Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Is this an Anti-Pink Truth Site?

Judi has raised a good question over the holiday “break”. I say that it is a good question because it has been asked me by various people in from different perspectives that I have asked for an opinion about this site.

The simple answer to that question is no.

However, as this is site does have as one of its primary goals, “clearing up misconceptions about Mary Kay” and in my opinion Pink Truth is one of the most prominent (if not THE most prominent) purveyor of Mary Kay misconceptions, it will often fall under attack here.

As I have said before, I have a limited amount of time to devote to this site, and in the coming year it looks like I may have even less. As such, I rely heavily upon and greatly appreciate all the support and ongoing commentary from everyone on this site.

By way of giving fresh direction and getting things started on the right foot for the New Year, allow me to elaborate on the overall goals of this site....

First and foremost and probably a good description of the mission of this site is, “presenting a balanced view of the Mary Kay Opportunity”.

Second, dispel misinformation about the Mary Kay Opportunity

Third, give solid, good information and tips about how to operate your Mary Kay Business, get the best service from YOUR Mary Kay Representative, or painlessly extract yourself from Mary Kay if you have found yourself in an unhealthy environment.

Fourth, to reply to and accurately answer questions or accusations leveled against Mary Kay.

And finally, and somewhat as a side goal, saving people from the cult-like atmosphere of Pink Truth. This goal is not as extreme as it may sound. I believe that most people who read/comment on Pink Truth can discern the difference between truth and the elaborate exaggerations that that site makes in its presentation of their so-called truth. However, because they are so adamant to proclaim that their entire site represents the truth that will set victims free, and because I believe so whole heartedly that their site is NOT the whole truth, nor are most people in Mary Kay victims that need saving, it is my intent that people reading that site are given the entire story, and allowed to choose for themselves what decision they should make.

As this site grows and we get more opinions and examples of the good, the bad and the ugly, I hope to create a more static site that could be called, “things we know for sure about Mary Kay”.

I also hope that I can add some other authors to this site so that readers can get closer to “up to the minute” updates about Mary Kay happenings.

Thanks again to everyone that has joined the discussion last year and thanks in advance for your contributions in 2008.

Happy New Year Everybody!


  1. David,

    I don't think this is a ANTI-pink UNtruth site. I think (and I am from texas) if you can't stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Those over at pt can say what they want when they want. Personally I think that tc is feeding off of these women and that she is using them for her own I don't even know what to call it.

    She is a vindictive woman and she is out to destory Mary Kay at any cost. In my opinion it is only making her look like a bitter woman. I think that this site is for both sides. I do love my MK however with that said there are somethings that I think need to change. I think directors need to be honest and above reproach as well as consultants.

    If a person reads pt and they can't see the mean spirit that is being typed out. Those woman are mad and who knows what actually happened. There are woman there giving their two cents when they haven't been in MK they don't know about MK except for what tc has told them. Tc is like I said out for herself and no one else. Those woman on that site need to realize that. She has really done some mean things to others that have posted on her site.

    OK, Judi ask the question. Let me ask Judi this. Do you think that it is wrong for someone to make moeny off of something that they HATE? pt has Mary Kay adds on her page. She is speaking out of both sides of her mouth she can't have it both ways.

    This site ANTI-pt...I don't think so. Some of the posters on this site ANTI-pt yes I am one of those. I think that pt is a very hurtful site to those that post and those that read. They say that MK is cult like. Take a look at tc she only allows her veiws and if you go and post to any other site if you are one of her minions then you will be banned. Sounds a little cult like to me. If you do anything that is against her royal hinney then you better watch out cause she is out to get you and she will do everything that she can to do it. Just ask a few ladies that she has done that too. So go and take a look at ptlies and see what this lady has to say about what was done to her and some others. Check it out for yourselves and you will see how cult like tc really is.


  2. I do not know TC. Not at all. All I know about her is that she has the site PT which has validated ALOT of my personal experiences with MK. That is all I care about. I don't plan on going head to head with her. If something is posted there that I do not agree with I am not going to fight with her. I hear alot about how mean spirited she is, vindictive, etc. I have not read PT lies. The format was hard to follow. But I am confused as to how you all know her. Did you meet thru PT? Did you know her before? How do so many of her posters know her? Did the woman who she met up with on vacation know her before posting? I don't understand the relationships. But I got sidetracked . . .

    When I first started coming to this site it was very much come, please, give me your experience. Now, it's more, have you seen what's on PT? Let's rip that to shreds. Do PTers go overboard? YES. Do the Pro MKers go overboard on their end? Definately. I've seen exagerations on both sides.

    I like coming here when I can ask a question and have it answered by those who know. I asked about the money being made, I got an answer. That's why I like this site.

    As to the TC having MK ads on her site . . . I think that is blatant hypocrisy. Is it going to stop me from reading there? NO. It's very obvious what she is doing.

