleading competitions, field trips etc..and with a 3rd shift hubby, I get to see him!

    I have met incredible people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet if it weren't for MK.

    Some of the things I have accomplished in Mk, Monthly Company Director Go-Give, Court of Sales 12x, Court of Recruiting 5x, Star Consultant 13 years straight, 1 Triple Star Achievment, 4 Double Star Achievment, Unit Clubs, and just finished qualifying for the 7th Company Car and other stuff.

    I know MK is not for everyone but I love what I do and it works for my family and our lifestyle.

    David, thank you for taking time and maintaing this blog, I am sure it is of great benefit to lots of us.

  12. I've been in MK for 9 mos. & live in a very rural area. I have a handicap child which limits my time to "warm chatter" & get out. Was wondering what different ideas I could use to get the "word" out & try to get new customers? I've tried different businesses in town & almost all of them have someone who works there who is a MK consultant! My cousin is & I didn't know until after I joined!

  13. My name is Jenna and I signed my Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant agreement on my 18th birthday, which was about two years ago. I worked my business hard the first nine months, though I was still a senior in high school; however I attended my freshman year of college in New York City and did not work my business during that time, except to fill occasional reorders and order for myself and sisters and mom.
    After completing my freshman year of college, I returned home and got a job waitressing full-time. I quit my waitressing job right before Christmas, because I was frustrated and bored. I felt I was not fulfilling my potential or helping others at all. I was very concerned, because for a week or so I was jobless and not in school or anything! That same week I got a call from my director, who is a WONDERFUL woman. We had kept in touch and she NEVER pressured me about picking up MK again or ordering, except once when I was almost terminated for not placing an order, she simply called to let me know and I rounded up a few orders and placed one. Anyway, she asked me if I would be willing to help her out around her office a few days a week. She would pay me, etc. This was such a blessing!
    About my second time working at her house, she was having me unpack her newest order and put her labels on the product. As I was doing this, I was oohing and ahhing over all the new lipstick, mineral powder, etc., and then I began sorting all the literature, and I came across the Advance brochure. My stomach fluttered and I got this wave of excitement, and peace! I don't even know how to describe it, but I knew in that moment that Mary Kay was my destiny. I knew that's what God wanted me to do. The next week my Director and I sat down and strategized. I have been working the past few weeks on my Power Start and at rebuilding my customer base. My goal is to be Team Leader by Career Conference end of March, and to be in my Vibe by May!
    I have NEVER regretted joining Mary Kay. I have learned more through this business than I did in a whole year at a NYC college with rigorous academics! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Even if I had never made a penny, I would still be grateful for joining. I have met so many ambitious, sweet, caring women, like my Director, I have learned about myself and relating to people. Mary Kay has instilled in me a confidence and drive. The possibilities are endless!
    I haven't done many classes yet since jumping back in this year, but in the past I averaged about 150-250 per class. I also did a lot of one-on-one facials when I was starting out, and those averaged about 45. I came in with an inventory of 1800 that my Director helped put together. My parents put it on a no interest for a year credit card and I paid them back each month. I paid them back and made Sapphire the following month. I went to Seminar and Career Conference in '06 and cannot wait to return in '08.
    In my free time, I love hanging out with my family and my boyfriend (all VERY supportive of me & my business), playing piano, reading, writing, scrapbooking.
    Sorry this post is so long. It's good to share a bit about myself and my Mary Kay journey. I really enjoy this site!

  14. I go by Colleen my real name is Stephanie and I have been looking for 2 months for a job that pays in the 40,000 range where I used to be but alas they are not biting.
    I have 15 years of sales experience and live in the DC area.
    Im doing work from home for 3 clients and have decided that MK is the way to go when Im ready. I have seen too many women in corporate america (in the six digit) range who have been chewed up and spit out who dont have time for their kids. I have been too lazy to do MK the way I should but it seems like the women who have NO sales experience do extremely well because they believe in the opportunity and they are consistent in their laboring. I am a nice person single (too afraid to get married Im not gay) and I love these blogs!! I have gotten inspiration and great ideas from them.

