Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Preview

What is there to look forward to in the Summer line? I already gave you the sneak peak of the Tropical Pineapple Gift Set but what else are we going to see? First we know that the new packaging on the Miracle Set is happening, we have now for quite awhile this is happening so we have had time to balance out our inventory so that we will not be overstocked with the previous white packaging but it is a great time to really focus on reducing your current inventories levels. Joining the new packaging are:

Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm with an SPF 15. (Suggested retail $13.) It is going to be available in 5 different shades and that contain a dash of vanilla flavor. The shades: Apricot, Blush, Natural, and Poppy

Limited Edition products will include the prementioned Tropical Pineapple Gift Set
and the
Two Minute Look Collection (starting at $35 suggested retail) - provides a quick, simple look. It includes a mineral bronzing powder, a mascara, and a tinted lip balm. For a limited time, with the purchase of any of these regular line products, you will recived a cosmetic bag free.

For a limited time you will receive a free mini hand cream with the purchase of the Satin Hands Pampering Set.

And of course the Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Lipstick- Limited Edition Pink Passion Lipstick, the other lipstick included in the Beauty That Counts program is the regular line Gingerbread.

(and... ooooohhh some cool stuff to earn in the next Star Consultant Quarter!!)
Have a great day!

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