Friday, January 4, 2008

A piece of advice for management of Mary Kay

Tonight I will be brief.

Today Pink Truth, in criticism of Mary Kay's latest piece of released information, offered this generous recommendation.

There are lots of things Mary Kay could do to make the company better for consultants who are largely victimized by this sytem. It's not like Pink Truth members haven't given management lots of ideas over the last 18 months.

A small list of those recommendations

1. Don't update product
2. Update product more often
3. Update product less often
4. ...

As I said, I will be brief.

Can anyone else think of some of the "great" ideas Pink Truth has provided management?

Nothing Follows


  1. Hey, Dave!

    I'll comment in a minute about the post....just wanted you to know you have been tagged!

  2. I was not sure what this site was about but if there are people out there who have bought product and decided its not for them I would like to buy peoples stock to keep them from having a total lost and try to teach my wife to sell on ebay.

  3. Shay,

    Thanks for the tag.

    Southern Boy,

    Welcome. I would normally consider your comment spam. You and I have no prior relationship and you are linking to your site on your first comment.

    I looked at your site and you do not seem to be selling anything there, so I will allow it. However, my goal here is to have people engage in the conversation about Mary Kay.

    I welcome your thoughts and observations, but please try to stay on topic! Thanks.

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