Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Will get something new up soon, sorry! Just for a little chatter,I had read a post on pt and had a comment pop into my head when I read it. It is just stuck up in my brain so I just wanted to make it public. (Let me preface the thought with, I have oftened heard the expression "one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to....." well.... this one poster talks about being an engineer at Nasa. (I have not figured out what "too much debt" ie: what is acceptable versus what is not) but when this person posted she was $54,000 in debt because of her MK and it sounded as if she wasn't even a director. - well, all I could think of was, I am sure glad I am not an astronaut and will never have to be in on a space mission, because if one couldn't figure out before $54,000 in debt that MK wasn't going to work for them, lordy, lordy, please don't let them work on something that could in turn kill someone. ohvay!!

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  1. They're on with the religious rants again. I have never seen such a bunch of wannabe preachers in my life. Business and religion don't mix!


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