  15. 1. Name (Online identity, not "real" name):
    Shades of Pink

    2. Years in Mary Kay:
    5 this July

    3. Level achieved:
    Senior Consultant

    4. Current Level:
    Consultant--soon to be Senior again

    5. Goals:
    When I initially signed my agreement, I was just looking for a new hobby. I used to be a ballet dancer and I was finished pursuing that career. I gave myself a deadline: if I wasn't working for a dance company by age 25, I would join the "real world." I was teaching ballet part time, but the nonprofit org lost its funding so I lost that job. About that time, I was introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics. It seemed like a fit to me!
    Now, my goals have changed. I went from working part time at my day job to full time which cut out my MK time. Now I'm sick of working 8-5. I pursued dance because I didn't want an average everyday desk job. Mary Kay is a way for me to get away from the mundane once again! I want to be DIQ by March 31. I want to be a director by June 30. I want to resign from my J-O-B by December 31.

    6. Earnings - average, highest, lowest:
    I honestly don't know my earnings. I had always viewed this as a hobby with cash benefits. If I made money great; if I didn't, no big deal I just like doing this. Since I'm working more like a business person now I may be able to get a better idea of my actual earnings. My best month ever was $1600 retail. :)

    7. Time spent - average, most, least:
    Since I work 40 hours a week at my day job, I don't put a whole lot of additional time into MK. I do work my MK throughout the day as much as possible. I don't really count that as time spent. If I tell a coworker I'm a consultant and give her a book or take an order on my break or receive an email for an order, I don't consider that time spent. My time spent is time making deliveries (which is often done at work so no time), meetings, events, appointments, phone calls. I make 5 phone calls at a time and I don't do them daily. When I do them, I'm on maybe an hour if that. Just depends on who I talk to. So, right now, my average time spent when I'm not at my day job is roughly 10 hours. If I hold appointments it might be more like 15 or 20 hours that week.

    8. Opinion of Mary Kay (the company):
    I think Mary Kay, Inc. does a great job in keeping their sales force at heart when making decisions. They cannot please everyone all of the time, but I think they do the best they can to come close. I have had only pleasant experiences when interacting with them. It has always impressed me that they answer my emails promptly and they typically respond via phone.

    9. Other job (if you have one, and you feel comfortable sharing):
    I work in a call center. It's unpleasant to put it nicely. That's about all I can say about it. I cannot wait for the day I can give my resignation and work for myself.

    10. Region (Where you are from... again, only be as specific as you feel comfortable):
    I'm from Northeast Ohio where it is grey 300 days out of the year. ;)

    11. Other interests (When you are not doing Mary Kay, you are...):
    When I'm not working MK, I can be found reading a book, playing with my chocolate lab (who weighs about as much as me!), helping my husband with his projects (but mostly just watching), dancing, practicing yoga, singing, doing Pilates, cooking, gardening (when it's less grey), or blogging.

  16. Hello David and thank you for this site. I look forward to visiting it often.

    I go by the name of MKlady and signed up with Mary Kay when a consultant from Arkansas visited her sister here in Washington - actually her sister and I both signed up Nov. 07.

    I'm in my 50's and am loving them. It's my time to do what I want in life.

    I attend college and am interested in teaching others, this had a impact on my decision to sell Mary Kay products. I enjoy woodworking, but must say I do it more in the warmer months, than the colder months. I also enjoy researching and marketing - no formal training, just find it facinating.

    I am learning about the product, becoming comfortable in my new skin and plan to approach others about this wonderful product and company in an educational, ethical and friendly way.

    If I want to spend time with a client, I can, it's my business and I'm not on someone else's time clock.

    I am spending about 30 hours a week learning and preparing my marketing. I registered on the "Do not Call" site so I can comfortably make cold call without fear of the $11,000 fine. I'm looking for clients, but have come to realize it will not happen over night. I'm not pushy, nor do I intend to be.

    Again, thank you for this blog.

    Question, I assume it is ok to ask about other's experiences with MK products?

  17. this is a great place to ask any Mk question you want. We all pitch in a try to give you the best answer possible. The best part is, you may get different opinions and you can find what works best for you.


  18. Hi! I am a recent MK recruit. I started selling in January of this year and due to health reasons ended up quitting my day job and am attempting to sell MK full time. You can call me apmk. i have had a wonderful couple of months selling and getting to know the business, but my question is, are there any suggestions on how to expand my business. i'm not bringing in enough just yet and don't know how to take that next step where i'll be making what i was at my day job. my husband and i agree that i need to continue working on this and not give up yet - i love the company and the products, so i wouldn't want to give up -- any thoughts? thanks!

