Thursday, May 28, 2009


Review: eyesicles

Color intensity: Medium
Texture: Good, blendable, spreads evenly
Lasting: Better than average for a cream product. It does crease, but less so than similar products by Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Revlon.
Comfort: Good. Not goopy or sticky.
Buildability: You can build it for more intensity, but this will increase creasing, so I don't suggest doing that. Just wear one even coat.

I would also like to note that even though it takes more time to put on the MK waterproof mascara, it wears much better than similar products by other companies. Your lashes don't get hard or sticky after a couple of hours.

Off to get ready for the club!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Customer Delivery Service

Received my box today.

The cardboard box itself is printed with the MK swirly print. Inside, the packing list is printed on pretty, shiny paper. Under that is a layer of biodegradable/water soluble packing peanuts. Then the cosmetics. There was a black drawstring bag for storing brushes or whatever, a mini microderm set packed in a pink cardboard box, a color card with samples, and the things I ordered. I opened them all and inspected them...they were in perfect shape.

I will note that MK4me's shipment from the post office reach me a couple days faster than MKC's shipment. I don't know what kind of processing or what kind of backlog of shipments they may be dealing with at the plant; it's just a note.

The packing list didn't have prices on it. That leaves it up to the consultant to invoice the customer separately. (btw, that check is going in the mail tonight.)

The cardboard box is very sturdy so it's being reused to store receipts. (I keep credit card receipts and pay stubs and suchlike 3 years before I shred and discard them.)

There were no recruiting leaflets in the box. PT mentioned something about that, but no such thing was included. Just the makeup, samples, and packing list.

Now, I gotta do Job 2. Sigh. Just got through with the housework. I am totally going to have a heart attack while vacuuming one of these days.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bronzers and highlighters

I tried two samples; one was shimmery and one was not. The shimmery bronzer I used in place of blush. If you go easy on it, you can do that for a natural look. The matte one I used to contour my face. It works well for that. You see, I don't actually want to look tan. But there are other uses.

Quality is good, look is natural. I think the matte one is a bit more versatile; you can't contour your face with sparkles.

I tried the facial highlighters too. The pink diamonds? works well as a light blush. The white one can go on your browbone, but would be too pale for other parts of the face. The matte highlighters disappeared into my skin completely and did not show up. They're really, really pale. So in this case I think the shimmer version is more useful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!


Wanted to take a minute to wish everyone and wonderful and safe Happy Memorial Day weekend and to take a moment and reflect on what the day is honoring. -From the Balanced Crew

President/MK Consultant


I think I may have posted this before, if I have, my apologies - but for you Colleen, this may or may not be his wife's consultant. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inquiring Minds?


Anti- mkers seem to constantly complain that Mary Kay never makes a consultant "prove that they are selling product." Sales are reported on what is ordered and not what is sold and the Company should make consultants report and prove retails sales. At first some may say, oh yes, that will make all the difference. Giving this statement some thought, my first reaction was - I don't want to expend the time or energy it would take for me to reproduce my records to forward them to MK. Second, I am self-employed, not an employee, I never agreed to sell a certain amount and I should not be expected to "report" what I sell like I have big brother watching me. I am classified self-employed which means I should not have to report to anyone other than myself. I also am intelligent enough to know that if I don't need the product, I am not going to buy the product to "buy" an $1800 pink toaster. This is America, if I want to buy $200 or $2000 or $20,000 worth of products that is a right I am given - whether my decison is smart or not is another issue all together.

Now that my rant is over... the point I was trying to lead up to, is what would even change? I have read on pt about consultants buying their cars, units, top director trips, recruit fake consultants to finish diq, activating consultants without their knowledge, piggy-back returned product on someone else's product return because they had too much to send back so they added it to someone else's return to get the money back but doing this screws a director that has done her no wrong. All unethical, or illegal - all dishonest - so why or what would prevent them for recording fake sales and still buying their recognition and prizes? After having my eyes open at what some individuals will do to "succeed" and being in shock, seriously feeling naive that people would even think of such things - now nothing surprises me. So in the long run, what would reporting actual sales to MK actually prove - with the "confessions" of many on pt, I am sure many "fake" sales would be reported just as non necessary inventory orders are placed.

