Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mary Kay on YouTube!

Published 05.05.09
Mary Kay Channel Debuts on YouTube!
An official “Mary Kay Channel” has launched at

As many of you know, YouTube is the Internet’s leading site for posting and sharing video. It’s another important way to spread the word about the Mary Kay experience – particularly in the middle of our current economic climate, which is attracting more women than ever to this opportunity!

The Mary Kay Channel (located at will feature five Company-produced videos about Mary Kay® products and the opportunity. We’ve also included a new Mary Kay Hot Newz. TV College Video that features two college student Independent Beauty Consultants talking about why they love their Mary Kay businesses. You can send the link to this video and others on the Mary Kay Channel to customers through e-mail, or post it on your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page.

We urge you to visit the site. The more subscribers the channel has, and the higher each video is rated, the more likely it is that the channel and videos will show up in relevant searches on the site. Keep in mind, however, that YouTube--as any Web site that allows free access--carries a wide range of content and opinions. While some of the material may be objectionable to some, the site also contains a great deal of useful information that – like the Mary Kay Channel – brings benefit to others.

The Company has taken all possible steps to create a positive experience for visitors to the Mary Kay channel. Most importantly, visitors to YouTube who search for “Mary Kay” can now see Company-produced messages that they can share with others.


  1. Although Im all for this I hope the younger generation (20s) doesnt use this to recruit without putting the product on the faces of their potential team members. I can see how this might encourage people to get a lot of members but not do it the right way if you know what I mean. I dont mean getting a lot of inventory (college kids dont have those kinds of funds anyway) but just roping and herding them in. I can see VELOCITY having a huge boost in sales because of this. I only see the social networking sites helping to get recruits not to boost sales that will take actually getting the product on their face.

  2. This is beyond GREAT!! Did you see in that one video where the young lady directing the skin care class had on PANTS!!!! YES!! PROOF that you CAN wear what you want at your own appointments. Maybe PT will shut up with trying to make everyone think that MK is so restrictive and behind the times!
    I love how MK is taking every opportunity to claim the internet traffic that can shape the opinions about this business! And this does give us just one more tool to sell this product.

    I love IT!!!

  3. Consultants and directors: Please post your opinions/experiences/feedback on the new Customer Delivery Service for star consultants thing. On first glance, it looks like it might cost more than it earns you, but I'm somewhat out of the loop and want to know what you think (not just what PT thinks; as they aren't using it).

  4. Pants! Pants! Pants! Pants! *claps and cheers* yes, this is good. Then more consultants will feel like they can also wear pants.

    If someone records and youtubes a facial done on someone young and demonstrates a good result, that could help the younger set not to believe that it's cakey old lady makeup. It could help sales.


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