  19. I noticed the introductions section on the new side bar and figured it would be a good idea to share bit more about me.

    Amazingly enough, I found this group because of PT. I wanted to see if there were other sites that talked about MK and found quite a few. Many more than there was a year ago when I first found PT.

    I was happy to find this one because it really felt balanced and more reality based which is what I’m all about.

    1. Name (Online identity, not "real" name)
    a. LookingforAnswers (same on PT)
    2. Years in Mary Kay
    a. In total nearly 20 years
    3. How many times (if signed, resigned, re-signed)
    a. Twice
    4. Level achieved
    a. Director and almost offsprung a Director
    5. Current Level (if different)
    a. Team Leader
    6. Goals - hobby, part-time, full-time, executive income
    a. To do what’s best for the other person...no matter what it is
    7. Earnings - average, highest, lowest
    a. Total recruiting commissions for one month was about $2500
    8. Time spent - average, most, least
    a. Now...only a hour or so a week but Director...easily 40+ hours a week – mostly evenings and weekends
    9. Opinion of Mary Kay (the company)
    a. I think they need to make some changes to keep current. I’ve posted already some of the things that I’d like to see changed – dress code and inventory
    10. Other job (if you have one, and you feel comfortable sharing)
    a. I have many things on the go. Two other direct sales businesses, plus a part time office assistant, full time wife and mother of two
    11. Region (Where you are from... again, only be as specific as you feel comfortable)
    a. Canada
    12. Other interests (When you are not doing Mary Kay, you are...)
    a. Anything outdoors, any season, hanging out with friends, travel, super dedicated to my family.
    13. Anything else you feel makes you unique and others would like to know.
    a. I was fortunate enough to meet Mary Kay herself one seminar. Gave her a big hug – although I didn’t squeeze too hard, I didn’t want to break her...she was fairly old. I believe it was the last time she came to a Canadian seminar.
    b. I really get a great sense of satisfaction when I can help others no matter what it is. Helping my neighbour change her windshield wiper in a snow storm to making a brides day picture perfect. It’s almost a drug for me. Oprah has said many times about your life being about service to others. I love that and I think that every day.
    c. I’m not religious but am open to discussing all forms of religions and spirituality. I love getting to know all people of all different cultures, religions, backgrounds. I’m a sponge and want to know everything about them from their food, to their clothing to their traditions you name it. If they’ll tell me, I’ll ask it. Nothing is off limits to me.
    d. My background is in high tech - engineering. Both my husband and I have ended up feeling the effects of the tech bubble burst from 2001 to 2005 with both of us losing our jobs – thankfully never at the same time. It was challenging and we were thankful for my MK income and family financial resources to help us when we needed it.
    e. I don’t like shopping (my husband loves this – he’ll go shopping with me anytime). There is nothing more maddening to me than to head to a mall and browse. I know what I want and go in and out quickly. Too many people in a closed space gives me a migraine. Which is really odd because I really like people and can talk to anyone about anything. But warm chatter booking and things like that made my stomach sick.
    f. I’m very business minded and would love to hold meetings that were business only centred...no hype. Really help people learn how to be successful in running their own business. Not just talking about getting bookings. I mean the nitty gritty stuff, like software, taxes, paperwork and talking about the not so great things about the business. Like not everyone is Go Give and how to move inventory when there’s changes coming. And how not to go into debt for the prizes and positions that are dangled but to be really business smart. Not to fake it till you make it...be yourself unless yourself needs some changes. The whatever it takes doesn’t mean loading up your credit card like I did and ending up with over $20K in inventory – not to mention all the director prizes I bought for the unit.
    g. And one last thing – I seem to always have something to say and it’s generally not short.

    Happy Easter!

