Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Product Trial

Timewise Firming Eye Cream:

I am not sure if this is an instant plumping product or something that works over time. Anyway, I applied it to the skin around my eyes first. Ouch...I had a reaction. My eyes started stinging and watering. I removed the product from around my eyes and tried applying it on my nose-to-mouth lines and my forehead worry lines instead. I'll keep trying it in those areas and see if there are any changes with time.

Wouldn't buy this for myself because of the eye reaction. Others may have better luck.

Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder:

True to name, this is sheer. It's a good setting powder over liquid foundation. Does not work *as* a foundation. Also seems to run a bit lighter colored than other MK foundation and powder products that I have tried so far.


  1. How close did you apply the product to the lash line and tear duct? I have found that when I apply the product too close, my eyes might burn, sting, and water. So, I just make sure I pat the product in, a little at a time to make sure I don't get too close. I have been using it just underneath the outside third of my eyebrow on the brow bone, and I have noticed that my skin there has been a little tighter and looks almost lifted. :)

  2. eh, I guess 1/8 inch away like all my other makeup?

  3. Miranda, as sensative as you are to any of the anti-aging ingredients, it isn't a total shock but they do suggest as Alison mentioned to keep eye creams a way back from the eyes (something about the "spread" of the product with the heat of the body "pulls" the creams into the eye causing a burning sensation. Yours just sounds more like an allergic reaction, and just a product on the list of the ones you can not use.

    Personally, I love it, use it morning and night - gotta keep those lines, wrinkles, and crows feet away!

    Sorry this test didn't have pleasant results for you. :(

  4. Miranda its cool..even I cant use every product we have. The tinted moisturizer breaks me out..I dont know why. I luv the coverage of the tinted moisturizer along with the mineral loose powder, and i always get compliments when I wear it, but in a few days...ity bity bumps are on my skin..

    Nothing else does this to me. I wear the mineral loose powder by itself and over the medium coverage foundation and no bumps, but when I use that tinted moisturizer, my skin goes crazy!

    Like I said, your reviews are great, its like reading a beauty magazine with the editors favorite beauty picks!

    Did you already give your review on the bronzing blushers? If so when was it so I can read it.

  5. You should see what happened to me when I tried Retin-A. It practically burned my whole face off!

  6. bronzing blushers? I have not tried this yet. Don't think I have any.

    Make your own tinted moisturizer. Put some of your regular moisturizer and your regular foundation in your palm, 50/50, and mix them together and put the mixture on your face. Works for me!

  7. Hey that makes sense! I am gonna try it!

    Yes, they are called Mineral Bronzing Powders. I am sure MK4ME can hook you up!
    I will admit I have not sold many of them, so I would luv an opinion.

  8. They will be on the way! :)

  9. Hey, psst. I'll send an email too, but in the next pkg you send, I want to purchase...sweet plum eyeshadow, black eyeshadow (coal?) and do you still have cranberry ice?

  10. ...and a bunch of other stuff. Just check yr email when you get a chance. lol


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