  3. Judi,

    I only know tc from the blogs. I know from the blogs ladies that she has gone after. It is really sad. I am not telling you not to read pt I am just offering my opinion that is it. I try and live my life Christ like because that is what I chose to do. I am truthful in everything that I say because I don't want to lead anyone estray. That is just me. Have I always been this way NO. Am I now. Yes. Do I fall short YES. If I do something and then realize it might not be right I will tell the person as I don't want to lead anyone the wrong way.


  4. I think it is important to refute things said on PT for several reasons -

    First - PT comes up very high in Google searches for MK, so a lot of people find it. I found PT doing some research on MK (because I had friends in it). I used to be a consultant and was considering rejoining. Finding PT make me want to run from MK and try to talk them out of MK forever!

    Finding MK sites helped me see that PT was not reality. I hope this blog can help show that PT is not the whole truth.

    Second - I was fortunate to find out TC's true colors fairly quickly. Others are not so lucky. The pro-MK and anti-PT blogs helped with that considerably. It is my hope that this blog can help others see through TC even more quickly than I did.

    Third - (and I guess this goes with #1) - there are some ladies that are quite happy with MK, and I hope this blog can help show that. I know this blog and others helped me decide whether or not to rejoin MK because they showed the good side of MK. :o)

  5. Happy New Year everyone!
    I love your site and you better not change a thing! I feel the same way about ME's site.

    There HAS to be a place where lurkers can go in order to learn about the conflicting and misleading information that is presented on PT.

    People can read what they want, but you should not change your format just to make others comfortable. I dont read PT, but I understand the need to make reference to what it written over there. How can you fight back if you dont know the kind of lies that are being told? Since TC wont allow opposing views on her site, lurkers can come to this one and read the other side of the story in order to get another viewpoint of every article she puts up.

    Working our businesses the correct way helps, but what about the women that we will never meet or who will never cross our path? This site is for them. They may not get to see us being honest in our everyday dealings with customers and team members but by visiting this blog,they can read about how a productive MK business is really ran and hopefully find out that what TC prints in NOT the whole truth. Both methods are needed in order to point out Tracy's true agenda.

    So what if it is an Anti Pink Truth site. As far as I know, David runs a site free from the blatant name calling and insulting post that TC is famous for. Both sides and viewpoints are allowed which is more than I can say for Pink Truth.

    If Tracy can point out what she feels are shortcomings of MK, then surely she should have no problem with others pointing out her hypocrisy and half truths. Why is it ok if she does this, but it is not ok if others do it to her?

  6. Forever Pink,



  7. I don't think PT comes up as high in the search engines as it used to. I did a Mary Kay search the other day, and I got a tons of other stuff showing up before PT.

    Anyway, I'm not sure a totally anti-PT site is needed. I kind of like the balanced experiences here...the good, the bad, the indifferent. For me personally, the positive experiences keep me motivated, and the negative experiences let me know what to watch out for. I'm still pretty new at this whole thing, so having a balance of both keeps me on my toes. I think it makes me a better, wiser consultant overall to hear ALL of the perspectives.

    Judi, I like your poll idea of how much money one keeps in a month, but it wouldn't quite be a fair question unless hours worked, classes held, etc. were also included. I know my personal take-home pay varies greatly. Some months I don't sell a blessed thing...but that's because I haven't DONE anything. Some months I hold appointments or make phone calls or whatever, and I do sell. I always sell right after the Look comes out. :) So there's quite a bit of variation. And a lot of it depends on me.

  8. I personally do not think we need another anti PT site. If every one states their positive and negative experiences with MK then that should be enough. We spent way to much time talking about PT talking about MK giving to charity. I think PT spoke for itself when they trashed giving to charity. No one else could have made them look worse. We do not need to PT bash. They do that to themselves. Just like on the pro MK sites there is no negative. That's not realistic either. There is good and bad in every business.

    I would like to hear more of how we get bookings. Hear more about how we make this particular business work. A lot of people say "my business didn't work last month because I was not working it." Ok, so how do you work your business. Let's hear the ups and downs. I did not find this business worked for me. But from what I have read here and other places, some people only wanted to make a little extra and my income would have been exactly what they were looking for. That's the kind of thing I was looking for when I started searching. Not against MK. Not against TC, or PT.

  9. Judi my question to you is, why do you want to know this? I applaud you for signing back up even if it is just to get products for yourself and others with your discount, and to facilitate product replacement. But in a previous post, you say you signed back up "not to sell".

    Why do you care about productive ways to get bookings and things like that when you have clearly said that you have not signed back up for that reason?