and I continue to read the retorts to any statement of fact a neutral/pro mk posters makes to the extent of... we have soooo mnay years of experience here Ms. 123 has 30 yrs, Ms. 345 has 10, Ms. XYZ was a DIQ, Ms Poo has gone on top director trips but everyone of them post how glad they are to be out of MK and how much debt they had and how they had to declare bankruptcy, returned $20,000 in product and that return check will only put a dent in there debt... blah blah blah.... how can these two statements both be true.... if they were truely that successfully, they truely wouldn't have been that far in debt. So, why would I listen to someone that couldn't turn a profit when I can and I haven't compromised my ethics, beliefs, just because they couldn't find a way to do it, is not, and never will be proof that it can not be done, it is simply proof that "THEY" were not able to. Oh, and some of us are just reality based, many of us don't live in any fog and don't only look at things with rose colored glasses. haha, we are "balanced"! So in review, what exactly would requiring us to report our sales to Corporate prove?

New Packaging Phasing In!!


How exciting! I was unpacking an order today and had ordered a couple of miracles sets because I was so low and knew there is no way I was making it until the 26th (when directors can advance order the summer line products) when to my surprise the Miracle sets I ordered are in the new packaging. This is awesome because obviously the Company has exhausted their supply of the "white" miracles sets so we now we don't have to wonder if we have enough to hold us over - we will get the new...(this may depend on which distribution center your products are shipped from - I am sure all the distribution centers didn't run out at the exact same time!!)

Along with a photo of the new Miracle set packaging (which I REALLY, really like) the lipstick pictured in the photo is the limited edition "Passion Pink" - love the color and it reminds me of the former "plum" which I still have clients requesting so I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular seller.

Love the new bag and brochure that comes along with the products in the Miracle Set. I give this a thumb's up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Preview


What is there to look forward to in the Summer line? I already gave you the sneak peak of the Tropical Pineapple Gift Set but what else are we going to see? First we know that the new packaging on the Miracle Set is happening, we have now for quite awhile this is happening so we have had time to balance out our inventory so that we will not be overstocked with the previous white packaging but it is a great time to really focus on reducing your current inventories levels. Joining the new packaging are:

Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm with an SPF 15. (Suggested retail $13.) It is going to be available in 5 different shades and that contain a dash of vanilla flavor. The shades: Apricot, Blush, Natural, and Poppy

Limited Edition products will include the prementioned Tropical Pineapple Gift Set
and the
Two Minute Look Collection (starting at $35 suggested retail) - provides a quick, simple look. It includes a mineral bronzing powder, a mascara, and a tinted lip balm. For a limited time, with the purchase of any of these regular line products, you will recived a cosmetic bag free.

For a limited time you will receive a free mini hand cream with the purchase of the Satin Hands Pampering Set.

And of course the Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Lipstick- Limited Edition Pink Passion Lipstick, the other lipstick included in the Beauty That Counts program is the regular line Gingerbread.

(and... ooooohhh some cool stuff to earn in the next Star Consultant Quarter!!)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Customer Delivery Service Test!


Our review of what it feels like to get an order delivered from the C.D.S. direct from Mary Kay versus a consultant is in the making. I processed Miranda's order thru the service. (I will be sending her seperately one eye shadow because cranberry ice eye shadow is not in the current line. I didn't have to ship it this way but I wanted to try and use the service in case I am ever in a situation to use it and I can't wait to hear Miranda's review when she gets the package.

I included the gift w/purchase (mini microderm), a color card, and the black shipping bag. I placed the order on Tuesday, so now we will see how long it takes and what Miranda thinks. (It did have one major advantage: Today, I didn't want to run into town (remember 20 mile round trip) and I didn't want her to wait so I was able to stay in my office, not get "cute", not use an hour of time, and didn't waste any gas, and I was going to have to pay for shipping any way. The other eyeshadow is in a bubble envelope going to work w/ mr. mk4me tonight with her invoice with a couple of stamps on it, so it really saved me time.

Sneak peak!

I still haven't received my preview of the summer products but here is a sneak peak at the tropical pineapple set... stayed tuned more info is coming....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom Transportation


and yes, they DID beg to take the Pink CTS, I am happy to report it returned home in the same condition (cleaner - they took it thru the car wash)- so contrary to the beliefs on some other sites, some - even young cool kids, think the pink cts rocks!

