Saturday, May 9, 2009


Dusty Rose lip liner, Whipped Berries lipstick, MK hand and body lotion

Dusty Rose lip liner: A flattering shade that would likely work for most people with light to medium skin. Goes on smoothly and evenly, stays put, not drying or waxy. This one is a winner.

Whipped Berries lipstick: A really nice berry color, probably flattering for most skin shades. Not too pinky or purply; just right. I wore it over the dusty rose liner. Staying power is good; moisture is good. It lasted through 2 drinks and 3 dances at the club before requiring touchup.

MK hand and body lotion: Nice stuff. Medium consistency, rich feel, very light and pleasant scent. Soaks right in to the skin, no greasiness or residue feeling. Leaves skin soft and smooth.


  1. Say, I want to point something out.

    Nobody on this blog had exhibited the ugly behaviors that PT accuses all MK directors and consultants of practicing. No recruitment attempts on me as I have stated that I'm not interested. No greedy, grasping, ripoff attempts.

    And once MK4me became my consultant, no one has attempted to shark me away from her.

    MK4me has been extremely generous with me and provides money saving tips and advice for all...she is a good example for everyone else in the business.

  2. Miranda Im glad that you pointed this out she is a good one isnt she MK4ME!!! She restores faith in good directors, I know that are lots more out there just like her you just dont hear about them. Actually there are a LOT of them!

  3. A very sincere thank you to you Miranda.. may I say, it is a delight to have a client that loves the products that you love and are comfortable to say, yes, I like this one, nope, you keep that one! thank you Colleen - and you are right, there are loads of directors like myself, they probably just don't spend so much time on blogs! haha - hey if I every decide to give up blogging, just think what would happen if I decided to do a bit more MK work??

    Miranda -Keep eye on the mail box - package is on the way!


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