Saturday, May 9, 2009

Virtual Makeover adds Bridal Feature

Bridal Virtual Makeover Launches to our Mary Kay Websites!

We’ve launched new bridal enhancements on the Virtual Makeover just in time for all those June brides!
Virtual Makeover Bridal includes six “one-click” bridal looks created especially for brides by a professional makeup artist. Choose from Classic, Modern, Glamorous, Natural, Daytime and Evening; 65 new bridal hairstyles; veils, tiaras, jewelry and more; as well as downloadable “after photos,” so your customers can post their makeovers to their Facebook pages or send them to friends.

Also beginning May 1, when visitors to Virtual Makeover forward looks to friends, the products used to create their looks will be included in their e-mail messages. It’s a fun, free way to find the picture-perfect look for the big day.

Just visit:


  1. Now I find THIS to be wonderful!!
    Have to leave the house I will explain why this is a good marketing tool.

  2. When it comes to bridal fairs and makeovers women love to be made up!
    I think that is a wonderful tool for marketing to bridal companies much better than the fishbowl!! Its virtual and they can see what the look will be.

  3. Great Idea Colleen, talk to you local bridal shops!! (In a professional style - present yourself as a business associate, not a hungry pesky sales person - we want to attract not attack)


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