Friday, June 26, 2009

MK lipsticks take the heat

I've noticed something. OK so you know I receive products by mail from MK4ME who lives many states away from me. I live in North Carolina where it is blisteriing hot right now.

Not a single MK lipstick I've received has melted, sweated, broken, or deformed during its bumpy trip with the postal service or during its sauna-like stay in my mailbox, which is probably more like a miniature oven. They always arrive in perfect condition.

Try that with another company's lipstick, I dare ya!


  1. I am quite sure everyone has figured this out but it is official, Miranda aka gothchic is official a makeup junkie!

    Have a great weekend playing with your "compact pro"!

  2. I am an arteeeeeest! my face iss my canvas! *does air kiss thing*

    Tonight is steampunk night at the club. I don't care, I'm going in goth. In fact I'm gonna be a tad obnoxious about my non-steampunkness. I'm just contrary like that. Blue eyeshadow or green with my usual all-black outfit? *ponders* I've done a lot of purple, pink, red, and brown lately. It's time for something else. Black cherry lipstick, cherry blossom blush, and mineral foundation for certain. And maybe my new froofy outfit with hot pink trim!

    You see, I use everything I buy, I don't just collect it and line it up on shelves like some people do. (Yes they do, I have seen photos. It's amazing. Go check if you don't believe me.)

    I like to experiment. Options! Fresh combinations! New ideas! Dramatic looks! Variety is the spice of life.

  3. It is nice to know that our lipsticks can withstand heat, but I don't make a regular habit of leaving them in the sun or heat.

    When I pack for my appointments, I pack items that are heat sensitive in a large cooler (I'm too cheap to buy the MK insulted stuff or the stuff from the vendors because no one ever sees it as it just sits in my car), put a towel over the entire contents and place two ice packs in sealed ziploc bags on top of the towel. Everything stays nice and cool and I never worry about heat. Non-heat sensitive products (powders, eye & cheek colors, compacts, applicators, bags, some gifts with purchase) don't go in the cooler. If necessary, I take a large & a small cooler. I use the same cooler in the winter, but without the ice packs.

  4. I commend you for taking such care with your products. When I was a consultant, I did that also.

    It's just...ya our cross country situation, mk4me can't really ship a cooler of ice to me. ;) so it's ok we take our chances.


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