Prom Eye Look


L'il mk4me's friend brought a picture from a magazine of a look she thought would look good on her and for her dress. So we did what we could and I am happy to say she loved it and so did I. Because she has the colors she wears every day, we used the former color line samples, so this look consists of the periwinkle blue, the dark side of the fig duet, crystaline under the brow and amber blaze. We lines in black but the smudged the blue over the liner. - Black Ultimate mascara - we used the former pink meringue blush, and on her lips we put neutral liner whipped berries lipstick and pink diamonds gloss. It looked great.

Coastal Cool Look for the Prom


Well, I really liked the way her eyes turned out. L'il mk4me had her senior prom last night and her gown was perfect to play with these colors. I used the blue, green, a little brown but added a bit of precious pink and amber blaze. She used black liner and then followed it with the bahama blue liner and of course, ultimate black mascara. We used strawberry cream blush very lightly on her cheeks, and pink liner with frosted rose lipstick with sugarberry gloss. (Of course we highlighted with the Velocity Gold Shimmer powder (previous limited edition. (Also used a little blonde eye brow pencil.

She was pleased and I liked the way it came out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is Coming in the Summer Look Book?


What’s New Inside the Summer Issue of The Look
Enroll April 16 - May 15, 2009

Hostess Gift: Pamper Me Set (How fun!)

Gift With Purchase: Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad Sampler (Super excited to have this again - my clients were so excited over the last time)

Mary Kay® Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15* in Blush and Poppy
(these will be the samples in The Look Book)

*Over-the-counter drug product (as with any otc - watch expiration dates)

As of this writing, I haven't received my unit support package with our product preview yet, so I can't comment on some of the other items but I heard the pineapple set is yummy! - Stay tuned for more updates as soon as I get my package!

A great way to increase your sales is to utilize the PCP program. For only 65 cents a catalogue, your clients get a new Look Book from you with a personalized note, samples, and a gift with purchase offer if they purchase over $40 in products. To mail the Look Book on your own, it runs over $1.00 & this wouldn't contain the samples. In my unit - sales soar after the new books end up in the hands of their clients - of course follow up is vital.

Cost of providing great customer service to your clients - 4 Look Books a year = $2.60 (plus tax). Remember it is always better to retain a client than to have to replace ones you are loosing for less than quality customer service.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Product Trial

Timewise Firming Eye Cream:

I am not sure if this is an instant plumping product or something that works over time. Anyway, I applied it to the skin around my eyes first. Ouch...I had a reaction. My eyes started stinging and watering. I removed the product from around my eyes and tried applying it on my nose-to-mouth lines and my forehead worry lines instead. I'll keep trying it in those areas and see if there are any changes with time.

Wouldn't buy this for myself because of the eye reaction. Others may have better luck.

Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder:

True to name, this is sheer. It's a good setting powder over liquid foundation. Does not work *as* a foundation. Also seems to run a bit lighter colored than other MK foundation and powder products that I have tried so far.



Sorry gang, I have an all day business expo tomorrow, it is always so much fun, but I didn't want to go without a post. So here is a list I had in my files, some of the ideas are great, others, I probably wouldn't try but others might. Some may give you a thought that you can expand on to make it your own. Be creative - add comments or add other ideas. -Ideas, Ideas, more Ideas!!