  20. Happy Easter, Looking--and Happy Easter to everyone else, too! :)

    ~Shades of Pink~

  21. My name is Shana and I am a former MK Senior Consultant. I signed up during my freshman year of college (I was 21 because I had taken some time off before starting school). I believe it was January of '07 when I signed my agreement. I was recruited by a "hotshot" who was in car qualification and DIQ at the time. Our director had just become a director. I made the mistake of buying a lot of inventory (I was a Ruby star). That was probably my downfall in the business. I do feel I was pressured to buy the inventory but I know that ultimately I made the decision to use the credit card when I knew that I shouldn't.
    My goal in MK was to earn some money myself (I receive disability payments). My hope was to eventually work my way off of disability and become self sufficient. I was working part time hours and not missing meetings while balancing my life as a full time student. My earnings were extremely low while I was a consultant. I probably only earned around $400 the entire time that I was in MK. I was not good at sales and most of the people I facialed were college students who didnt have the money for makeup that wasn't from Walmart. In May of 2007 I made the decision to send my product back to the company. I had already cancelled my voicecom and stopped working my business. Sending back the product was more of a formality than anything else. Besides that I needed to pay down my credit card. My blue check was for about $1200 give or take a bit. I had used a lot of products myself and had used others as demo products. For a while I hated MK and hung around pink truth. Was I bitter? Yes. Was I taking responsibility for my role in getting into debt? No.
    Eventually the administrator of PT got upset with me because I defended the pro-mk visitors and said that they didnt' need to be treated so harshly. I was banned from the site. At that point I spent days readng pro and anti mk sites and came to realize that I was responsible for my actions and also realized that there was a lot of bitterness at PT that wasnt' getting those women anywhere. I didn't want to be stuck like they are.
    At this point my views on MK are mixed. I did not have a good experience with the company myself but I think that some other people do. I recognize that part of my falling out with the company was my fault. I am glad however that I can not rejoin since I sent my product back.
    Since I have left my recruit also left. My hotshot recruiter is no longer involved in MK. In addition, our director who was a new director has stepped down to being a consultant again. It is hard for me to see that and think that MK is a stable company. So all in all I guess what I am saying is that I'm not a big fan of MK but I also dont' agree with PT. I'm somewhere in the middle of the road. But that place is good for me. I'm still a full time student and just finished my second year as an undergrad psych student on the deans list every semester. Indeed MK was a mistake for me but I've bounced back.

  22. hi Shana, first I am sorry about the experience you had in MK. But I would like to thank you for writing what I see as a very mature comment as you look back over your experiences.

    Often I find just age and maturity make this business easier, very often I think a college age individual is still trying to really figure out "who" they are let alone trying to do well in school and try to get a business going. And at my age, I probably would laugh if I had a 20 ish consultant telling me about the benefits of these products on wrinkles, know what I mean?? Now when I talk about wrinkles and how it helps, people listen, lol.

    Good luck to you in school, it sounds like you are doing very well. (my minor is in psych and I loved it)

  23. I stubbled on this blog by accident. I have recently become a MK consultant and ordered a large inventory. I really want to do well and do this right. However, all my director ever trains me in is recruiting. My recruiter has never had a party but is a red jacket, her recruiter hasn't had a party in at least a month (but is still recruiting).

    Is it wrong of me to want to build a customer base first? Where on earth do I do go to get training on the products, make up application and proper selling technique? I truelly love the products and want to build a strong customer base (proof of solid income) before I start recruiting.

    Also, is it okay if I decide to no longer go to unit meeting because I disagree with my director?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all for your time

  24. Smiley4, your focus actually should be on selling the product and building a customer base. Your first goal should be a Power Start which is putting the product on 30 faces in 30 days. I am sorry your director is focused so heavily on recruiting. In my unit, we are taught that selling is first and recruiting comes second. We decide who to ask about the business based on how much they are ordering from us and how much they like the product.

    Meetings are not mandatory. If you feel you are not getting what you need from your meetings, you may want to find other avenues of training (possibly other meetings).
    I talk a bit about sales and booking ideas on my blog. Feel free to visit!

  25. Smiley4: Build your customer base by showing the products and selling! Then you can look to recruiting IF that is something you are interested in. You might want to find a meeting that focuses on the selling of the product and product knowledge rather than just the recruiting side of things! If you do not have a customer base and sell the product you are not going to have potential team members who LOVE the product:)

  26. speaking the real truthJune 4, 2008 at 2:01 PM

    ARGH!!! I hate these situations. First of all, Smiley4, I am sorry to hear that your recruiter and director are not giving you any guidance on building a business. The question now is what to do about that.

