Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Packaging Phasing In!!

How exciting! I was unpacking an order today and had ordered a couple of miracles sets because I was so low and knew there is no way I was making it until the 26th (when directors can advance order the summer line products) when to my surprise the Miracle sets I ordered are in the new packaging. This is awesome because obviously the Company has exhausted their supply of the "white" miracles sets so we now we don't have to wonder if we have enough to hold us over - we will get the new...(this may depend on which distribution center your products are shipped from - I am sure all the distribution centers didn't run out at the exact same time!!)

Along with a photo of the new Miracle set packaging (which I REALLY, really like) the lipstick pictured in the photo is the limited edition "Passion Pink" - love the color and it reminds me of the former "plum" which I still have clients requesting so I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular seller.

Love the new bag and brochure that comes along with the products in the Miracle Set. I give this a thumb's up.


  1. I really do love the packaging also! I can't wait to get some orders for them!

  2. Why *did* they stop making Plum lipstick and Cranberry ice shadow, anyway? Those were always hella popular. I mean you can get Cranberry shadow from MAC too, but it sure ain't cheap. Revlon makes a "plum luck" lipstick but the texture is not as good and it doesn't wear as well. :(

    My back huuuurrrrrrrrrts. *whine* I don't know why that is, either!

    P.S. When you do skin care/color classes with your more innovative customers, try purple and green combos on their eyes. I see lots of girls doing them lately and it looks really good.

  3. I just looked up the color names. Try this:

    Lid: Lemongrass
    Crease: Iris (blend out towards inside)
    Outer V: Sweet plum
    Browbone: Crystalline

  4. Miranda I am wearing sweet plum in my "outer V" today! Its one of my favorite colors

  5. What else you got on? I'm always looking to try new combinations.

  6. Chocolate kiss is on the lid and I framed it with the sweet plum and smoked it out towards the outer V. Somtimes I wear that Coal in the outer V with the chocolate kiss too, it gives a great smokey look. I think I have either moonstone or cystaline in the browbone area. Amber Glaze also looks great in the browbone with this combination.

    My skin tone is dark bronze and it really pops!

    Eye makeup is my favorite. I am just now discovering false eyelashes. MK has great mascara, but falsies just kicks the glam up a notch dont you think?!

  7. Im not making this up! I read on a blog (and I believe the girl) that Our first lady Michelle Obama wears Mary Kay. Remember when MK4ME put up that Sarah Palin wore it too! I can put the link up to the blog its funny there was a girl there who worked for MAC and she wore her MK everyday! This means a lot to me personally (being african american) but not just that I was excited to see that Sarah Palin had it too because when they start to mention you in the government and on TV it makes a big difference.


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