Thursday, May 28, 2009


Review: eyesicles

Color intensity: Medium
Texture: Good, blendable, spreads evenly
Lasting: Better than average for a cream product. It does crease, but less so than similar products by Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Revlon.
Comfort: Good. Not goopy or sticky.
Buildability: You can build it for more intensity, but this will increase creasing, so I don't suggest doing that. Just wear one even coat.

I would also like to note that even though it takes more time to put on the MK waterproof mascara, it wears much better than similar products by other companies. Your lashes don't get hard or sticky after a couple of hours.

Off to get ready for the club!


  1. I have tried every mascara under the sun (even MK) and I have not found a way for my eyes to stop watering after I have had it on for 3 hours or more. This has happened all of my life does anyone have any advice?

  2. Hmmm. Does this occur with the clear (no color) mascara also? If not, put on the black mascara, let it dry, then put a coat of clear over it to seal it in.

    If it does occur with clear, you might look into getting your lashes colored at a salon.


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