    1-Call the sales development team for your Seminar division. Tell them about your situation and ask for their help. Make it clear to them that your recruiter and director focus on nothing other than recruiting. I really think that if enough complaints go in about how some in this business operate, maybe the company will at least call them and say, "Hey, what's the deal".
    2-Find another director who will mentor you. Do you have a National Sales Director or do you know any other directors in your area?
    3-Go to InTouch and look for all of the training that you can find and order some of the CDs off of the Education page ($1-2 each) Look for the ones dealing with booking and coaching, selling, closing.
    4-FOCUS ON FACES. Your success will be in proportion to the number of people that you put this product on.
    5-Offer sets during your closing.
    6-Give great customer service
    7-Get the Color Insider for great glamour training.
    8-Study the Look Book and the Product Knowledge Chart (InTouch) to learn about products and their uses.
    9-Find ways to bring up what you do everywhere that you go without being pushy. Offer goody bags and coupons to potential clients.
    10-Practice your presentation in front of a mirror.
    11-Work on your own look. Ask another consultant who is great at doing her own makeup for some help.
    12-Get a good system, like the 60/40 split for handling your money and stick to it with few exceptions!
    13-Do not spend a lot of money going to workshops, etc. Directors and NSDs are always holding something. Do not make the mistake of thinking that going to all of those will make you successful. Pick ones with real training and low cost. The company events always offer training, recognition, and motivation, and I encourage you to attend those as you can.

    Hope that helps!

  27. Speaking the Real Truth, Fantastically GREAT advice!

  28. Oops! That was me, Rebecca!

  29. Hello All,
    I found this website while doing some "soul" searching about MK on the web. I REALLY like how everyone here is honest and open about their good and bad experiences regarding MK. I've been reading the posts and have already gathered some very good advice. It's also comforting to know there are others who have similar feeling on certain issues.

    My nickname is MKAngel and I have been in MK for a little more than 3 years now. I began using MK about 9 years ago and have absolutely loved it ever since. Somewhere along the way my sister was recruited and I became her best (and almost only) customer for several years. One day we both decided that I should sign up for personal use and that's where my pink journey began.

    Come to find out I have a high "I" type personality so I got very into the pink fluff of the business. I ordered full inventory and have invested alot of time, money, and effort into building my business. The first year and a half I went to every meeting, every event, and held a good number of classes and shows. I've always been great at sales, not so good at recruiting. At one time I was a Red Jacket, but not for too long. I did win a diamond ring in Queens court of sales at Seminar of 2006. After that, I really wanted to become a director but even more I wanted to have 1 more baby. My husband gave me an ultimatum to either go forward with directorship with his support and be happy with the 2 children we already had or we could have a third child in which I would need to wait until that child was in elementary school before taking MK to the career level. I choose my family before my career and got pregnant a few months later. During my pregnancy and the baby's first year, I've kept my business going with reorders doing a show here and there. Unfortunately, I have to pay 100% of my profit towards the credit card that I ran up purchasing inventory orders and going to 2 seminars. I did not manage my money very well in the first few years of my business and am now trying to undo all of the financial damage I have done. I don't blame anyone but myself for that although I have seen others blame the MK business for their financial mistakes. I am now VERY careful with my money and what I choose to invest in.
    Now that the baby is over one (the other kids are 6 & 9) I really want to grow my business but only have about 6-8 hours per week that I can work outside the home.
    I know that I want to win another ring this year for reason other than just the prize or the glory.
    With the volume sold necessary to win the ring, I will be able to pay off all of my existing MK debt and build my customer base while doing so. I love going to Seminar to be rewarded for the work all year long and this year will be saving to pay for it in CASH. I really want to be consistent through the year and not have to try to "buy" the rest of the ring with a HUGE inventory order in June like I did last time.
    Overall, I love this company, the product and the friends it has brought into my life. At this point I am just focused on selling the product but would like to move up in the future which I know will require recruiting. I don't mind (in fact would love) to introduce this business to those who truly want it and are willing to work it. I do not and will not be one of those who recruits under pressure or false pretences.
    I'm happy to have this site to sound off and read about the ups and downs of MK.

