Thursday, June 25, 2009


Miranda you do such an awesome job with your makeup... but I kept looking at the pic and after taking a couple of classes on how to make your eyebrows enhance your eyes, I wanted to give something a try. First sorry it isn't perfect but it is the first time I tried playing with the "paint shop feature" I wanted to see the difference just dropping your brow a little tiny bit toward the nose so it contoured the shape of your eye. I think it really brings your eyes out even more! What do you think? You are going to have to try it with a pencil and see how it looks!


  1. Here's the rub though: my natural eyebrows, filled in with color, are what you're seeing in the photo. I just pluck the strays. They grow thin and sparse and high. To get the brow to come down like that, I would have to shave off the real eyebrow and draw it back on. It might end up looking really bizarre if I did that.

  2. OK thinking more...I could fill it in thicker to get it a touch lower possibly. I do generally follow the guideline of not plucking my brows from the top. (lol I'd have none left)

    I tried stencils once but they were huge and looked really weird!

  3. I tried it by filling in just a little lower. I can get about 1/16 inch this way without looking really unnatural. Yeah, I can do that.


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