Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marketing Info!

“Online” Is Where It’s At! (From Marykayintouch)

Yes, you have what women want! Not only are customers searching for practical, how-to advice online – they are searching for Mary Kay in particular!

AOL recently ran a post on the top 10 most researched makeup brands on AOL Search entitled “What Make Up Do You Wear?” And, Mary Kay came in at number 2!

Also, the Mary Kay makeup artist videos featured on Mary Kay’s YouTube channel showcasing how consumers can “get the look” of their favorite One Tree Hill characters are a HIT*! You can help make the most of Mary Kay’s 2009 Advertising Campaign and promoting these online videos featuring the looks of popular One Tree Hill characters as well as application tips your customers can use when you consider: (also Army Wives!!)

Sending your customers the MKeCard® with a link to the videos promoting these looks!
Referring customers directly to your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site, Marykay.com or Mary Kay’s YouTube channel (www.YouTube.com/Marykay) to view the videos!

Personal note: I have had so many clients, friends, & family comment on how they love the Mary Kay commercials they are seeing. I must admit, I have seen an increase in sales and in new people seeking me out. My referrals seem to be increasing and everyone is loving the products! It is very exciting!

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  1. Makeup tutorial videos are very popular right now.


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