Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Customer Delivery Service

Received my box today.

The cardboard box itself is printed with the MK swirly print. Inside, the packing list is printed on pretty, shiny paper. Under that is a layer of biodegradable/water soluble packing peanuts. Then the cosmetics. There was a black drawstring bag for storing brushes or whatever, a mini microderm set packed in a pink cardboard box, a color card with samples, and the things I ordered. I opened them all and inspected them...they were in perfect shape.

I will note that MK4me's shipment from the post office reach me a couple days faster than MKC's shipment. I don't know what kind of processing or what kind of backlog of shipments they may be dealing with at the plant; it's just a note.

The packing list didn't have prices on it. That leaves it up to the consultant to invoice the customer separately. (btw, that check is going in the mail tonight.)

The cardboard box is very sturdy so it's being reused to store receipts. (I keep credit card receipts and pay stubs and suchlike 3 years before I shred and discard them.)

There were no recruiting leaflets in the box. PT mentioned something about that, but no such thing was included. Just the makeup, samples, and packing list.

Now, I gotta do Job 2. Sigh. Just got through with the housework. I am totally going to have a heart attack while vacuuming one of these days.

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  1. Good to hear that MK for me is on the ball. I think that she would put in a recruiting packet if and only if someone asked for it or showed some interest ow was the most excited one at the skin care class. I bet she is selective about who she recruits. Good to see things are working out in the customer service dept, thanks for letting us know Miranda.


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