1. Invest in a Mary Kay WebSite. Then Advertise it!! Click here
2. Place current and prospective clients on the company PCP program.
3. Send a catalog to a co-worker that as moved.
4. Ask your hairdresser to place your business cards at her station.
5. Post a catalog in the teacher's lounge at your child's school click here
6. Post a catalog in the employee lunch room.
7. Hold an open house. Click here
8. Have a get to know you party with your neighbor's.
9. Advertise in your alumni newsletter and/or local newspaper.
-General Ads
-Color Ad's
10. Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor's or dentist's office.
11. Include a Business Card or flyer with your bill payments.
12. Place ad's in the local high schools newsletters giving specials for prom, winter ball, etc makeovers. Click here for flyer
13. Put current catalog or business cards in your neighbor's door. Include a coupon.
14. Ask friends to have a show.
15. Advertise in your church bulletin.
16. Contact local school cheerleading squad coaches.
17. Host an office party or brunch.
18. Host a show before or during a PTA meeting.
19. Mail out samples, catalogs and a wish list.
20. Advertise at pre-schools for the working mom.
21. Get a list from Welcome Wagon. New people may be looking for a consultant or a new job in this area.
22. Set up a display at a craft fair.
23. Have your husband or significant order promote at work.
24. When sending emails have your website within your signature.
25. Hold a Christmas Shopping Show for men (or for Mother's Day)
26. Offer a Christmas wish list to your guest and then call the gift giver and tell him or her what the guest wants.
27. Set up a display at a mall.
28. Have an answering machine and have it state your business.
29. Wear your Mary Kay pin.
30. Use Mary Kay checks on your personnel account.
31. Ask past hostesses at shows to talk about their free products.
32. When visiting out of town family bring Mary Kay samples and brochures.
33. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan shows.
34. Encourage relatives to book a show. Click here
35. Build a before & after Portfolio
36. When flying place brochures in the pocket seat with your phone number only.
37. Conduct Skin Care Surveys click here for survey cards
38. Start an E-mail address book of customers who want to know what the monthly specials are, don't forget to mention the hostess specials.
39. Contact local church youth groups to contact girl nights (churches usually buy gifts up front for girls attending i.e. wrapped nail polish & lip gloss)
40. If taking the train leave brochures with your phone number.
41. Give out your business card to anyone that helps you.
42. Give products as gifts or donations.
43. Go to local dance schools to set up displays or advertise.
44. Have a display at job fairs.
45. Contact schools and see if they have advertising within their parent newsletters to off set cost.
46. Leave your business cards on bulletin boards or in local businesses
47. If you live near where the Airlines Headquarters are contact them in regards to doing glamour training with stewards.
48. Go to motivational seminars and network.
49. Always have baggies with samples to Pass out (don't forget to include your business card)
click here
50. Have you and your family members wear MK T-shirts or sweatshirts.
51. Go to health spas (most have vendors come in once a month to set up)
52. Go to hotels and offer the staff a quick make-over on their breaks (the mgr could offer as appreciation)
53. Leave your brochures in doctor , dentist, beauty salons.
54. Join your Chamber of Commerce.
55. Display at health fairs connected within corporations, this is a great way to show skin care and sun products.
56. Do a Fragrance Survey click here for survey cards
57. Do a silent hostess program with an out of town friend or relative.
58. Host your own show. Could even be a fundraiser for your favorite charity.
59. Contact your local Girl Scouts.
60. Birthday Leads click here
61. Call local hospitals and offer to do pampering sessions in the break room during nurse appreciation week.
62. Take a Satin Hands recipe to every potluck.
63. Go to bridal fairs.
64. Get brides out of the newspaper.
65. Give a client, friend or relative 10 brochures to pass on to others.
66. Call past hostesses and ask for referrals give an incentive.
67. Do appreciation days at places of businesses.
68. New Mom's
69. Set up display tables with drawings in clothing stores.
70. Have a booth at a school fair.
71.Contact local businesses to be the vendor to supply gifts to their best clents.
72. Ladies Clubs
73. Do fragrance surveys.
74. Send a catalog to your Tupperware, Discovery Toys, etc. reps or exchange shows.
75. Bring flyers with gift ideas to local firehouses
76. Girl Parties Click here
77. Follow through on every booking lead.
78. Go to local hospitals and give out samples to Nurses.
79.Bring goodie bags to bank tellers.
80. Professional Women Click here
81. Call your Realtor with suggestion of Mary Kay new home gift packages
82. Do a Web Class. click here
83. Place up flyers in apartment laundry rooms. click here for flyer
84. Have a Referral Club
85. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose businesses or residences in the area.
86. Do a fishbowl drawing in local businesses:
87. Ask friends, family or clients to place your brochures within their break rooms.
88. Set up in a Bridal Shop
89. Put an ask me about Mary Kay button on your purse or coat.
90. Leave your business card with your tip for the waiter.
91. Remember the 3ft rule, hand your business card out to anyone that is in 3 feet of you.
92. Play Tic-Tac-Toe
93. Have you and your family members wear MK T-shirts or sweatshirts.
94. Offer a bridal registry
95. Do a join open house with other in home business.
96. Referral by Friend
97. Put the Mary Kay logo on your car.
98. Do Lipstick Surveys click here for supporting doc
99. Ask you manicurist if you can place business cards at her station.
100. Brochures placed in Bridal Shops.
(credited to Director J. Myhre)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Dusty Rose lip liner, Whipped Berries lipstick, MK hand and body lotion

Dusty Rose lip liner: A flattering shade that would likely work for most people with light to medium skin. Goes on smoothly and evenly, stays put, not drying or waxy. This one is a winner.

