Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Customer Delivery Service Test!

Our review of what it feels like to get an order delivered from the C.D.S. direct from Mary Kay versus a consultant is in the making. I processed Miranda's order thru the service. (I will be sending her seperately one eye shadow because cranberry ice eye shadow is not in the current line. I didn't have to ship it this way but I wanted to try and use the service in case I am ever in a situation to use it and I can't wait to hear Miranda's review when she gets the package.

I included the gift w/purchase (mini microderm), a color card, and the black shipping bag. I placed the order on Tuesday, so now we will see how long it takes and what Miranda thinks. (It did have one major advantage: Today, I didn't want to run into town (remember 20 mile round trip) and I didn't want her to wait so I was able to stay in my office, not get "cute", not use an hour of time, and didn't waste any gas, and I was going to have to pay for shipping any way. The other eyeshadow is in a bubble envelope going to work w/ mr. mk4me tonight with her invoice with a couple of stamps on it, so it really saved me time.

1 comment:

  1. ooo ooo microderm!

    That stuff is a life saver.


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