Sunday, August 28, 2011

What' s new??

Help your customers awaken the age-fighting potential of their skin at night with this innovative product that activates collagen production,* targets the skin matrix,* helps skin recover from daily damage and restores the skin barrier.* Available in combination/oily and normal/dry. Your customers can think of it as empowering their skin while they sleep. Now that should give them sweet dreams! $40 (suggested retail)

Sorry for not answering a few questions sooner, was playing away on vacation the last couple of weeks! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and stayed safe during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If it weren't sad, it


would be funny....this order was sent to me via Balanced... now seriously???

Aletha Adal to me
show details Aug 14 (5 days ago)

This message may not have been sent by: Learn more Report phishingAttn: Independent Beauty Consultant,

How are you doing today. I am making enquiry regarding the listed items. I would like you to check the availability of the products in your store.

**** TimeWise® Miracle Set® ----- (qty) 2
**** TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF 15*, 3 fl. oz. ----- ( qty ) 2
**** TimeWise® Targeted-Action® Eye Revitalizer, .34 fl. oz. ------ ( qty ) 3

I want you to get back to me with the quotes excluding the shipping charges. I will be responsible for the pick-up of the order at your location once the payment is confirmed and ready for pick-up. I will be sending over my mover for the pick-up once you have the funds at hand, so they can have it delivered at its destination.

Also, i would like to notify you that the payment of the order will be made with a Certified Cashiers Check cashable at any local store or Local banks. Email back with the payment details of where to have the check mailed to. Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode and a working phone number. Kindly advise back as soon as possible with the quotes and payment information. Hope to read from you soon.

Aletha Adal

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Personality Types & Mary Kay


I have been very remiss in writing lately, just really enjoying the summer, I prefer not to do "reruns" as some other sites, because the articles are here so hopefully any new readers will just go back in the archives and read some of the awesome information that is on here. I have noticed that there are other sites that post old posts as a new article but since I have read them already, it feels like watching reruns on tv. If we have any readers that would like to write something, I would love it!!!

Forever Pink provided an answer and I second her answer, one can absolutely be shy and still do well in Mary Kay, trust me I am a living testimonial to that. I am the type of person that will blend into the wall until I become very comfortable within a group. Now once I get to know people and feel comfortable, watch out, try shutting me up then, lol... but initially... I don't even like going into places that I haven't been before, talking to strangers on the phone, etc... with all my little quirks, I have managed to be a very happy director for over 15 years. My best advice is challenge yourself to do things that might make you fidget a little bit before you do it, it does get easier but I won't promise that a little bit of it won't be with you forever.

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