Friday, June 12, 2009

Cake Eyeliner

Do you like old fashioned cake liner better than pencil or liquid? Or have you never tried it?

Try this: Get some MK Coal eyeshadow and a firm, small angled liner brush. Moisten the bristles of your brush with water or sterile saline solution and run it over the Coal shadow a few times. Then draw it across your lash line.

I did this before going to the club last night and I swear I have never gotten such a velvety smooth deep black line in my life. And it takes very little product to do this. You don't have to make a big goopy mess on your eyeshadow; just pick up some dry product with damp bristles and the brush will do the rest.


  1. Its good for filling in eyebrows as well with that type of brush. Just a few light brush strokes with the coal and your good, if you have dark brows of course

  2. Yep I do that too. Then I put some clear mascara over it to seal it on. I have black hair so yeah. ;)


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