Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coastal Cool Look for the Prom

Well, I really liked the way her eyes turned out. L'il mk4me had her senior prom last night and her gown was perfect to play with these colors. I used the blue, green, a little brown but added a bit of precious pink and amber blaze. She used black liner and then followed it with the bahama blue liner and of course, ultimate black mascara. We used strawberry cream blush very lightly on her cheeks, and pink liner with frosted rose lipstick with sugarberry gloss. (Of course we highlighted with the Velocity Gold Shimmer powder (previous limited edition. (Also used a little blonde eye brow pencil.

She was pleased and I liked the way it came out.


  1. Judging from the way Lil MK4ME's eyes look Mr MK4Me will have to keep a close watch on her....LOL I like the way her eyes look I bet she got a lot of compliments.

  2. Actually, mr.mk4me bought a fireproof safe for the house today.. I asked "why did you decide you needed one of those, I thought you got the safety deposit box so you didn't need on??" - he said it is to keep l'il mk4me in until she is 25! lol

    (Not really, everything we want to keep in the safety deposit box hasn't made it to the bank to put in the box yet... so might as well have a safe place to keep them at the house!)

  3. Maybe I shouldnt be asking this but has LilMK4ME expressed an interest in MK or she is she going to go on a different career path or she doesnt know yet?

  4. Colleen, she has already brought me orders and clients. She isn't 18 yet so she couldn't sign an agreement right now anyway. She does plan on getting her starter kit before she goes away to college but I am not going to shove it down her thoat if she is not interested.

    I love my daughter very much and she can be great and charming with people but... I have also watched her when someone irratates her and well..... she is still young. If she decides to pursue it we can track how she does. She does love Mary Kay though seriously, the only product she doesn't love is the lip gloss, she likes it better now than she did but it isn't her favorite.

    She also prefers Timewise to Velocity, c - t - powder foundation versus the minerals, the ultimate black mascara versus the waterproof. She is a child that knows her mind.


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