  10. When I signed up with MK, I had a lot of inventory with not a lot of ways to move it. It would have been nice to have a place to go that actually showed tried and true methods. This is what I did, this is what I got out of it. My director did not have many bookings. She concentrated on recruiting. So she could have taught me how to recruit, but I wanted to sell. So I would have loved a place to go that would have had those helpful hints.

    I continue to speak out about my time in MK so that others don't go thru what I did. That's why I like PT. It shows what has happened to some. But I also look at the pro MK sites. That's why I liked this site. It had both positive and negative aspects of the business. Now, it seems more anti PT than Balanced MK.

  11. speaking the real truthJanuary 2, 2008 at 2:10 PM

    I like having different areas of the site. One to dispute things said over there and one to talk about our businesses...however, those often blend together.

    Judi, in the early days of these wars between the MKers and the Non-Mkers, without being ugly, many MKers tried to reason with the non-MKers to no avail. That's why the MKers have sought other places to state their truth.

    I say lets just speak the truth here, whatever that may be.

  12. I am all for speaking the truth about our experiences in MK and how we get bookings and anything to do with the MK business. But when we start bashing PT or TC - and how many here have actually met TC face to face and can honestly say they "know" her? - we turn into something ugly. The best way to refute what anti MKers are saying is to be successful at your business.

  13. Being successful in our businesses the right way is one way to refute what is said on PT. But there are many women who will never see someone being successful in MK because their only exposure may come from what they read on PT. They may not get a chance to see someone being successful and working their business the right way, and this is what TC is hoping for. This is why we need a site to show both sides and point out the contradictions and exagerations over there.
    Like I said before, its those women who sites like this are made for. The ones who will quit before they even get started based on what they find on PT. Some have quit due to fear of what "might" happen to them, even without experincing any decptive practices from their recuriter or director.

    Judi I understand why you were interested in booking ideas when you were in MK the first time, especially if your director only focused on recuiting, but why do you need them now if you are not interested in selling?

  14. Shame on you for proclaiming your Christianity while repeating and promoting the lies and malicious gossip spread by ptlies. I know TC personally and those other women have a sick vendetta and have set out to hurt her with a million lies. You are no better for repeating them.

  15. I don't know TC personally. Maybe the Pink Truth site gets a little overboard, like the comments on the charity. Maybe some of her assumptions are a little off when she does the math. However, she is asking some darn good questions about the business model and who is making the money and how money is made. I have been reading Pink Truth and other related sites (both pro and anti) for over a year now. I don't recall seeing any posts from a consultant that stated they were making enough from Mary Kay to support themselves. Where are those consultants? If it is true that one could consistently make $50/hr profit to basically be the distributor of makeup - I think many women would be jumping at the opportunity. Now, maybe one could achieve this if they live in an area where their customers have a lot of disposable income and Mary Kay is their preferred brand.
    Speaking objectively, the Pink Truth site has a lot of interesting data on it. However, bottom line, maybe a number of women will decide NOT to be consultants and just be customers, which will only result in the remaining consultants keeping stable customer base.

    Bottom line, if you want to be a successful Mary Kay consultant, be sure you have a market base to draw from that will sustain your goals. Also, realize that it is a job. All the rah rah may be nice but it is a job. You have to be prepared to have a value add to your Mary Kay service to keep your customers in the good times and the bad (when the economy goes down, some customer may change their makeup brand). Every business needs a plan for the downturn.

  16. I'm assuming the two Anonymous posters above are different people. I encourage you to read at least the following category on PTLies: http://ptlies.com/?cat=16 The category is cyberstalking and I am involved. So don't tell me how wonderful Tracy is. I know exactly what she is.

    And one of the things she is, is a liar. MK4ME was right. When you click on Paypal on PT, it says make a contribution to the PT site, but underneath that it says, "PayPal securely processes payments for Sequence Inc.." (Yes, the two periods are there.) I guess people pay her for her big fraud investigations with Paypal! I wonder how she declares that as income for Sequence, Inc.? Why don't you ask her, Anonymous #1, since you are such good friends with her? I'll tell you, don't bother. She will only lie.

    I noticed the other day she had a post on her fraud blog (one of the many she has) that talked about how one could make money by turning people in to the IRS and they would get a percentage of what the IRS gained. Maybe someone should turn her in because I bet she doesn't declare the income she makes off ads, Paypal contributions and the like.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of Tracy. If you think she is God's gift to the internet world, that's your business. But don't tell me what to think of her. I've been involved with that bitch (excuse me, Dave) enough and I will never change my opinion of her.

    And did I miss something? Judi is now a consultant????

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Hola everybody!

    Wow... a lot has been said here today, I am glad I brought this up.

    I will say right up front that I will not be able to respond to every comment here, but I believe that if you read the post and my comment here, you should be able to get a good idea of where I stand on the things discussed.

    First of all - Judi,

    While this is NOT exclusively an anti-PT site nor will it ever be, it will be a source to refute the things said on PT for many of the reasons listed here by other commentators.

