Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to have Great Skin w/ basic skin care!

I have always read that in order to have the best skin possible we need to have a "recipe" for good skin. The 5 processes bring forth great results. One needs to cleanse first (this would remove dirt, makeup, etc.. anything that has accumulated on the surface of your skin), the 2nd would be to exfoliate or mask (this removes the top layers of dead skin cells and helps draw out "ick" in your pores), the third step is to tone or condition (this brings the skin back to its proper ph balance, completes the cleansing process, and helps makes the pores look smaller, and then moisturizer, (which softens and smoothes the skin and also helps foundation go on better), lastly is to "protect" and this is done with a good foundation which is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensative skin. This actually works as a barrier between your good skin and the elements such as free radicals, etc..

In the early days of Mk, we had to use five steps to acheive the good results, fortunately the Timewise line was introduced which combined the first three processes into one product. This is our new 3-1 Cleanser. It cleanses, maskes, and freshens all in one step. ( the little beads are the masking agent to give your skin a gentle 2x/day exfoliation - for even more exfoliation one can add the microdermabrasion to their program). Our 3 - 1 Cleanser comes in either Normal/Dry which is a cream based product and all one needs to do is massage it onto their face, massage it around (upward outward motion, down the nose, and in and around the eyes-gently) and rinse it off. The Combo/Oily 3-1 Cleanser is a gel based product and it is highly suggested that you have your skin damp before application.

If your preference isn't a liquid cleanser, we also have a 3-1 bar for those who prefer a bar for their cleansing product. Another choice-our facial cleansing clothes that have the product already in them and they just need to be wet. (I always suggests to my clients that they cut them in half or in quarters because they foam up so well. (I love these for traveling). (Cleansing should be done morning and evening.

Pat skin dry and apply your moisturizer - once again there are two formulas, age-fighting moisturizer for normal/dry skin and one for combo/oily. Thin layer and you are good to go onto the foundation step. (Mk also as the age-fighting moisturizer with an spf in it). (Application as with the cleanser is both morning and evening)

And in the morning only you would use your foundation (aka protection) - there are several different types: medium coverage foundation (great for normal to oily skin), full coverage (good for more dry to dry/normal skin), we have tinted moisturizers, we have mineral powder foundation, we have cream to powder foundation, and even the original day radiance cream foundation. This works as a "barrier" to help prevent your skin during the course of the day.

So remember when taking care of your skin it is important to use all the "ingredieants" - could you imagine how icky a cake would be if you made it and forgot to put in the eggs?


  1. And if you do not wear makeup at all, a facial sunscreen will do the job instead of foundation. Speaking of which, does MK still make sunscreen? they did when I was in.

  2. MK does make sunscreens. Plus, we make Tinted Moisturizers with SPF 20.

    Any word on whether MK will increase the SPF in the TW Moisturizer with SPF? It's only got 15 and I really don't think that's enough sunscreen. Considering we discontinued our regular Sunscreen with SPF 15 when they redid the sunscreen line a couple years ago and they also increased the SPF in the MK Men Moisturizer to SPF 25 (from 15), I'm surprised the TW Moisturizer still only has 15.

    I'm hopeful that they'll increase it to a 20 when they redo the packaging, but it's probably wishful thinking. I don't want them to increase the SPF to 25 because I think too many people would stop buying the Day Solution with SPF 25.

  3. Maybe they feel 15 is enough since a lot of women will be using the day solution along with the moisturizer anyway.

    Good question, though..

  4. I would have to guess that maybe it affects the consistency, color, or coverage of the product? A lot of high spf liquid sunscreens go on very white.

  5. Another thought that just popped into my l'il brain is the sunscreen in the moisturizer and day solution and even the tinted moisturizer is that it is for "incidental" sun exposure. If you are actually planning on being out in the sun, we have the sunscreen with the spf 30. Which all of us should use if we plan on protecting our skin.

    I like the levels were they are because many feel they want some sun protection but not a SPF 30 and I believe Miranda has a point with the amount of sunscreen that can go into a foundation before you compromise the application quality. I remember years ago with the Day Radiance, the regular day radiance had a sunscreen in it but the oil free did not, and the reason was they could not get the consistency to a quality they wanted if they added the sunscreen so a seperate sunscreen was needed.

  6. as for the men, most do not use the day solution so having a little more sunscreen in the conditioner is probably a good idea.

  7. What I was saying was that I wish they'd increase the SPF in the TW Moisturizer with SPF 15 to a 20 or higher. I don't think they should touch the Tinted Moisturizer.


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