Whipped Berries lipstick: A really nice berry color, probably flattering for most skin shades. Not too pinky or purply; just right. I wore it over the dusty rose liner. Staying power is good; moisture is good. It lasted through 2 drinks and 3 dances at the club before requiring touchup.

MK hand and body lotion: Nice stuff. Medium consistency, rich feel, very light and pleasant scent. Soaks right in to the skin, no greasiness or residue feeling. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

Virtual Makeover adds Bridal Feature

Bridal Virtual Makeover Launches to our Mary Kay Websites!

We’ve launched new bridal enhancements on the Virtual Makeover just in time for all those June brides!
Virtual Makeover Bridal includes six “one-click” bridal looks created especially for brides by a professional makeup artist. Choose from Classic, Modern, Glamorous, Natural, Daytime and Evening; 65 new bridal hairstyles; veils, tiaras, jewelry and more; as well as downloadable “after photos,” so your customers can post their makeovers to their Facebook pages or send them to friends.

Also beginning May 1, when visitors to Virtual Makeover forward looks to friends, the products used to create their looks will be included in their e-mail messages. It’s a fun, free way to find the picture-perfect look for the big day.

Just visit:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Humor



Everything is farther away than it used to be. It is even twice as far to the corner, and they have added a hill. I have given up running for the bus; it leaves earlier than it use to.

It seems to me they are making the stairs steeper than in the old days. And have you noticed the smaller print they use in the newspapers?

There is no sense in asking anyone to read aloud anymore, since everybody speaks in such a low voice I can hardly hear them.

The material in dresses is so skimpy now especially around the waist and hips, that it is almost impossible to reach one's shoelaces. And the sizes don't run the way they used to The 12's and 14's are so much smaller.

Even people are changing. They are so much younger than they use to be when I was their age. On the other hand, people my own age are so much older than I am.

I ran into an old classmate the other day and she has aged so much that she didn't recognize me! I got to thinking about the poor dear while I was combing my hair this morning and in so doing I glanced at my own reflection. Really now, they don't even make good mirrors like they use to!

Have a chuckle and a Great weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009



Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation- Giving Increases During Economic Downturn

I am proud to be a part of this Company - just look at what was accomplished in 2008!

Mary Kay Ash inspired us with these words, "Belief in success is the one basic absolutely essential ingredient in successful people. Obviously, if you think victory, you will succeed. Belief is the thermostat that regulates what we accomplish in this life. A person is actually a product of her own thoughts; and when you think big, you achieve big things. Shakespeare said, "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.' He who would attain greatness must make no little plans."
Consistently, our donors have joined with us in big, big ways to support Mary Kay's dream of eliminating cancers that affect women and ending domestic violence. They are truly impressive and inspiring! Their steadfast commitment and heartfelt energies have enabled the Foundation to make a difference in the lives of women and their families through grants and creative initiatives. Our support for vital programs has surged from $500,000 in 1997 to $3.6 million in 2004 to $5.4 million in 2008, our largest amount of giving ever.

Here are highlights of what we accomplished together in 2008:

Granted 150 domestic violence shelters $20,000 each -- a total of $3 million
Awarded 15 respected doctors and medical scientists $100,000 each in cancer research grants -- a total of $1.5 million
Donated $500,000 to CancerCare Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free professional help to people with cancer, for its Touching Hearts program
Contributed $300,000 to the National Network to End Domestic Violence to produce a Spanish version of the CD Survivor's Technology: An Interactive Safety Planning Tool, and to support the Amy's Courage Fund, which provides assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children
Gave $225,000 to the American Society of Breast Disease for the Mary Kay Ash Advanced Training Program in Onoplastic Breast Surgery
Raised $165,960 in the Team Up For Women! Challenge
Raised $283,570 from donations at Seminar 2008
Raised more than $97,000 in sponsorships in the 4th annual MK5K®

By sustaining our big hopes, dreams and actions, we will continue to be a positive force in the world.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Customer Delivery Service


Our wonderful Miranda has requested: Consultants and directors: Please post your opinions/experiences/feedback on the new Customer Delivery Service for star consultants thing. On first glance, it looks like it might cost more than it earns you, but I'm somewhat out of the loop and want to know what you think (not just what PT thinks; as they aren't using it).