    One of the points of this site is to point out inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the Mary Kay opportunity. These items abound on that site. As much as possible, they will be pointed out and corrected.

    I personally do not have time to explore misrepresentations by so called pro-mk sites - and because so many anti-mk sites already do this - but if you or anyone else would like to find and submit exaggerations and/or flat out lies by Pro-MK sites (Yes, I know they exist) I would be more than happy to post those.


    To the two anonymous commentators,

    Please select a "nickname" when posting a comment so that we can distinguish amongst comments. This is not a mandate and you are more than welcome to continue posting under the name "anonymous" but it does make it more difficult to keep your comments separate from anyone else commenting as "anonymous".

    First anonymous,

    I do not know TC personally, and only comment on the things that can plainly be read on her site. I expect that (and hope for) as this site becomes more popular many people will say all kinds of things about me. They will point out how things I say on this site are distorted and not "really" balanced and possibly even attack my personal character as a result.

    I will not attack any individual on a personal level on this site. I have read what has been said of TC on some of the sites in question and have reason to believe that those things may be true. I am particularly glad that ME has weighed in here because I believe that she had some direct contact with some of these issues and could speak directly to that.

    If a line of comments is beginning to go too far in the direction of personal attacks, I will have to redirect it. However, when a site (like PT) countless times calls on women in Mary Kay to "leave behind their sinful ways" in a manner of speaking and someone on this site "takes offense" to that... I will not be the one to say they should not.

    Anonymous two,

    you will not see ANY positive comments or consultants on that site saying they made good money because no one is allowed to "promote" the Mary Kay business.

    I definitely agree with you that if anyone is considering a career move to Mary Kay, they should very carefully consider the pros AND cons.

    I hope that this site can provide both.

    Many people in Mary Kay will (naturally) talk about how great Mary Kay is.

    Many people who did not do well with Mary Kay (for whatever reason) will (naturally) talk about how terrible it is/was.

    Unfortunately, in ANY environment where it is not allowed to say, "well yes, but you have to remember..." you will not get a balanced picture.


    Thank you for stopping by as your testimony lends quite a bit of credibility to the fear and disdain that many hold towards TC. I will ask/warn you to please be careful with your language here. If your comment had come from someone that I had not already communicated extensively with it may have faced the delete button. I really desire that this be an above-board, clean site. I understand your passion about this subject and will let it slide this time, but please try to keep it "clean"! Thanks!

    Anonymous 3,

    I am deleting your comment because this kind of personal comment should be made between you and the person it was directed at.

  20. Anonymous 3 and ME,

    I have deleted both of your comments.

    Anon, I assume you know where to find ME if you would like to discuss this with her.


    I will not tolerate people (anon) attacking other people (you) in a personal way on this site.


    In the interest of keeping this entire dialog where it belongs (personal between you two) I have deleted both comments.

    To ALL reading,

    Please do not make me change the forum of this blog to one where all comments require approval.

    Personal comments, personal attacks are not allowed.

    On that note, this thread of comments has had several mentions of TC. While you are all allowed to your opinions, speculations about her character do not help the goals of this blog. Kindly keep the subject matter of your comments to things about Mary Kay, Pink Truth, or other things that are of a "public" nature.


  21. Sorry, Dave, and thanks for removing the comments. Sometimes there are instances where people get my back up with their blind devotion to TC and defend her to the point of unreason. Rather than get angry about it, I will try in the future to just pray for them because they will need it!

  22. Anon, you asked about consultants making enough money to live off of. I, also, asked this question and it was answered here. From what I got, most consultants are not doing solely MK. MK is a supplement income. They ARE making some money. It doesn't sound like it's consistant, or a lot, but it is enough for THEM. And I was assured there are those who are providing for themselves solely with MK.

    And, yes, I did re-sign. I have some friends, former customers and family who need stuff and since it has been over a year since my last order I had to re-sign. They paid for the reactivation fee and shipping. We all pay for our own products and tax. When it comes in we have a big ole luncheon so everyone gets their stuff and we can eat.

    As I am not planning on selling MK, I would still like to see info on selling for those that DO want to. It was not there when I joined and that was a huge factor in quitting when I did. I do not think people should quit just because PT encourages it. And if there was more info out there then those who were looking could find it and PT and maybe see a balance.

  23. thanks for answering Judi.

    ME dont let them get to you, though I understand your frustration. Pray is the right road to take.

  24. Just clarifying:


    The Judi that has been posting here, is not the Judi you know.


  25. Sister Honey Bunch,

    I am confused. Are you saying that you posted with the name Judi?

    Are you saying that the Judi on this site is one other than the Judi that "ME" knows?

    For "just clarifying", I feel like you confused me more than I was before!!!


  26. There's another Judi somewhere?


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