Friday, June 5, 2009

TV Commercial!!

OMG, I was just sitting here curled up on the couch in my sweats watching (actually half listening to) Wifeswap on Lifetime and playing on the laptop when the music on the Commercial caught my ear.. I looked up and for the first time saw this particular MK commercial, I was just so impressed. It is a product focused one and I just loved it!


  1. same place, second show... wowsa... another Mary Kay commercial..mentions earning some extra income.... they are so nicely done... there is just a major difference between watching them on the laptop and actually seeing them on tv! It is exciting.

  2. Interesting article and its very reent

  3. Sorry for the tyop I meant to say recent!

  4. wow again, since nothing else was on that I wanted to watch, I am just chillin' tonight, I put on Armywives (first time I ever watched)and the commercials for MK are awesome - they even showed a makeup artist doing looks on the actresses. soooo cool!


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