Monday, January 21, 2008

Where am I?

I mentioned that I would be busier than normal for a while.

The next few days will really reflect that. In other words, you will not hear much from me from now until after Thursday.

In the meantime, take this chance to read some of the back posts that you may have missed, share your favorites (with links) and please if you haven't already fill out a profile for yourself here.

I will try to add an extra sidebar feature soon so that profiles are easier to get to. Your profile can be a great place for people to ask you a specific question... almost like your own mini-blog! I always appreciate a blog that has a lot going on, and I apologize that the content has been sparse lately.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding.


  1. David, have fun and stay out of trouble. (If you are going to be meeting with Blessed) please let us know so if you go missing, we can send help! (We will send out the Pink Mafia and stalk you down until we find you and then when we do find you we will spray Blessed with the new High Intensity for Men which he probably hasn't had a chance to smell yet!)
    (must be a full moon but I am just joking)

  2. I have a question about something going on on PT. Didn't know where else to post it. They are talking about a national area where some cadillac directors are not making production so they are making co pays on their cars. I do not know how PT got this info so whether it is true or not is anybody's guess. BUT, if it is true, how long can a director make co-pays? Can she get to car level then, to keep up appearances, make co-pays forever after? MKHonesty, you seem to know the most about questions like this.

  3. judi, we must requalify for the cars every two years. You can take up to 6 months to qualify, so I guess the worst case scenario is a director could make coop payments for up to a 1 1/2 - It would not have to be the entire copay as it is adjusted according to production. To get more answers, scroll back on David's site, there is an entire topic on car production, cash compensation, and coop payments. Also if you go to MK Intouch and look up the Advance Brochure, the Company has everything right on line on intouch.

  4. I just looked at the post on PT that Judi was referring to. Is that true?! Dacia's area is doing that poorly? She's one of my MK heroes! How do they know that's true? What are the sources?

  5. I have not had a computer for 2 weeks and I have missed you all I see everything is still up to par!!!

  6. Jenna it doesnt matter whether its
    Dacia's area or not!!! The point is if she is your hero keep letting her be. Sales is not an easy job and we have to take reality into account but we dont have to let all sorts of negativity stop us from reaching our goal. I believe Dacia will be fine she is not the only NSD who has lost directors it happens everyday. Keep being positive!!!

  7. Finally! I'm through! This site would just load blank all day until now. :) I agree with Colleen. Directors will step down. Some will miss production, others will decide they want to do something else. That's life. Don't let what happens to someone else affect your goals.

  8. Thanks for the accolades Shades!! Oh by the way Jenna dont let the ruins of the PT board fool you look at Dacias check and if you decide that she is not your hero anymore than look at some of the directors who have been in for a while with GOOD solid businesses!!!
    I KNOW for a fact that there are some Grand Prix directors making more than some Caddie directors. Its not the car you drive its the personal business and personal recruits that really drive your income!!!

  9. Colleen says: I KNOW for a fact that there are some Grand Prix directors making more than some Caddie directors.

    Colleen, you are so right, at this time in my life, I would much rather be a secure Saturn/Grand Prix director enjoying my family and business than a struggling needing to always work Cadillac director. Hey, a car or monthly cash payment is nothing to sneeze at! Until the kids are a little older, I have a great balance and that is what is most important to me, not the color of my car.

  10. Just a real quick note - from our hotel room at Leadership, which officially starts toady at 1 pm.

    Among other things in the packet was a copy of the next Look; what will go out in the next PCP. One word: Great. And for those of you worried about MK ignoring the old eye/cheek color shapes, they are specifically shown with the verbage to the reader to get them before they run out. (Sorry, I don't have a Look in front of me right now.)

    Consultants need to get their customers enrolled in PCP. Although the physical size of the Look has n ot changed, the insides are "punched up". (My words, I'm sure people in advertising could be more specific.)

    The replacement for the Fall in Love brochure and the 2nd month PCP mailing were shown at the Expo in "mock-up" form. I think both are excellent.