My $.02 for what it is worth. It isn't a service you would want to use every time you were shipping an order. Logic tells me if I am shipping one lipstick to an individual, I can do it much cheaper myself. However.... I have many clients in other states that when they order, they order large amounts. With the postal rates, the $8.75 for the Look Book, Samples, Professional Packaging, and having it done for you without having to take a trip to the post office (which in my case is a 20 mile round trip) - is very well worth it.

Could I live without this service? Obviously the answer is yes because I have, will I utilize it, yes, in cases where it is feasible. Will I use it for every order I ship? - NO

Will I charge my clients the $8.75? No, I have never charged for shipping before, and I believe if we start charging for shipping, there would be no reason for a client to just look for a local consultant so they wouldn't have to pay for the shipping. I value my clients and the ones I do ship to are well worth the little expense of the postage.

Mary Kay on YouTube!

Published 05.05.09
Mary Kay Channel Debuts on YouTube!
An official “Mary Kay Channel” has launched at

As many of you know, YouTube is the Internet’s leading site for posting and sharing video. It’s another important way to spread the word about the Mary Kay experience – particularly in the middle of our current economic climate, which is attracting more women than ever to this opportunity!

The Mary Kay Channel (located at will feature five Company-produced videos about Mary Kay® products and the opportunity. We’ve also included a new Mary Kay Hot Newz. TV College Video that features two college student Independent Beauty Consultants talking about why they love their Mary Kay businesses. You can send the link to this video and others on the Mary Kay Channel to customers through e-mail, or post it on your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page.

We urge you to visit the site. The more subscribers the channel has, and the higher each video is rated, the more likely it is that the channel and videos will show up in relevant searches on the site. Keep in mind, however, that YouTube--as any Web site that allows free access--carries a wide range of content and opinions. While some of the material may be objectionable to some, the site also contains a great deal of useful information that – like the Mary Kay Channel – brings benefit to others.

The Company has taken all possible steps to create a positive experience for visitors to the Mary Kay channel. Most importantly, visitors to YouTube who search for “Mary Kay” can now see Company-produced messages that they can share with others.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mary Kay Joins Social Networking Sites

In case you didn't know, I'm a Twitterer. What you also may not know is that Mary Kay, Inc. is on Twitter, too! Rhonda Shasteen has an official Mary Kay blog which mk4me pointed out in a previous post.
Upon learning of the blog, I saw that Rhonda is also on Twitter so of course I followed her! Today I saw a tweet that Mary Kay is on YouTube now! Actually, it looks like they've been a member since 2006, but with social media and networking becoming exponentially more common it makes sense that they are doing more to follow these trends! I thought it was interesting and a sign that Mary Kay isn't the same company it was years ago and they are making an effort to connect to younger people.

On TV again!

Published 05.05.09

Mary Kay® on One Tree Hill! (This links can be viewed from

In case you missed it... click here to view Mary Kay’s promotional mention on Monday’s episode of The CW’s One Tree Hill. Help your customers get their favorite “character-inspired” looks with this special “Get the looks” flier that lists the Mary Kay® products used by One Tree Hill key makeup artist, Tym Buacharern. You’ll also find great tips for using the flier to help build your business.
Be sure to tune into next Monday’s episode at 9/8c for more Mary Kay mentions!

Click here to get the latest advertising schedule and more.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel:

I am enjoying the sample but probably won't buy full size. Here's my experience: It chills the eye area lightly and makes you feel better. It's refreshing. At the same time, it is goopy, similar to aloe gel, and you're going to have to wash it back off. If you wear glasses, your lashes knock it onto your lenses. I'll use my sample when I get home from the club and take my makeup off, hence not wearing my glasses because I'm going to bed, and then it's washed off in the AM.

I keep going back to the Passionfruit perfume. It stays about 3 hours, then it's time to reapply. I like the little roller ball. Also, I notice that the Starlet Kiss lip gloss has serious staying power.

I did microdermabrasion again before my modeling session at the Arts Council on Sunday. I let the serum dry and then put on a light coat of mineral makeup and some mascara and lip gloss. I got compliments on my skin and a "how on earth can you be 40?" It really seems to degunk my pores and smooth off the post-acne flake areas.

Tonight I plan to try the other eye product (sorry, I have to look at the tube to get the name). I could really do without crepey skin and dark circles, which I am starting to get.

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