Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Question from one of our Readers


SpecialtyCincyMay 30, 2012 5:04 PM

I have a question? Do you ever keep money for yourself or do you always use your profits to purchase more product? I'll interesting in selling MK and I don't want to buy things to sell to buy more things to sell. I'd like to pay my bills?

My answer is absolutely one can make money.. managing it and reinvesting and taking a profit needs to be done properly. There are several articles on here with details but I will work on a new post and have it up soon.

Thank you for your questions... stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Propay/Direct Deposit

From Mary Kay Intouch:

ProPay® and Direct Deposit
Published 05.25.12
Did you know that direct deposit of your commission earnings is available for everyone? Did you also know that you can enroll online with your bank or ProPay® account as a deposit option? Enrollment is quick and easy! With just a few easy steps you can safely and securely manage your funds using direct deposit. . Some of the great benefits of using direct deposit include:

•Assurance that your Mary Kay commission check will not be misplaced, stolen, lost or delayed in the mail;

•No more running to the bank to deposit checks;

•Quicker access to your funds – they’re available in your account the same day your check would have been placed in the mail; and

•Supports Pink Doing Green®

In addition, listed below are just some of the benefits of depositing funds into your ProPay® account:

•You can use the funds to reinvest in your Mary Kay business through Online Ordering by using your ProPay® balance to pay for your Mary Kay® product orders;

•At the end of the year, ProPay® will send you a statement of all activity in your ProPay® account that may help simplify tax preparation; and

•If you have a ProPay® Premium Account, you can use your MK pink CashSM MasterCard (debit card) to spend your ProPay® funds wherever MasterCard is accepted – with no transfer fees!
Don’t have a ProPay® account? Click here to sign up. It’s quick and easy, and you can get started for as little as $13.32!
To get started in the direct deposit online enrollment using your bank or your ProPay® account, please click here.

Still have questions? Please call the Independent Beauty Consultant Contact Center at (800)272-9333 from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday excluding holidays, and select option 9 then option 1 for Consultant Records.

Hope Everyone Enjoyed Their Weekend!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loved this!

Very well put!!

What did you Think about the Live MK Event?


MKTV Live Education Event Video
Published 05.16.12
Thank you for supporting the MKTV New Consultant Education Event on Monday, May 14. Thousands of you tuned in for a night filled with great education, motivation and excitement. Unfortunately, some of the excitement included some technical glitches.

But don’t worry! We recorded the event and will post the video on InTouch in the near future. Be sure to check the MK News section often for information about where to find the video once it is ready.

Independent National Sales Director Diana Sumpter, Elite Executive Senior Sales Director Mia Mason Taylor and Future Executive Senior Sales Director Leah Lauchlan shared powerful tips and experiences that we know all new Independent Beauty Consultants will want to hear!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Apology


I have removed the post that offended Lori,and anyone else. I sincerely apologize. I would never intentionally offend anyone. As for being "racist" Well, anyone that knows me, knows I love everyone no matter what race, creed, color, region, sex, etc.. one & all and God created each and everyone of us. I am the furthest thing from racist there is.

I am saddened that something little and by no means ill spirited can be taken so out of context and be called racist, seeing your reaction perhaps in poor taste but not racist. Also by no means was your comment respectful. I would have removed it immedieately if you had emailed me with your issue with it.

In my opinion I wish some people could just relax and lighten up, we would have far less stress over being "politically" correct all the time. Being Italian - I make comments about me and "my Italian" traits all the time. Also ie: I may say something to my husband about being a "Ram" / horoscope .. and how he likes to butt heads.. it is said tongue and cheek and in good humor with no ill intent. would that make me racist as well? I thought it was cute and enjoyed it and it made me smile. But I will apologize again and it is removed.

I sincerely hope that with the time, energy, and effort put into this blog, you were able to find something of benefit for you. Seeing in the many years since we have been publishing this is the first item I have been rudely insulted and called out. Hopefully there were many articles that were to your liking before you read the one that offended you and you will continue read.

Deadline Reminder!!

Remember the Deadline for enrolling our clients in the Summer PCP (Preferred Customer Program) is tomorrow night!! This is an amazing tool available to us. It would cost far more to go to the post office and mail the Look Book yourself and that one would not have samples in it!!

My sales always go crazy when my clients receive their new book!!

and remember televised event is tonight 7:30 Central Time, have you registered yet?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First time ever!! Training made easy


The Live Education Event – “Be a Confident Consultant” for new Independent Beauty Consultants is almost here and you don’t want to miss it!

This FREE educational event will be broadcast live from the Mary Kay Studios in Dallas on Monday, May 14 at 7:30 p.m. Central time!

Spanish-speaking independent sales force members can enjoy the event through “live Spanish audio translation”!

Independent National Sales Director Diana Sumpter, Elite Executive Senior Sales Director Mia Mason Taylor and Future Executive Senior Sales Director Leah Lauchlan will educate and motivate you.

Here’s your chance to:
•Learn from some of the best in the business
•Build confidence and get an Action Plan
•Win fabulous prizes!

Independent Sales Directors – make it a “unit meeting” event! For larger events, plan to have a computer with internet access, a projector and screen at your venue to make this a really successful event.

New Independent Beauty Consultants – if you recently started your business –like during April’s “Spring into Something Beautiful” promotion, you’ll definitely want to tune in!

Don’t wait. Space is limited! Register today for this fantastic FREE live webcast! You’ll be glad you did!



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