Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 -1 Facial Cleansing Clothes - Product Info

A great option for cleansing! Just as the 3 - 1 cleansers, the clothes are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and freshen/tone the skin. The product is already in the wipes. The strength of the wipes is impressive. The amount of product in them is extremely generous, as a matter of fact, I tell all of my clients that unless they love spending more than they have to to cut the wipes in half or even quarter (for the very frugile) because the foaming agent is amazing and actual almost too much for just a single use. (this tidbit also enforces the belief my clients have in me that I am not trying to sell them everything under sun.) They realize I watch out for their best interests. I find that if someone is extremely dry they don't seem to be the best choice.

I personally still love my tube in the shower and by the sink but the clothes are great when traveling (they don't take up alot of space, don't weigh much, and you can throw them away to make more space {haha} in your suitcase to bring other stuff home if you shop while you are traveling.)

They are also great for a quick clean up if you work at a gym and want to freshen up a bit. I always have a couple in my purse and they have come in handy if I don't have a handy wipe, etc... for other clean ups. (I offered one to a mom in the Walmart ladies room once that had a baby with a "oops" and she didn't have any wipes left) - she was very appreciative. (No, I didn't offer her my card - she had her hands full but told her my name).

My experience except for one client, most of my clients opt for both - one that loves just the clothes tends to buy four to five packs at a time. She also travels alot.

Oops, forgot it is the last day of the month and of the Seminar year, what the heck am I doing writing blog posts and playing online?? Oh, that's right, Balance! :)
sorry couldn't help the sarcasim. :) - Now perhaps I will go do a little work!


  1. lol yeah I'm the one who just wants the cream in the tube.

    Today is microderm day (after work and after mowing the rest of the lawn)!

    oh DUDE I got a new phone. I'll be scoping out the camera on it soon. If it is a good camera, then better pix will be forthcoming! It's PURPLE!!! It's Motorola...qwerty keyboard...and FREE with contract renewal omg new phone squeee! (no it did not come in pink. However my regular camera is white with pink polka dots.)

    I'm still jealous of the pink netbook.

  2. Thanks for the review on the cleansing cloths! I am so bummed, I just put in an order, but neglected to add these, grrr! I will just have to wait a little bit.

    I am waiting until August (when my current contract expires) to get an Iphone-- can't wait!!

  3. Well if this blasted ASUS can't be fixed with its internet access back, the next time I have the money I will head right to Wal Mart to get a cute compy! I would take mint green or baby blue too. I am just tired of boring black and white and beige. ASUS was supposed to have colors but they never sold any despite advertising them. >:(

    After finishing my yardwork today I will have to resist the temptation to microderm my whole body. lol. man, yardwork makes me feel gross. I will change my scent from bug spray to pineapple, at least!

  4. http://blogs.bet.com/lifestyle/backstagebeauty/get-the-look-alicia-keys-at-the-bet-awards/

    Check out Alicia Keys look at the BET awards last sunday!

  5. Miranda, the pineapple sugarscrub is like microderming your whole body!

  6. I mowed the entire freakin half acre. *flexes muscles* I are tuff!

    Then I hit the shower and slathered myself in everything good and then did my manicure. Hot pink!

  7. I is tuff too! On Sunday, mr. mk4me and a few friends cut and moved a triaxle of lumber - (we heat house with outdoor woodburner). I r stong too. Of course I did find muscles that I didn'tknow I had the next day!

    FYI - if it is raing and you get wet and the chain sawes are going.... sawdust really sticks to you... I was a heck of a site.

    We did finish the day with hot wings, bbq wings, and parmasian garlic wings we did in the cooker outside and then watched Grand Torino. Great movie.

    mr mk4me takes care of the two acres that need cut... but he has a riding mower.

  8. I used to enjoy chopping firewood! Sadly, we have no fireplace where we are now. :( I miss a fireplace.

  9. Okay girl, next triaxle - I'll give you a call! lol


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