Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seminar Extras

*We're bringing the celebrities to you on Awards Night! Joshua Allen, the 2008 winner of So You Think You Can Dance; Jasmine Murray, one of the top 13 contestants on this year’s American Idol show; and Cassie Lebouf, a 2004 American Idol contestant, and the star of the "Someone is Me" video will be performing! And, you could win a backstage pass to meet these stars!
*A real-live fairy godmother is coming to Seminar to grant some fairy tale wishes. With a tap of the magic wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust anything is possible!
*50 lucky winners per Seminar will receive discount coupons, valid at selected Convention Center businesses and other downtown area businesses. Coupons will be randomly distributed at Packet Pickup.
*You’ll be the first to hear about a brand new revolutionary TimeWise® product!
*Stars in Red White and Blue challenge achievers pick up their fantastic rewards and party with a DJ at a special reception on Day 0!
*We’re introducing a fun new way for you to connect and share with your sister independent sales force members!
*You'll receive an EXCLUSIVE product party favor in addition to your product giveaway that you can ONLY get at Seminar!


  1. I’ve never given country music the chance it deserves. Yea, that and rap music. Some days I think I’d rather hear fingernails scrapping across a chalkboard. There are a few country songs, however, with lyrics that capture the bizarre flavor of unique situations.

    In his song “Third Rate Romance” writer Sammy Kershaw tells the story of two strangers, a man and a woman, who’ve hooked up for an evening of impromptu sex in a hotel room. As they move closer to the act of quenching each other’s purely prurient interests, he says to the female stranger, “I’ll even tell you that I love you if you want me to.”

    This is a wonderful illustration of what could be a deal breaker, and for some a deal closer. Would hook-up sex be more acceptable if you could hear the other party say, “I love you” before consummating the non-relationship? Would such disingenuous phrases help grease the skids (so to speak) toward promoting voluntary participating in a shallow role playing exercise? Some might respond with essentially no concern while others could be incredibly offended by a suggestion to misuse the word “love.”

    So where am I going with this?

    There’s an element of seminar that can be just downright fun! For some it’s exhilarating! It’s the girls getting to be away with the girls, a lot of shallow but nonetheless exciting cheering, clapping and crying as people walk across the stage, etc. I have to wonder, though, could it be that cheap sex can release the same serotonin levels in the brain as attending Mary Kay MLM seminar? Don’t both these activities exist at nearly the same levels of pleasurable disingenuousness? Sammy Kershaw’s character may not be at seminar to ask if you want him to say “I love you,” but “…a real-live fairy godmother is coming to Seminar to grant some fairy tale wishes. With a tap of the magic wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust anything is possible”!

    Oh please…. just gag me with a spoon …PLEASE!!

    Yet perhaps there is indeed some positive utility which can be had through seminar attendance. Most who’ve been through it know seminar has little to nothing to do with actually learning about operating a business as an IBC, etc. It’s about pumping up the dream with shallow “YA YA”!!
    Except for some who pay the cost of the flight, the room and all the other expenses so they can spend X number of nights in a hotel room with 17 other women and go home with lower intestine distress because they couldn’t relax in their Grand Central Station hotel room enough to allow a bowel movement to occur! When I as a husband heard about this observation from so many, I was surprised.

    And so my point, Seminar is wonderfully fertile ground to cultivate epiphanies. I’ve lost count of the number of testimonials from IBCs who decided, while at seminar, “…this is just too crazy, I’m out of here”! Perhaps more women could truly be helped if they’d simply attend seminar one or more times and have played out before them the ludicrous pitches which nearly say, “I’ll tell you I love you if you want me to.”

  2. I have a dumb question.

    Do you have to wear high heels to seminar, or can you wear dressy flats such as one would wear to work? Everyone on PT claims they had to wear high heels and they screwed their feet up. When I was in MK I did not go to Seminar but at Career Conference I wore dressy flats and no one had a problem with it.

  3. Say, Blessed...cheap sex can give you an STD!

    I seriously hope no one is picking up STDs at seminar. lol :X

    The quickest way to pick up your serotonin is to eat chocolate. Go have a piece of chocolate!

  4. I have often seen many, many woman in dressy flats, I have never seen any where that they must be high heels. I personally have always love high heels even with pants but when I walk to and from the Convention Center and sometime even from the Arena to the other end of the building, I slip into flat "cutsie" shoe/slippers and put my heels in my tote. Simply because I walk with long strides and heavy on my heals so I destroy heels fast. No one has ever said one word to me.

    And it was quite awhile ago, MK dropped the "closed" toed shoe rule (love strappy heals) and the panty hose rule. - personally, I think it won't be long before dress pants are going to be permitted and I will be cheering when they do.

  5. I was pregnant at my first seminar, that was 8 years ago. NO WAY was I gonna wear high heel shoes! Those people on PT who are saying that you HAVE to wear high heels are exagerrating as usual. They are trying to make things sound as bad as possible in hopes that they will discourage someone from going. Besides if they had actually been to seminar, they would know that you dont have to wear high heels, unless you want to for your awards night evening gown attire and even then you dont have to wear them.
    They forget that most of us have actually been to seminar, unlike them, and we have seen women in tennis shoes, sandles, low heals etc. When walking from place to place, you have got to take care of your feet. My director told us all to bring comfortable shoes.
    Besides one person's low heel is another persons high heel. It would be completely ridiculous to say that high heels are required at seminar, no one in their right mind would require this with all the walking you will be doing. that is an out and out lie on PT's part.

  6. I went to my first seminar last summer and was highly encouraged to pack flats to get from place to place.

    I put them in my bag and darted around in them. Upon reaching my destination I popped them off, and on went my heels (as I just felt more professional in them as opposed to my black Payless flats).

    Here again, it doesn't take much common sense to pack extra shoes.

    The idea that one MUST wear heels simply isn't true - and is a silly accusation.

  7. Exactley cuppa jo,

    For anyone on PT to say that just lets me know that the ones saying it have never been to seminar because if they had been they would know that the last thing you want to do is walk around seminar all day with high heels on.
    And if they have been and still insist on saying this, then they themselves know they are lying


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