  11. way off topic but I thought it would be sort of neat to see what Seminar affiliations everyone was. I am Emerald division. Maybe this would even be a neat poll, what do you all think?

  12. I am Ruby go give

  13. whoa, whoa, whoa... stop!! Hold the press... Don't ruin the fun... YET!

    I think it is a great idea to have a poll about this.

    So first we will do a poll...

    Then I will create a post where everyone CAN say which seminar division they are in!

    Complain if you want...I am flexible!

    Thanks to everyone for keeping the conversation going while I am busy!

  14. Can we discuss what was on PT today?

    "Wow! Are you impressed with the possiblity of getting 130 new faces per year? Well you shouldn't be. That is about 2.5 faces a week, not nearly enough to build a stable business.

    If you want to move ahead in Mary Kay, you're always told you need a minimum of 2 to 3 full skincare classes a week. That's 3 to 4 women at each, meaning that you need at least 6 to 12 new faces per week. What Sherrill is offering you here is a small fraction of that.

    So while a couple of new faces a week is a nice thing to have, everyone needs to understand that it won't get you far in Mary Kay. Even if you get all 10 of those weekly profile cards filled out. And how many women do you think really want to fill those out?"

    First of all, if you are getting 2.5 faces per week - at least SOME of those will turn into a SCC. Those SCC's will lead to new contacts and customers and class. Duh.

    Her point of needing 6-12 new faces is so stupid. Helloooooooo? You only need 2-3 people to BOOK a SCC - then the extra people will be AT the SCC. It doesn't mean you have to MEET 6-12 people using this method. Did she read this post before she actually posted it?

    Her whole attitude sucks. "How many women do you think really will want to fill those out?" NONE if you have that kind of attitude! I have found most people are pretty pleasant as long as you ask with a smile!

    Now, let's say you don't get ANY other people than that 2.5 per week. If you build your business for the long haul, that is 130 people after one year. 2 years = 260 people. 5 years = 650 people.

    SOME of those will book a SCC. SOME of those will refer you to a friend. SOME of those will sign up as consultants. SOME will be calling for reorders.

    Sounds like a good foundation to me.

  15. and they wonder why they did not do well in mk?

  16. I think it depends on what you want MK to do for you. If you want it to replace a regular job then it must pay like a regular job. That is what got me started in MK. I wanted more than what I was getting at my regular job. And that is how alot of recuiters push when recruiting. They make it sound so very easy to do. Like all you have to do is ask and people will host a SCC. But that is not how it worked out for me. Not enough people said "yes".

  17. There was something else on PT that I was wondering about. The changes to the compacts and all that goes in it. Is it true that MKC suggested discounting the silver? Does the IBC get a discount from MKC if they order the silver now since the black is not out? The IBCs can't be the only ones taking a loss, are they? Does anyone know anything about that?

  18. ROTFLMAO!! hehehehehhehehehe

    The thing I love the most about PT is that if you have read for any length of time, it is easy to see that sooner or later they will contradict everything that has been said.

    Today's post on the ecomony downturn is no reason to start an MK business. Good idea or bad idea, I don't - personally I have had an increase in business the last several months, I have had people calling me to have get togethers and my bookings are ALL holding. I did get a bonus from MK in January (Wellness bonus) unlike many Companies that are not giving bonuses because of the economy. But... enough rambling...
    if it is true that MK as a whole isn't doing quite as well as it has been, I would think one with half a brain, would realize, we are simply experiencing what the entire Nation is experiencing.

    But according to PT, the only reason MK is experience a bit of a pinch, is because of PT. -hahahah- It has nothing to do with the economy and what the rest of the Country is dealing with.


    Could it be they are having Dillusions of grandure??

    (Apologies now, sorry I know this is sarcastic, but the irony of the situation still makes me laugh)

    I also know that 6 months ago the Company I left to do MK fulltime for which had been around for over 50 years, closed their doors last month. The folks that wanted to keep a job, must move to the plant down south. The others are jobless. So we ended up with more job securtiy??


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