Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Customer Delivery Service

Our wonderful Miranda has requested: Consultants and directors: Please post your opinions/experiences/feedback on the new Customer Delivery Service for star consultants thing. On first glance, it looks like it might cost more than it earns you, but I'm somewhat out of the loop and want to know what you think (not just what PT thinks; as they aren't using it).

My $.02 for what it is worth. It isn't a service you would want to use every time you were shipping an order. Logic tells me if I am shipping one lipstick to an individual, I can do it much cheaper myself. However.... I have many clients in other states that when they order, they order large amounts. With the postal rates, the $8.75 for the Look Book, Samples, Professional Packaging, and having it done for you without having to take a trip to the post office (which in my case is a 20 mile round trip) - is very well worth it.

Could I live without this service? Obviously the answer is yes because I have, will I utilize it, yes, in cases where it is feasible. Will I use it for every order I ship? - NO

Will I charge my clients the $8.75? No, I have never charged for shipping before, and I believe if we start charging for shipping, there would be no reason for a client to just look for a local consultant so they wouldn't have to pay for the shipping. I value my clients and the ones I do ship to are well worth the little expense of the postage.


  1. Another thought, when I am traveling and an order comes in, it would allow us to get an order out to our clients no matter where we are and not have to wait - (I do not an office assistant to do this for me, I guess if you have an office assistant it wouldn't as much of a perc).

  2. oops.. should read (I do not Have an)

  3. Well the $8.75 costs less than an assistant. I see what you're saying...occasionally handy, but not a staple of your business by any means.

  4. Wait, 20 miles??? Buh! I feel guilty!

  5. Yup, it is a 10 mile trip one way to either of the closest post offices, closest banks, grocery stores, etc.. I can make it to a small country store with gas, milk, and bread in 5! Can we say in the sticks!

  6. I hadn't realized you had to be a star in order to get that service. Now it makes sense! LOL Since I ship anyway, it makes no difference whether I use this service or mail it myself. I have one friend/customer in Oregon and that is my priciest shipping expense, but it's typically under $10 anyway to ship her things. My other out of staters are relatives so I either mail to them or send the order w/ my mom when she goes out to visit them (which is often since she retired).

  7. Another point is - the is only an offer of a service available, we are not required to use it. So if one feels it is too expensive and they have the product, just don't use it.

    (snarky) - just like if you don't need product, just don't order it - so what if you don't get the little prize.

  8. I think that that this is a great service if someone is going to order 75.00 or more worth of product OR if they order 300.00 a year worth of product from you. The costs doesnt mean much then but if they only get 30.00 a year worth of product then its not worth it. Anyone (in my opinion) who spends at least 100-300 a year in product deserves free shipping.
    If the shipping comes to 8.00 and they only buy 30.00 worth of product then they should pay 2-3.00
    shipping and the consultant eats the rest. There is a certain level of commitment when the customer pays some of the shipping and to me it just looks and feels more businesslike.

  9. It is an optional program so if the order doesn't justify spending $8.75 to ship direct. Shipping it from your inventory to your client is still direct! It is just direct from you to the client or from Mary Kay to the client - it is a non stop flight.

    Warning: for those that decide to use it to ship one lipstick - don't be surprised if you don't make money in your business. It has been available to me as a director for awhile now, and I haven't used it yet. (Just because I am so accustomed to just packagaing things up myself - I always put in a sample or two and a personal note on the invoice to my clients and I was hesitant to not to do that. Next order that warrants it, I will just so I can report on it.


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