  30. Just wanted to say hello and welcome to MKAngel. :) Thank you for sharing! :D

  31. Hi Everyone!

    I am so proud of myself, If I can toot my own horn, to finally share my story with you and everyone here at Balanced MK!
    I name is Jai and my online alias is Haute PiNk! I am 21 year old and a College Senior Graduating in the Spring 2009 form a prestigious University! I am so Future Sales Director and Grand Achiever as of July 1, 2008 with Mary Kay and I have had my business for 3 years since June 2005. And in September 1, 2008 will be in qualification for Directorship! This past seminar year (2008) I achieved the court of sales and Court of Recruiting in the Ruby seminar!
    I must admit that I have been clicking on, off, and around this particular web site for some time and Now I am ready to be a part of what’s going on in the Mary Kay blog world. I have seen some of the information the other anti-May Kay and other Pro- Mary Kay site and some of the information has been hilarious but I have learned not to believe everything you hear or read. I understood from the moment I signed my agreement back in 2005 that I was the only one who was in control of my business. I took two of Mary Kay’s most famous quotes and applied them to my business, the first one was, “ If is to be, it up to me” and secondly,” There are three types of people…one who makes things happen, one who watch things happen….and those who wonder’s what happened.” And will be honest, the first 2 ½ years in my MK business I did nothing. Nothing. Yes, I believed in my self enough and knew that I loved the company and my dream is to be a National and all of that other great stuff, but I didn’t work. I didn’t even have the money to sign my agreement, let alone place a star consultant order…
    But I spent my last 100.00 plus tax and shipping and one month went by and I place a $200.00 order just so I could be active in the company. But, I never stopped believing that could do this business even though the odds were against me financially, not have inventory, with my youthful age , or with me going off to college in a different state, I still knew that Mary Kay can work for me. I just have to open my mouth and get out there and book, coach, sell, and recruit! Simple Right? Well I didn’t really start doing that until January 2008. Well let me teach you something college students have just as much money as anyone else does. If they can spend it on Books they CAN spend it on their LOOKS. Do not be misinformed!
    I so reached out to many different customer demographics – for example now I have customers in different states, many nationalities, older and younger, different races, and even 7-8 men clients. It’s all about who you want to serve and to become your MK clients.
    For my personal MK business Consistency is the key! I didn’t embrace that concept until January 2008 and that is when I saw the turnaround in my business and in less than 6 months I achieved so much. And I know that anyone, no matter how much make, where you live, how old you are, how long you’ve been in MK doesn’t matter, or what you look like, But what matters most in your MK business is can you see the results and change in lifestyle that have been proven over and over and over in this phenomenal company.

    It works… Mary Kay works. Simple as that!

    Be Haute…Be PiNK…
    Haute Pink

  32. Welcome Haute Pink! Congratulations on your sucess. Wow! What an impressive "I" story!!

    It's amazing and gives me so much hope that you have went from zero to DIQ and GA in 6 moths. PLEASE PLEASE, share with us how you "reached out" to so many in such a short time. I'm very interested to know what booking and recruiting method you used as well as what your hostess program was and what you did at your skin care classes.
    I have also been in for 3 years and am starting from scratch after having a baby last year. I'm really trying to get all my programs in place so I can get going again. I could really use some fresh ideas!
    my e-mail is aframe@marykay.com Thank you!

  33. Welcome Haute Pink!! Loved your story and soon you will be in Haute Chocolate!

  34. Hi...I just joined this site and I want you to know how refreshing it is to find a community of real MK women who as I can see support eachother, share ideas and have a sense of humor. As opposed to those "pink truth" wannabees...oy those women get to me...although I really believe it's like 3 women with lots of screen names, but I digress.

    I started with Mary Kay in July of 06 -- about 2 months before I was laid off of my job of 13 years. It was also about 1 year after the end of my 13 year marriage. Huge crushing mortgage (I had to pay the ex out), no child support, living in one of the highest cost of living areas in America (Fairfield County, CT), and a very sick boyfriend with no income. I spent my career in marketing and advertising and I had a pretty good position at the time. I really didn’t know what I was going to do. From 6 figures to flat broke in a day.

    Early on I decided to go to a Mary Kay retreat. Understand I never pictured myself as a Mary Kay Lady. I’m not blonde, tall, and I don’t have a Southern accent. (I didn’t know any better!) My recruiter was a childhood friend and ex-roommate of mine and I thought it would be fun to get away, especially since life sucked and I was still on severance pay.

