Monday, June 1, 2009

Pineapple Tote w/ order

Published 06.01.09 on Intouch
Get a FREE Pineapple Tote with your June Order, while supplies last!

Here’s an exciting offer to help you wrap up your Seminar year! From June 1 – June 30receive special limited-edition Pineapple Totes “FREE” based on the amount of your wholesale Section 1 order.* This limited-edition tote is large enough to hold a towel, sunglasses and other essentials such as your favorite Mary Kay® Sun Care products and its design complements the new limited-edition Tropical PineappleTM Gift Set. This fruity fragrance set features a juicy cut pineapple scent and includes a sugar scrub, body lotion, fragrance rollerball and matching canvas cosmetic bag!

Here’s how you can earn your FREE totes:
Section 1 Order Amount Number of Totes Awarded
$600 1
$800 2
$1200 3
$1800 4
$2400 5
$3000 6
$3600+ 7

*The limited-edition Pineapple Tote promotion is not available to new Independent Beauty Consultants with their initial order, however, new Beauty Consultants are eligible for product bonuses through the “Ready, Set, Sell” program. Please see the Ready, Set, Sell! brochure for additional details.


  1. What's in the pineapple set thing...lotion and sugar scrub? fragrance? bag come with?

  2. lol you actually already answered all that. I've had an exhausting weekend; not at 100% brain power! derr derr lol

    Well I could use a pina colada.

  3. pina colada, yummy!!

    and I love the tropical pineapple scent and l'il mk4me already abscounded with one. Oh, mom.... I love it, I need it, I have to have it!

    It is def. a fun smell, not professional or exotic.

  4. I don't think I ever smell "professional." lol. I just want to smell good.

    Lemme know when you get this pineapple stuff in stock.


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