Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Save money with high quality cosmetics

Raise your hand if you have ever done this.

You're in the drugstore to get some Excedrin and a roll of paper towels. You see an attractive cosmetic display. OMG the stuff looks so pretty. You grab something...a lipstick, a mascara, whatever. Hey, it's on sale for $6!

You get home and try it on. Wait, what? Where's the pigment? What's up with this awful texture? This isn't what I was promised! You fling it into the trash can in disgust.

*raises hand* I've sure done it. A lot. I am promising myself to stop. If you waste your money this way on even an occasional basis, you've literally thrown away enough money to buy a nice haul of MK makeup that actually does what you want, or you get your money back. Chances are, though, you won't have to cash in on that guarantee but every once in a blue moon.

It's actually cheaper to buy the good stuff in the first place. Lasts longer, stays fresh all day, won't end up in the trash can, won't leave you feeling "obligated" to use up something that doesn't make you look your best because you spent money on it.

Furthermore, have you looked at those drugstore prices lately? A L'Oreal lipstick is $12. A MK lipstick is $13. What d'ya know?

As a side note, I tested 5 different brands of black eyeshadow yesterday. MK had the blackest black of all, beating even MAC Carbon. And it sure blends better.


  1. Miranda you are a human commercial!!

  2. I'm actually a pretty good spin doctor, don't ask me why I'm such a lousy sales person. It doesn't compute, yet it *is*. lol

    Seriously though. This year alone I threw away 7 mascaras and 5 eyeliners. I forget how many lipsticks. Why did I do this?

  3. Damn girl, you are good! The best part of Miranda's opinion is that we know she wasn't the biggest Mary Kay fan at the beginning of this blog and she is not "in the pink fog". Her opinion is an objective, fair, consumer testimonial.

    and I still think - she would be earning a little extra $$ if she were a hobby/part time consultant that started with a minimum inventory order of products she wanted and products she knew her friends would want. **But I love having you as a client too!!**

    Doggone she is better with color application than many consultants I have met!

    I read her article and she sold me!

  4. Hey mk4me, please check your email, I wanted to add some eye primer to my order if there is still time to do that.

  5. What is funny about this whole thing is that I have done it myself can anyone say "wet and wild" lipstick!! MK does last a long time and once you get people to try it they realize its not expensive as compared to our competitors. MK is not saturated by any means in the consumer use department and I honestly believe it when they say we have 10 percent of the market. More people need to be using our product. Miranda you go girl! It also helps having MK4me as your supplier (no offense to drug dealers)....LOL

  6. lol Colleen, Miranda, the makeup addict, she is a cosmetic junkie!
    who would have thunk?

    Miranda,not too late, sinus headache with vertigo today, haven't accomplished much.

    have a geat day all, I am going to take some more meclizine and the nasonex and the decongestant!! uggg...

  7. Bahaha! Didn't you believe me when I explained that goths use truckloads of makeup? It doesn't just sit in a drawer. I use it all. I have a great big stash at work and another at home and stuff in my regular purse and a few touchup items in my clubbing purse. Each club night I try to come up with a new look.

    Wet n Wild. OMG! They have ONE good product. It's waterproof liquid liner that really is waterproof and doesn't peel off grossly like the Maybelline kind. Allergy eyes like mine have to have waterproof products.

    WnW lipsticks, uck! I don't care if it's 99 cents, it's 99 cents in the trash can. That is some nasty, waxy, funky smelling crap right there. It should be called Dry n Dusty, not Wet n Wild. And I can tell that Revlon has cut quality on ingredients (though not price).

    MK4ME, have you checked with your doctor about RX nasal sprays and antihistamines? They have some really good stuff out now that doesn't make you feel all wonky. I hate to see you feeling like poo. :(


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