Thursday, June 18, 2009

NEW!! Mary Kay Car Options

Left Top: Chevy Equinox Right: Chevy Malibu
Left Bottom: Toyota Camry

Published 06.18.09

Career Car Program Debuts New Models!


We’re thrilled to roll out new car options for Grand Achiever and Premier Club achievers!
Beginning with June qualifiers, the Grand Achiever car options (Pontiac G6, Pontiac Vibe) will be replaced by the Chevy Malibu in dark gray. Premier Club car options (Saturn Aura and Saturn Vue) will be replaced by the Toyota Camry and Chevy Equinox, both in silver.

How did we select these models? They’re safe, they’re fuel- and cost-efficient, and they’re exciting! We know everyone’s keeping an eye on gas prices these days. These new Career Car options offer you better gas mileage – and support our Pink Doing GreenSM efforts. Plus, dealership locations are widespread and available in most areas where independent sales force members live.


  1. I have been waiting for these! Was anxious to see what the new choices were gonna be. I cant say that I am wild about the malibu, but one of the cool things about this company is that if you dont want the car you can take the cash instead.
    Love it!

  2. I drive a Camry. It's a good, reliable car.

  3. Let's see how many people start hating on the cars...LOL Actually I looked up some reviews on all three of these cars on the net and they have gotten great recommendations. MK never had horrible cars.

  4. me thinks I will just keep the CTS even though these look pretty nice!

  5. Is this only visible to directors on intouch? I don't see it there yet. Just curious.

  6. Bottom left hand corner under: News - then view all, it is the article right after: Army Wives Give Back announcement. I think everyone can see it.

  7. I have a question about the cars (I'm new to MK). I REALLY want that Camry! It's my dream car. Now, if I earn the use of it and in two years it's not a career car option again, can I still use it or do I have to let it go?

  8. If nothing has changed - we have always been allowed at the end of the 2 years to call the leasing Company get a quote that we can purchase the car from the leasing Company. The price is usually very attractive because then the leasing company does not have to go thru the hassle and expense of picking it up and auctioning it off! (I know this is a way many get a vehicle for children). You would have to get your own financing if you didn't have the cash available.

    *BTW, Welcome Christina! I want to point out since you are new..the Camry is an option for directors not for consultants. I have a feeling these choices will be around for awhile though, I am sure we would still have the Saturns if GM hadn't undergone thru their downsizing. :)

  9. Thank you for the info and I hope you're right about it being around for a while. I've always fawned over Camrys and I find rthe new ones to be BEAUTIFUL! I can spot them on the street. I know a new Camry when I see one. Do you think getting the Camry as a career car and then getting the quote from the leasing company would cost less than purchasing the same Camry off of a lot two years down the road, in this case? If this IS the case, I'm going to make this happen! My boyfriend said if I can't keep it at the end of it all that it would be better to just buy it new, but I think even he would go for this if it will get me what I want and be cost effective. Thanks! :)


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