Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have not have the time to give our blog the proper attention but I will remind our new viewers that we have been around for several years and most answers to most questions can be found in post articles. I can't promise how soon I will be back on top of things as we have many personal items really hogging up our time but thank you for still reading and sticking around. I did see where there were several questions asked and several people that agreed they would like to have them addressed so let's give it a shot... I will do it in stages but here are the questions: Hello, I have been thinking about selling MK but was wondering if you could answer some questions of mine. I am a single mother of a 6 month old and will be needing to take a leave of absence from my part time job. I was thinking about selling MK to have some income. I am hoping to get some honest answers to my questions; 1)would this buisness work for me as a single mom who cannot be away from her child for too long or often? 2)Do you have to sell $200 to be active for the next 3 (or 2?) or do you just have to sell that much in 3 months to be active the next 3? 3)What happens if you do not reach the $200, is there a penalty fee or can you not sell again until you have an order that's a certain amount? 4)How much does the website cost? 5)Dress code? 6)Can people in other states order from your website and have it shipped directly to them or do you have to be a recognized consultant (do the $600 inventory) or sell so much or reach another goal before this could happen? Please honest answers, I'm not trying to get into something and get screwed over. Thank you, Melissa So I will start and take them one at a time. #1 Yes--- and actually I love doing appointments in my home. I typical party would probably put you out of the house approx 2 - 2/12 hours so as long as you can be away for that amount of time - I think it would work just fine. I am sure there are consultants that deal with that all the time. I know I love doing appointments right in my home - I did it when my kids were young too and loved it -- they could play in their room or watch a movie and I could "work" and earn $$ and wasn't having to leave them or pay a babysitter! :) Now if the kids aren't well behaved it could be more difficult! Stay tuned for more answers!!

MK Setting Spray review and 2 warm weather makeup techniques

OK, I have had the chance to try out the new MK makeup setting spray. It performed well, no irritation, kept makeup nice all night on the dance floor. I recommend you buy this for the warm weather that's ahead to avoid makeup meltdown. And with that, I have some other tips. Foiling (wet application) eyeshadow: Dampen brush with MK setting spray, then pick up eyeshadow on brush, then apply by patting/pressing the shadow into the eyelid. This makes the color super dramatic and keeps it in place for such events as going dancing in the evening. Damp mineral foundation application: Get either a flat foundation brush or a flat top mineral powder brush. Dampen with water, blot off excess, pick up mineral powder on brush and buff gently onto skin in circular motions. Then once you have all your makeup on, close eyes and spritz face with MK setting spray. This method is very anti-meltdown for the warm weather. I can verify that unlike many other mineral powders, MK does not itch your face in hot weather.

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