    What I found was an amazing bunch of very, very, very, happy women (as a NYer, I’m a little scared of those women, frankly). What impressed me was that they were all different shapes, sizes, races, etc…and all (well mostly all except us newbies) were wealthy…never saw so many cadillacs in my life. Their success and down-to-earthness really impressed me. I met some of the most successful directors on the East Coast, and that weekend I thought if they could do it, so could I.

    Nine months later I made Queens Court of Sales, and was #1 in my National Area (out of about 2500 women). I did ALL of my training either online or on the phone—no meetings. (My unit is in Florida.) I’m sure I’d like them, I just found that the few days a week I don’t have my kid, I’d rather have bookings, and those that I do, I want to spend with him. I also did that that year with no recruits. (6 recruits now—none of them active – hey, you can lead a horse to water, right? The rest is up to them.)

    MK enabled me to stay in my home, gave me the confidence to do what I never thought I could, and blessed flexibility.

    2 years later, I was offered a full-time contracting job at a local media company, and as much as I loved working from home, I remembered last summer’s down sales and decided to take it. Since I worked my behind off for the last 2 years, I figured I’d get some reorder business until I get my routine down (I’ve got about 400 active customers.)

    So far, so good. This week I got $385 in reorders so far. Reorders are so awesome! Once everyone comes back from the Cape or the Hamptons or wherever, I’m looking forward to getting back to some real bookings. And to think about a year ago, I was about to give up…I had no reorders and I was working so hard…my director told me to stick with it, they’ll come…and she was right. That’s my warning to consultants thinking of quiting after a little time. You’ll never reap the rewards of your hard work. You know who will? Another MK Lady! I know because these products are very well loved and people seek me out because their original consultant is out of business. Something to think about.

    Sorry this was long…I had a little time on my hands. I’m looking forward to getting to know the group…

  35. Hi and Welcome Shashew!! I loved your story, thank you so much for sharing.

    You have an awesome posetive yet down to earth attitude, and

    I am not tall, skinny, blonde or southern, so even if you are sort of tall, sort of average plus a few pounds and dark hair with highlights, I have been able to be a very happy director.

  36. {{Shashew posted: I was about to give up…I had no reorders and I was working so hard…my director told me to stick with it, they’ll come…and she was right. That’s my warning to consultants thinking of quiting after a little time. You’ll never reap the rewards of your hard work. You know who will? Another MK Lady! I know because these products are very well loved and people seek me out because their original consultant is out of business. }}

    This is a very powerful statement. So many consultants will get started and do loads of classes and facials and then when their warm market runs out and they haven't venture into the "unknown" territory yer, they give up, and Shashew, you nailed it, they didn't give it enough time, let's face it, MK products last, It is going to take a good 6 months to a year before you really begin to reap the benefits of reorders and that is if you started out and did classes and got people on the product. The business just gets better and better as you build your client base and the reorders start coming in, but it does take some patience and effort.

  37. Yes, and they recommend their friends to me as they start seeing results....example, 2 weeks ago, my customer (and loving NEW MK friend) told me she was going to Chicago to visit a classmate she hadn't seen in years. She was so happy her skin looks so much better, she wanted to bring her a gift of the Miracle Set. When she got to the airport, her friend told her as soon as she saw her how young she looked...her skin looked terrific. Now, how would I have had that extra business, or even known the story if I gave up last year?

  38. Hello,
    My name is Stephanie and I'm really glad I found this site. I've been in MK for almost a year now and am starting to get discourage. Granted part of it is my lack of self confidence! I have trouble doing the cold calling and have yet to put out a facial box, b/c just walking into a place is like cold calling (to me) and makes me sweat.
    I love MK her vision and her products. Which I have been using for little over 10 yrs now. I was recruited by my SIL, and now it seems as if my whole family is in MK now. I have 3 SIL's and my MIL who now are consultants, all in the Western NY region. It's great having the family b/c now we can bounce ideas off each other, help each other out, etc. But still I feel like I'm missing the spark that they have.
    I have a full time job outside of MK working with Title Insurance. It's a good job and it's security. Certainly not something I saw as my 'career'.
    I'm hoping reading the blogs here from all of you will help to inspire me to get my business going!! :D
    Thanks for 'listening'

  39. Hi Stephanie! Welcome to Balanced! Hopefully you've already poked around to see what information this blog has to offer. There are lots of good nuggets.


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