Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bronzers and highlighters

I tried two samples; one was shimmery and one was not. The shimmery bronzer I used in place of blush. If you go easy on it, you can do that for a natural look. The matte one I used to contour my face. It works well for that. You see, I don't actually want to look tan. But there are other uses.

Quality is good, look is natural. I think the matte one is a bit more versatile; you can't contour your face with sparkles.

I tried the facial highlighters too. The pink diamonds? works well as a light blush. The white one can go on your browbone, but would be too pale for other parts of the face. The matte highlighters disappeared into my skin completely and did not show up. They're really, really pale. So in this case I think the shimmer version is more useful.


  1. Do you mean Pink Stardust? If so, that is my highlighter powder of choice. I love it! I use the pink one as a shimmery blush, too. Regular blushes sometimes come out a little too bold on my pale complexion, especially in winter months. As I spend more time outside in summer I can wear blush when I darken up. I have also found that the Pink Stardust can be used in place of concealer under my eyes. I use the Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer and as a result I do not need to use concealer, but once in awhile, the dark circles rear their ugly heads and the highlighting powder blends nicely with the mineral foundation and also covers up those dark spots. :)

  2. I agree about the matte highlighting powder...perhaps we are just too pale for it to do its thing?? :) I'll still use it in hopes that it is truly highlighting the intended areas of my face...


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